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Chapter 112: Molten Fury, Two Fires Merge

The Night Thunder Dream Beast continuously jumped around, and it quickly jumped onto the huge bug cocoon, gazing at the slow flying Blood Winged Trioptic Beast from above.

“Dark Lightning!”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately locked onto the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, and its two horns started to emit high frequencies of dark arc of lightning!

Black arcs flashed relentlessly. With a reverberating shout from the Night Thunder Dream Beast, a pitch black thunderbolt zigzagged down from above in an imposing and majestic manner!!

In the world of white, the black thunder was especially striking!!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast immediately banked to the side to avoid the upfront attack of the black lightning, yet the effects of the electrical arcs still stretched to the Blood Beast’s wings, causing its wings to be temporarily paralyzed.

“Mo Xie, Fire Rain!”

Chu Mu glanced at the Trioptic Beast and quickly commanded Mo Xie.

Mo Xie immediately lifted her head. As her silver eyes rapidly transitioned into a crimson shade, the fire on her body blazed up even further, causing the six demon flames to spiral upwards from her noble body. Mo Xie darted into higher skies and formed a fiery cloud of Demon Fire Evil Flames!


With a call from Mo Xie, the cloud burst into flames, as balls of molten demon fire cascaded from above. It covered a massive area, lighting up the criss-crossing white silk and burning out a big clearing.

Yang Zheng and his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast were right in the middle of the Flame Rain. No matter which way they dodged, they would need to withstand the shower of blazing heat energy.

Mo Xie’s fire talents wasn’t comparable to the soul pets of the Elemental world, but the effects of the Demon Fire Evil Flames caused all fire type techniques to elevate to a new level. With demon fire falling so densely and frantically, even fifth phase ninth stage commander ranks would be severely damaged.

Yang Zheng angrily glared at Chu Mu, who was standing on the high ground, and quickly started chanting an incantation. He applied a layer of Ice Armor onto both himself and the Trioptic Beast. With this, the Trioptic Beast’s defense could just barely withstand the damage from the strong flames.

“Charge forward!!”

Yang Zheng lowered his head and rode his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast directly upwards through the frantically barraging Fire Rain!

The blood-colored blur dashed between the crimson balls of fire. Although it was sometimes struck down by the Fire Rain, it quickly flew back up with the power of its strong wings!!

Yang Zheng roared angrily as he started another incantation, summoning two more soul pets.

This time, Yang Zheng didn’t summon the Lightning Fairy, but instead summoned the commander rank Thousand Feet Poisonous Centipede which he had obtained not long ago!!

The Thousand Feet Poisonous Centipede, when extended, was already a frightening fifteen meters long. Its pairs of scythe-like legs made this malevolent and ghastly organism appear like a black saw!

Yang Zheng’s Hairy Umbra Monster was very speedy, being the first to lunge towards Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. The commander rank Thousand Feet Poisonous Centipede then spewed out a black, cloud-like gas which quickly covered the region and completely enveloped Chu Mu and his soul pets, acting as if not giving Chu Mu a chance to escape again.

“Hehe, so what if I do give you the chance to escape for a year, with your soul pets’ strengths, none of them will be able to really fight me!!” Yang Zheng, while riding his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, revealed an icy smile!

“Don’t tell me you thought I simply buried my scroll in the ground and baited you here to simply say hi and leave?” Chu Mu smirked and looked over at Mo Xie beside him.

Mo Xie quickly understood what Chu Mu meant, and the demon fire on her body started blazing even stronger.

“Adhering Flame!”

Chu Mu almost instantly finished the spell, casting the fire damage multiplier swiftly onto Mo Xie’s body.

The demon fire on Mo Xie was burning very fiercely already. Once Chu Mu attached his Adhering Flame onto her, Mo Xie’s flowing fur seemed to morph completely into flames. The only thing that could be seen were those eye-dazzling demon pupils!

“This imposing manner…...”

Yang Zheng immediately felt that something wasn’t right because the fifth phase Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox could not produce such a imposing and strong demon aura and Evil Flame!

“Molten Fury!!”

“Chong Mei - Molten Fury!!”

At almost the same moment that Mo Xie casted her strongest Demon Fire Evil Flame ability, Chu Mu’s pupils also showed an unusual gleam.

Similar to the flames on Mo Xie’s body, Chu Mu’s body also ignited with raging fire. What was different was that the flames on Chu Mu were white!

Chu Mu couldn’t harness the Demon Fire Evil Flames on Mo Xie, but he could harness the strong white Soul Devil Fire!!

The red Demon Fire Evil Flames and the white Soul Devil Fire lit up the entire region, spinning and intertwining, easily setting all of the white silk nearby aflame!!

The blazing and burning heat from the soul. Yang Zheng could still feel the terror of the two techniques combined even though the Molten Fury hadn’t washed over him yet!!


Mo Xie let out a resounding cry, and her frightening Molten Fury transformed into a blazing fire demon, crazily sweeping through the field towards the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!!

It would be hard to really inflict serious damage to Yang Zheng and his Trioptic Beast with just Mo Xie’s Molten Fury of Demon Fire Evil Flames. But when the White Nightmare’s white Soul Devil Fire,combined with the Molten Fury, the power of the Molten Fury would quadruple!

Molten Fury itself was a powerful and high damaging fire ability. With the double effect of the Demon Fire Evil Flames, it could easily wound heavily defended commander rank soul pets like the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

Additionally, the White Nightmare’s white Soul Devil Fire was even more powerful than the Demon Fire Evil Flames, and it burned straight to the soul. An ability that merged the two types of fire together perfectly could lethally wound even a level seven defensive skin!!

The combination of both Demon Fire Evil Flames and Soul Devil Fire was accidentally discovered when Chu Mu summoned the White Nightmare. The combination of the two could create a terrifying fire attack that was beyond their ranks! If not for this skill, Chu Mu wouldn’t rashly fight against Yang Zheng, who could summon three soul pets!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s defense was only level seven complete stage and had no resistance to fire. The layering of the two Molten Furies, and the interlacing of Demon Fire Evil Flames and Soul Devil Fire was something even a fifth phase ninth stage commander rank soul pet couldn’t withstand!

The White Devil Fire and the crimson Demon Fire rapidly crawled onto the Trioptic Beast. Both the beast and Yang Zheng let out a blood curdling screech of unbearable pain!!

Yang Zheng was wearing a level five soul armor. If not for the Crystal Armor, which he promptly casted, that had the effects of a level six defensive skin, he would have immediately disintegrated under the Molten Furies!

Yang Zheng withstood the entire Molten Fury with immense pain, but his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, who was experiencing the burn of the flames in both body and soul, would probably be unable to fight, if it even survived at all.

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