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Chapter 16: Second Stage Defeating a Third Stage

Little Mo Xie had already been summoned by Chu Mu and seeing the Ten Legged Centipede appear, the haughty Mo Xie also immediately leapt in front of Chu Mu. It stood off against the centipede that was over one meter tall.

Zhang Ge clearly did not want to be mocked by his peers, and wanted to finish the fight as fast as possible. He immediately ordered the Ten Legged Centipede to attack Little Mo Xie.

The Ten Legged Centipede’s entire body was like a iron chain. As it moved, it ferociously moved its tail pincer and resolutely smacked it towards Little Mo Xie.

Little Mo Xie’s body was weak, and her defense was lacking. If she was hit by the Ten Legged Centipede even once, she would most likely lose the strength to fight.

Luckily, Little Mo Xie possessed speed more nimble and faster than that of the Ten Legged Centipede. With a light hop, Little Mo Xie dodged the Ten Legged Centipede’s tail pincer, She suddenly extended her sharp claws and swiped at the Ten Legged Centipede’s body.


Mo Xie’s claws seemed to grind against metal. This attack clearly had not broken the Ten Legged Centipede’s defense.

Chu Mu didn’t pay any heed to this. After all, Mo Xing had attacked while dodging, so her body didn’t have a chance to gather force. Thus, it was very hard to exhibit the claw’s formidable power.

“Dance around it in circles. Its body is relatively sturdy.” Chu Mu had already thought of a countermeasure to deal with the Ten Legged Centipede and immediately instructed Little Mo Xie.

Little Mo Xie was also very agile, and after dodging the Ten Legged Centipede’s tail pincer, she never stopped moving. Even if the Ten Legged Centipede continued to swing its tail in attack, it would stop for a long time after every attack. It needed time to recover before continuing.

Zhang Ge saw that Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox was extremely nimble and also knew that he couldn’t continue like this. He immediately used his mind to issue an order.

After issuing the order, the Ten Legged Centipede stopped continuously attacking Little Mo Xie. It abruptly coiled up, faced the ground, and unexpectedly dug into the ground in an instant. It left a large, deep hole in the grass field.

“Enter the ground to use Scuttle Attack?” A smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face. It could be said that he knew the Ten Legged Centipede’s abilities like the back of his hand. Immediately he issued an order to Little Mo Xie.

Little Mo Xie stopped in her tracks and didn’t move. She seemed to be quietly waiting for something...

Seeing the Moonlight Fox stand in one spot motionlessly, Zhang Ge, Ge Qing and the others sneered. Evidently, they thought that the fight was about to end. After all, Moonlight Foxes were a delicate soul pet and had no way of withstanding the Ten Legged Centipede’s Scuttle Attack.

“Hurry up and let your soul pet run. If its position is locked on by the Ten Legged Centipede, you will lose.” Beside him, Ting Yu was inwardly quite worried.

Scuttle attack was the standard case of a bug type ability. After digging into the ground, the soul pet would then suddenly resurface and attack the enemy’s spot: the underbelly.

Chu Mu didn’t pay heed to Ting Yu’s anxiety. He closed his eyes, consumed his own soul power and released his own perceptive force.

The perception ability covered the entire grass field. Even without using eyes, Chu Mu was able to use soul power to feel the light movement beneath Little Mo Xie’s feet.

Suddenly, Chu Mu opened his eyes.

“It's right now; jump up!” A voice resounded.

The mental connection between Little Mo Xie and her master was extremely sensitive. The second Chu Mu issued his command, Little Mo Xie stored her energy and leapt up into the air!


All of a sudden, the turf blew apart and a meter long centipede scuttled from under the grass like a black steel spear. It unexpectedly jumped two meters into the air.

While the Scuttle Attack was being unleashed, Little Mo Xie had immediately jumped at that second and managed to avoid the quick and violent attack. She then proceeded to attach her claws to a nearby tree.

Gracefully, she landed on the tree trunk and then jumped once more. She unexpectedly launched herself at the Ten Legged Centipede suspended in the air!

