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Chapter 14 New Ability, Ripping Claw.

At night, Chu Mu flipped open the “Plant Encyclopedia” in order to see how to fully bring out the dark blue herbs’ effect.

The Ten Legged Centipede’s species rank was clearly higher than the Moonlight Fox, and it’s attacks were very powerful, so little Mo Xie was already naturally behind.

Therefore, Chu Mu had to increase little Mo Xie’s power in the next two days. Because of that, Chu Mu had to pull an all-nighter to learn how to refine the herb.

Luckily, it wasn’t hard to refine the healing herb. Chu Mu just had to soak it in water, pull off the stem, chew it, and then use soul power to fuse it into the soul pet’s body.

The healing herb had two properties: it could heal wounds, and it could strengthen the claws of a soul pet. Chu Mu was indeed lucky to get three dark blue healing herbs. After all, these herbs sold for one gold on the market, and one gold was already enough to buy a medium ranked soul pet.

The second day, Chu Mu didn’t train little Mo Xie any further. Instead, he took the newly concocted medicine and carefully rubbed it on little Mo Xie’s claws.

“Wuu~~”little Mo Xie licked the wounds on Chu Mu’s hand.

“These little wounds will heal very quickly, I can’t waste the little healing herb we have on it…...”Chu Mu petted little Mo Xie, laughing.

“This medicine will last about half a day, so try not to move your claws until then. You can rest for the other half of the day, we’ll start training your Ripping Claw again tomorrow.”

“Wuwu” Little Mo Xie rose her head, licking Chu Mu’s face with her slippery tongue.

“You want to train tonight?” Chu Mu said, slightly surprised. Looking at the delicate but prideful little guy, he smiled and said, “Sure, then let’s train tonight! We’ll strive for a perfect victory against the Ten Legged Centipede!”

The process of strengthening was very simple. After he was done rubbing the medicine, Chu Mu let Mo Xie go back into the soul pet space.

The effects of the herb were very obvious. What would’ve taken two days and two nights to heal was fully healed within half a day!

More importantly, in this half day, little Mo Xie’s rank one claws had gone from the initial stage to medium stage!

Though they’re still rank one claws, when little Mo Xie extended them, they already flickered with a dangerous light, and were clearly stronger than before.

When night fell, Chu Mu brought little Mo Xie to the same grass field again.

“Mo Xie, use all your strength, see how many hits it’ll take for you to knock this tree over today.” Chu Mu said.

Mo Xie made a sharp cry and started running. The silver moonlight fell on her spotless fur as she quickly jumped up, claws slashing the tree!


This claw made a very deep mark, at least 3-4 cm!


A second swipe passed, and the tree was already showing huge cracks!


After the third swipe, the tree could no longer stand straight. With a huge groan, it slowly fell to the ground.

“Three times! Very good, very good!!”

Chu Mu was very satisfied with little Mo Xie’s performance. After all, just yesterday little Mo Xie, with the cost of damaging her claws, used seven hits to fall the tree. Today, it only took her three attacks.

There was a huge difference between the initial stage and the intermediate stage. With initial stage claws, Mo Xie needed seven hits and her claws were damaged after. With intermediate stage claws, she could easily knock the tree over without any damage!

“Now, try using Ripping Claw” Chu Mu said.

Ripping Claw was an ability that most clawed soul pets knew, but it was also the most effective and straightforward attacking ability. If little Mo Xie could learn to use it well, ripping apart the Ten Legged Centipede’s defenses would be no problem!

Usually, the soul pet could use Ripping Claw when their young claws grow to intermediate stage.

Abilities were every soul pets’ instinct, just like how fish would instinctively know different swimming techniques when they mature.

Soul pets’ abilities were the same. When they reached a certain degree, they would learn these survival techniques without deliberate training. However, they still needed to learn how to use it skillfully by battling more.

“Are you ready?” Chu Mu glanced at little Mo Xie. Little Mo Xie nodded intently.

“Alright, use Ripping Claw!” Chu Mu immediately gave a command.

When little Mo Xie received the command, she quickly dashed out. This time, little Mo Xie was running at full speed, using her speed as power!

In the dark night, a silver streak flickered by. Jumping suddenly, and drawing an exquisite arc in the air, a pair of gleaming claws ripped through the space ahead.

“Shua shua!!”

The Ripping Claws criss-crossed, making a crisp sound, as if slashing through frictionless water!


The next moment, a 10 centimeter wide tree made a coarse noise and fell over to the side!

“Well done!” Chu Mu smiled when he saw little Mo Xie’s attacking power rise substantially.

“Wuwu~”little Mo Xie quickly walked back, looking very excited too.

“Continue, make sure every cast is perfect. After all, enemies won’t be trees, they’ll be able to move.” Chu Mu said.

With its attack power increased, little Mo Xie became more motivated. Immediately locking onto another tree, little Mo Xie dashed towards it.

This time little Mo Xie didn’t quite calculate the distance correctly. Her Ripping Claw only scraped the surface of the bark.

“Don’t worry, just practice some more and you’ll be able to get the hang of it.” Chu Mu assured.

The entire night, little Mo Xie trained her Ripping Claw. Only when the moon was starting to fall did Chu Mu let little Mo Xie return to the wooden room.

Although Mo Xie’s young claws were already at the intermediate stage, Ripping Claw still wore her claws down. Chu Mu refined another herb and rubbed it over Mo Xie’s claws.

The second day, little Mo Xie’s claws became even sharper. Today, Chu Mu still focused his efforts on Ripping Claw, making sure that Mo Xie could use it effectively from any place, any angle.

“Shua shua!!” Two dangerous glints criss crossed, and the ripping effect of the Ripping Claw cut the airborne branch into pieces instantly. Mo Xie landed lightly on the ground along with the broken branches.

“Very good, keep up the fluid transitions. Run, jump, attack, land- exposing no weak spots at all times.” Chu Mu said.

“Wuwu” little Mo Xie called, eyes gleaming with confidence.

“Training ends here today, let’s get well rested tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s battle.”

In the evening, Chu Mu brought Mo Xie back to his wooden hut.

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