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Chapter 13 Provocation, Duel Invitation.

Little Mo Xie looked at her claws, slightly upset, but still bravely walked towards another tree of about the same size.

“Just now, you took eight attacks to bring down that tree. This time only use seven.”Chu Mu wasn’t afraid at all when it came to training his soul pets.

In reality, this type of training was also the most effective in improving your soul pet’s abilities. Every soul pet needed arduous training.

Laziness, idleness, and leisure will only cause it to die to other soul pets in the future.

Little Mo Xie clenched her teeth and, while enduring the pain from her claws breaking, started to attack the tree.

“Keep training here, try to bring down this tree in seven hits this time. I’m going to search for something.”

“Wuwu~” Little Mo Xie immediately groaned.

“Don’t worry, I won’t walk too far. If you encounter anything dangerous, just hide in that bush and don’t come out, ok?” Chu Mu warned.

Little Mo Xie nodded her head.

Chu Mu walked into a dotted blue bush.

Chu Mu had lived in this area for a while now, and he remembered there was a blue healing herb within these blue bushes. When this plant was chewed, it could be applied to a soul pets’ wounds and heal them faster.

Not only this, once this blue herb was applied to wound, it could allow broken claws to regrow. The new claws would even be sharper than before.

Chu Mu parted the bushes and immediately found a few dark blue herbs!

“Dark blue herbs!”

Chu Mu was overjoyed. The strength of the herb was determined by its color, with light blue being the weakest and dark blue being the strongest. Dark blue herbs were a whole three times stronger than the normal healing herb. If this was applied to Mo Xie’s claws, it could allow Mo Xie’s claws to grow from the initial stage to the medium stage within three days!

“Seems like luck is on my side today. This way Mo Xie’s strength will increase even faster.” Chu Mu started laughing and started pulling the herbs out of the ground.

The better the herb, the deeper its roots, and these herbs also had thorns. When Chu Mu pulled hard on them, his palm was completely cut.

Chu Mu could endure it, but when he picked all three herbs, his hands were dripping blood.

Crudely wrapping his hands, Chu Mu quickly returned to where Mo Xie was training.

“Who’s dumb fox is scratching trees?” Just when Chu Mu got there, he heard a kid’s voice.

When Chu Mu walked closer, he saw a slightly short kid jeering Mo Xie.

Beside the kid was a meter long centipede, blue-black in color. It looked weird, hideous, and a bit sinister.

The ten legged centipede was part of the Beast World - bug type - Centipede species. It had a medium species rank. Reportedly, the ten legged centipede would grow another abdomen and two legs every rank it grew.

Chu Mu glanced over and discovered the centipede had 14 legs, meaning the ten-legged centipede was probably rank two.

“You must be Chu Mu. I’ve heard of you and your mini pet long ago. Haha, a little fox scratching a little tree, how hard can it possibly hit?” The kid started laughing.

Chu Mu didn’t know the kids name, so he laughed coldly.

“Your centipede is strong then? Coincidentally my Moonlight Fox also needs a battle. The day after tomorrow, right here. A fight between my Moonlight Fox and your Ten Legged Centipede. If you win, I’ll give you a level one bug type soul core. If you lose, you give me that brown soul core in your hand. Deal?”

The foremen in the island have set down rules. In the two months before the match comes, they weren’t allowed to kill each other. If they had grudges they could duel it out.

“Won’t you have to find a new pet two days later then?” The kid bursted into laughter.

“I think that would apply to you better..” Chu Mu said.

“I’m Zhang Luo.” The centipede kid said and left with a smug impression, as if he had received the two soul cores already.

“Zhang Luo…...Heng.” Chu Mu looked at the guy leave, but only laughed coldly.

Soul cores were very important to soul pets. Every soul pet had their own type. For example, Chu Mu’s pet was demon type and beast type.

If a Moonlight fox ingested a demon type soul cores as food when it grows, then its demon powers would become purer and stronger. Its Demon Abilities would also become stronger.

If fed continuously with beast type soul cores, then the Moonlight Fox will tend to be like a beast. It’s power, agility, and defense will become stronger, and its body will be strengthened as a whole.

Using soul cores to pushing a soul pet towards a certain type was called Soul Core Feeding. It was an imperceptibly slow process that leaned a soul pet towards a type.

Chu Mu saw a beast type soul core of decent quality in Zhang Luo’s hand, a perfect fit for little Mo Xie to eat. This type of food would let the delicate little Mo Xie to become stronger.

“Have you brought down a tree within seven hits yet?” Chu Mu patted little Mo Xie.

“Wuuu” Little Mo Xie lifted her head, pouting like a little girl, “wuwu”ing with obvious bitterness. Subsequently, she extended her small claws for Chu Mu to see.

“It’s good that you finished it. Relax, during the competition the day after tomorrow, we will definitely win. You can also obtain delicious food.” Chu mu said.

When fighting was mentioned, Little Mo Xie was rather excited. Clearly, like Chu Mu, she had a thirst for battle in her blood.

As a soul pet’s strength increased, they normally did so through five means:

A soul pet would increase its stage; a soul pet would temper its body; a soul pet Trainer would feed its soul pet’s Soul Core; the use of medicine; refining the Soul Crystal.

Among them, the main method was naturally tempering a soul pet’s body. Therefore, whilst Little Mo Xie was training, Chu Mu had to be harsh towards her. If a solid foundation wasn’t established early on, in the future it would be even harder to become stronger.

After a day of training, Little Mo Xie was already very tired. Chu Mu let her return to her soul pet Space to rest.

A soul pet would recover its physical strength and body condition slightly faster in the soul pet Space than the external world. Therefore, when a soul pet overexerted its physical strength or sustained an injury, a soul pet trainer would always put it into the soul pet space.

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