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Chapter 15 Ten Legged Centipede.

"I heard that tomorrow you will fight with Zhang Ge.” Ting Yu was sitting on the bed and inquired right when Chu Mu entered.

In this period of time, because Chu Mu had left early and came back late, while Ting Yu had been busy training her own soul pet, they didn't encounter each other often.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“His Ten Legged Centipede had already reached the third stage; your small Moonlight Fox is only at the second stage…” Ting Yu said.

“Yes.” Chu Mu still nodded.

“Moonlight Foxes are soul pets with relatively weak attack power. Even if its speed is fast, its claws most likely will be unable to break apart the Ten Legged Centipede’s flesh armour. His Ten Legged Centipede’s flesh armour is already at the middle stage.” Ting Yu said.

“Eh? Mid stage already?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrows. He was somewhat surprised that this fellow had already raised the Ten Legged Centipede’s defensive abilities. Chu Mu remembered that two days ago, it's Flesh Armour was only at the early stage.

“Yes, if you fight with him at night, you might barely be able to contend…” Ting Yu said.

Moonlight Foxes had the Moon Absorption species ability. If there was moonlight at night, their battle power would increase!

“The competition is at noon; he's not stupid.” Chu Mu said.

“I don't understand. The island has so many soul pets on it. Why did you randomly choose this Moonlight Fox?” Ting Yu said.

Ting Yu was a girl and normally girls harbored special adoration towards beautiful and cute soul pets like Moonlight Foxes. However, the girls on the island would not receive any such love. The girls also wanted to survive, and in order to do so, they had to forsake this sort of unneeded sympathy.

Chu Mu also didn't reply. The secret of Little Mo Xie being a continuous mutation soul pet could not be told to anyone else, otherwise he would definitely attract killers.

Ting Yu saw that Chu Mu didn't really want to speak and she herself was also tired. Thus, she lay on the bed, covered herself in blankets, and quickly fell asleep.

Nothing too dangerous occurred at night as the majority of the soul pet trainers would sleep early and rise early.

​Chu Mu looked at the “Pet Encyclopedia” for a while and looked over the Ten Legged Centipede’s information again before going to sleep.

On the morning of the next day, Little Mo Xie let out a noise of excitement, as if it was trying to tell something good to Chu Mu. Chu Mu didn't understand and summoned her out.

“What's the matter, Mo Xie?” Chu Mu inquired inquisitively

“Wuwuwu.” Mo Xie extended her claws and instantly, a few flashes of cold light penetrated the planks of the wooden room.

Chu Mu was startled, but soon it turned into an expression of extreme happiness as he said: “Late stage! Your claws have reached the late stage!!”

“Wuwu~” Little Mo Xie also let out a smile.

“Hahaha!!” Chu Mu immediately began to laugh.

Little Mo Xie was indeed worthy of being a continuous mutation soul pet; even if it was of the Moonlight Fox species, it's aptitude was unexpectedly this overpowered!

Normally speaking, if a Moonlight Fox had normal growth, it had to have had at least reached the sixth stage before its claws would enter the late stage. Although she had the Deep Blue Healing Grass to expedite the process, at the very most, the claws should have only reached the mid stage.

Of course, even if Little Mo Xie was at the second stage, her young claws had grown to the late stage, so her attacking ability had grown more than a modest amount. Most likely, even without using Ripping Claws, she could break apart the Ten Legged Centipede’s defense!

The surprise Little Mo Xie brought caused Chu Mu’s confidence to rise exponentially. When noon arrived, he walked to the predetermined place.

“Wait for me, I'll go with you.” Having left early in the morning only to come back at noon, when Ting Yu saw Chu Mu leave, she immediately followed.

Chu Mu nodded his head and continued walking with Ting Yu.

Upon reaching the grass field, Chu Mu saw Zhang Ge; aside from Zhang Ge, there were another five people. These five people had presumably formed a small group with Zhang Ge.

When capturing soul pets, many soul pet trainers, perhaps in order to avoid having the soul pets stolen from them, formed a small group to ensure that they wouldn't be bullied before the Life and Death Battle.

Chu Mu enjoyed traveling alone so he didn't enter any group. Ting Yu naturally entered a group composed of only female soul pet trainers.

“So it turns out you are fighting him. Zhang Ge, if you want to find an opponent, you should look for someone stronger…” Among them, a youngster with long hair let out a look of disdain when he saw Chu Mu.

The others clearly didn't think that Zhang Ge’s opponent would be Chu Mu, who had a Moonlight Fox as his first soul pet. They all believed that it was meaningless.

The 50 soul pet trainers on the island were all going to partake in the Life and Death Battle, so understanding the soul pets of other soul pet trainers was extremely essential. Thus, those that formed a group would normally compile the information of others and share it with those in their group; this way, when they came across opponents from other groups, they would have a better chance.

Chu Mu’s soul pet was a Moonlight Fox. This couldn't even be considered a secret as it could be said that among all the groups, it was unanimously believed that he harbored no threat- so much so that he wasn't even as good as many of the female soul pet trainers.

Having been laughed at by those next to him, Zhang Ge very embarrassingly gave an explanation: “I didn't have an option. He challenged me, and there was no way I could not accept it.”

Facing the ridicule of the others, Chu Mu silently let out a laugh.

“That long haired person opposite us seems to be Zhu Qing. I heard that his soul pet is a Scaled Snake, which is a high rank soul pet that ranks sixth.” Ting Yu said.

Chu Mu discerned that the long haired youth named Zhu Qing was the leader of the small group. He could probably be considered one of those who would be a threat to him during the Life and Death Battle.

“Okay, Okay, start. Don’t waste time.” Zhu Qing wasn’t very patient and urged on Zhang Ge and Chu Mu.

Zhang Ge also embarrassingly laughed and put the beast attributed soul core identical with Chu Mu’s, in the center as the stake. Subsequently, Chu Mu also put his insect attributed Soul Core in the center.

Chu Mu only had three soul cores; two of them had already been used as bait and had been consumed. Currently, he only had an insect attributed soul core left, and it was because of this insect soul core that Zhang Ge would fight Chu Mu.

There were two types of fights between soul pet trainers. The first was a purely soul pet fight, and the other was one which soul pet trainers joined the fight.

soul pet trainers possessed Soul Power and could perform a few techniques. Only, the soul pet trainers here hadn’t obtained any technique books and none of them seemed to have any techniques. Thus they could only completely rely on their soul pets.

“Listen to my Soul Summoning…” Zhang Ge recited his own soul pact incantation.

A light brown awn of light surfaced and slowly formed an approximately two meter soul pact pattern in diameter on the grass field. An evasive flash of light flashed over the pattern and a blackish brown Ten Legged Centipede astonishingly appeared on the pattern.

Its body had reached one meter long and it had sixteen legs as sharp as knives. It swayed back and forth, and its malevolent looking head along with its centipede pincer tail both indicated that it was a savage soul pet not to be trifled with.

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