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Chapter 12 Grind, Train, Improve.

When he was close to the campground, Chu Mu could see the other members of the Nightmare Island.

Most of these members were reticent. When they saw Chu Mu, they would at most glance at the soul pet  that Chu Mu brought back to understand their enemies better, nothing more.

“Chu Mu, when did you become a princess, hahahaha, you’re killing me!!” A taunting voice sounded.

Chu Mu followed the sound and stared apathetically into the long face of another boy.

The long faced boy was called Tang Xian, one of the boys that came to Nightmare Island at the same time as Chu Mu. He had a distasteful personality, hardly hiding his self-righteous side.

Beside the person stood a meter tall, thinly scaled huge rodent soul pet, with two white front teeth exposed in the air, looking as bossy as its owner...

Chu Mu recognized this pet; it was the most common form of Steel Teeth, with a high species rank. Judging by this Steel Teeth’s form, it was probably around rank three!

“How about you put your little fox down and let it skirmish with my Steel Teeth, hahahah!” Tang Xian ridiculed.

Chu Mu was too lazy to care about that guy, so he quietly remembered all the soul pets of his enemies and walked straight into the camp ground.

“Another troublesome opponent…...”The laughter behind his back became even more unsuppressed as Chu Mu muttered under his breath.

Tang Xian’s Steel Teeth was ranked high, and had a power of rank three. With two more months of training, it would be able to reach around rank eight, possibly stronger than the Hunting Wolves they had to face on the first day. Chu Mu had to take precautions against it. After all, before Mo Xie mutated, it would still be on the weak side of Medium.

Coming back to his wood shack, Chu Mu put Mo Xie on the ground as he took a shower and applied ointment to the festering wounds he had, just in case they got further infected.

Little Mo Xie seemed to like cleanliness. While Chu Mu was showering, she jumped in for a quick wash as well. Then, she jumped onto Ting Yu’s soft bed, rolling around to get herself dry.

“Err…… whatever, i guess she won’t come back any time soon.” Chu Mu thought about it and didn’t stop Mo Xie from ruining Ting Yu’s bed.

Training soul pets started with understanding. He had to know what techniques Mo Xie was capable of and what characteristics she had.

Moonlight Foxes weren’t too common, so Chu Mu didn’t understand them too well.

On the cabinet beside the bed stood a thick “Pet Encyclopedia”. Chu Mu opened it and searched for information on Moonlight Foxes.

Moonlight Fox: Beast World - demon type - Demon Fox species - Moonlight Fox subspecies

“Moonlight foxes turned out to be part of demon type, I thought they’d be beast type…...”

“Moonlight Foxes are ranked on the weaker side of medium. They are classified as agile pets, with ordinary fighting strength. Its main means of offense is its  claws. Its fur has some resistance, and its eyes can cast enchanting charms to weaken the enemy's willpower to fight.”

“Moonlight Fox’s species ability: Moonlight’s Essence”

“Moonlight Fox’s basic abilities: Moon Shadow, Charm, and Pitiful Appearance”

“Moonlight Fox’s main abilities: Ripping Claw, Ambush”

“Moonlight Fox’s advanced abilities: Moonlight Slash”

After reading the diagrams and description, Chu Mu could only force a smile. Watching the little Mo Xie rolling on the soft bed, he sighed.

“Low level, practically no techniques, of those techniques, only two or three are used for attacking, how worse can it get…....”

Moonlight Essence was the species ability that every Moonlight Fox knew, so not much training was needed to use it fluently.

Yet, of the basic abilities-Moon Shadow, Charm, and Pitiful- Chu Mu had already seen little Mo Xie use Moon Shadow. As for the other two, she probably didn’t know them yet. She still needed to learn them in the process of growing.

“One step at a time then.”

Chu Mu said to reassure himself. Little Mo Xie had lots of potential, but the matter of most importance right now was to increase her fighting strength. If he didn't get into top ten, Chu Mu would die.

Chu Mu rested a bit in the wooden shack and brought Mo Xie outside of the camp. He started the official training of Mo Xie on an open grass field.

“Mo Xie, other than Moon Shadow, what other abilities do you know? Show me a few.” Chu Mu said.

Little Mo Xie looked at the bright sunlight grudgingly, and miserably called out once, meaning that her powers could only be used with moonlight.

“Show me your paws.” Chu Mu said to little Mo Xie.

Mo Xie very obediently extended her supple little paws, lying the soft pads of her paws on Chu Mu’s palm.

“Extend your claws.‘ Chu Mu said.

“Shua!!” The claws inside Mo Xie’s padded paws suddenly extended. They were about four centimeters long, and were as sharp as knives. Chu Mu instantly felt a chilliness in his hands, and the outer layer of his skin was cleanly cut open.

Chu Mu didn’t mind these little wounds. Inspecting Mo Xie’s claws carefully, he started to talk, “Indeed, still level one little young claws, initial stage. Your speed is fine already, so let’s start training your attack power. Let’s get those initial stage claws to middle stage. Then you’ll have a stronger attack power.”

“Wuwu~~”Little Mo Xie pouted.

“Ripping Claw needs your claws to be of the middle stage for the ripping effect to work. Let’s start training with a tree trunk.”

Little Mo Xie wanted to become stronger too, so she quickly locked onto a tree with a diameter of 10 centimeters and started attacking it with her young claws!


Her young claws crossed over and the bark was immediately ripped open, spraying wood pieces everywhere.

“Continue.” Chu Mu said.

“Shuaa!! Shuaa!! Shuaa!!”

Little Mo Xie attacked three times consecutively, leaving a rather deep mark on the ten centimeter wide tree!

“Continue until this tree breaks.” Chu Mu spoke again.

Little Mo Xie “wuwu”’d again, and continued to sharpen her claws.


Finally, after the eighth claw, the tree fell over.


Little Mo Xie’s claws were still at their most delicate stage. Ripping down a tree forcefully like that would seriously wear her claws. There was even a bit of blood on them.

“Continue.” Chu Mu said again.


Little Mo Xie immediately protested, raising her bloodied claws, meaning her claws hurted a lot already.

“If you don’t sharpen them, your claws will always be at initial stage. Don’t worry, your claws will heal the next day, and they’ll be even sharper than today’s.” Chu Mu said reassuringly.

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