“Ripping Claw!” Chu Mu issued a command!

Little Mo Xie’s claws awe-inspiringly stretched out and when her body began descending, she furiously swiped the air, creating two intersecting cold lights.

Seeing Little Mo Xie’s position, everyone was stupefied. They clearly did not think that this Moonlight Fox was surprisingly able to emit a Ripping Claw!

“Shua! Shua!”

The cold lights dissipated in the air and a dent appeared in the Ten Legged Centipede’s body. It then  fell heavily onto the ground

Little Mo Xie, on the other hand, landed on the ground with ease. She haughtily raised her head and didn’t even glance at the Ten Legged Centipede.

“No need to be worried. My Ten Legged Centipede has already strengthened its flesh armor. This small fox’s Ripping Claw can at most injure its skin.” Zhang Ge’s face was frozen. He felt that his Ten Legged Centipede being attacked by the Moonlight Fox was somewhat humiliating and he hastily gave an explanation.

After explaining, Zhang Ge immediately ordered his Ten Legged Centipede to climb up and continue fighting.

“Get up!!”

“Hurry and get up!!”

The mental thought was unable to make the Ten Legged Centipede stand up and Zhang Ge could only rush towards the Ten Legged Centipede, yelling at it loudly. However, after shouting a number of times, the Ten Legged Centipede still hadn’t moved.

“What happened?” The other three revealed suspicious expressions and their gazes fell on Ge Qing.

Ge Qing’s eyebrows creased and after a while he opened his mouth: “Just now that small fox’s Ripping Claw attack was extremely strong….”

Nevertheless, when Ge Qing’s voice faded, the Ten Legged Centipede’s body suddenly began twitching.

“Gazhi!!” A crisp sound rang out. A few claw scars appeared on the twitching body of the Ten Legged Centipede. These claw traces unexpectedly indicated that its body was severed into a few pieces!!

Seeing such a terrifying scene appear, Zhang Ge’s face instantly paled and he blankly looked at the Ten Legged Centipede that was currently chopped up into several pieces.

“What a strong attack power!” Ting Yu was rather close and just now, she completely and clearly saw the entire process of Little Mo Xie unleashing her Ripping Claw.

The Ten Legged Centipede’s flesh armor was at the middle stage, and its defensive strength could be considered top quality. However, it was still thoroughly lacerated to death by one of Mo Xie’s ripping claws.

Ge Qing and the other person each exposed an expression of shock.

In Ge Qing and that youth’s eyes, a malevolent and violent Ten Legged Centipede unconditionally should easily beat a Moonlight Fox. The current contrast of the Ten Legged Centipede’s death brought them shock, surprise, and disbelief.


Suddenly, the battle’s victor, Little Mo Xie, lifter her head and let out a howl.

An indistinct ray of light passed through the tree leaves and washed over the Moonlight Fox’s body. Mo Xie’s beautiful tail gradually became more developed and furry. It looked like a small girl’s fur skirt: noble and beautiful!

“It's grown!”

To Chu Mu, Little Mo Xie growing was more exciting than defeating the Ten Legged Centipede!!

“Wuwuwu” Little Mo Xie let out another howl.

Ge Qing’s group of youngsters were stupefied when they saw the results of Little Mo Xie’s growth!

“This small fox just entered the third stage!!”

“A second stage Moonlight Fox defeating a third stage Ten Legged Centipede, is…. Isn’t this too abnormal? That’s not a mutated Moonlight Fox is it?

“That is a Moonlight Fox. Its claws should be at the late stage of young claws…” Ge Qing’s expression became abnormal and he glanced at Chu Mu.

In one respect, a Moonlight Fox having late stage claws while being at the second stage in levels meant that the Moonlight Fox’s aptitude was excessively large. Another aspect naturally indicated that the soul pet trainer was extremely good at raising the soul pet. Moreover, just from the current fight, it was clear to see that Chu Mu knew the Ten Legged Centipede like the back of his hand. It was enough to indicate that he was an exceptionally talented soul pet Trainer!

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