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Chapter 11 Growth, Stage Two Moonlight Fox.

Bramble Demons were relatively common, so Chu Mu knew them like the back of his hand.

Before, Chu Mu derived that this Bramble Demon was only stage two, with only one vine at its disposal. At that stage, the Bramble Demon’s vine was about 15 to 20 meters long. Judging by the elasticity of the vine, it might be able to extend its vine another 10 meters further.

That meant that the Bramble Demon’s body should be within 10 meters of little Mo Xie.

Just when Chu Mu was looking for the main body of the Bramble Demon, he noticed the vine retracting rapidly.

“Vine Slash!” The Bramble Demon’s vicious attacking ability floated into his mind. If this ability hit little Mo Xie’s body, with such a fragile body, Mo Xie would definitely be injured majorly.

Chu Mu immediately stole a glance at Mo Xie. Chu Mu still didn’t know what abilities Mo Xie had, so as the Vine Slash was about to come, he was very worried as well!

“Mo Xie, quick, dodge it!”

“Huhu!!!” The vine suddenly sped up, slapping down at Mo Xie!

Little Mo Xie, with Chu Mu’s reminder, was ready for it. Just as the vine was about to hit it, her little body, under the shining of the moon, suddenly gained two blurry shadows!


The vine slash landed on little Mo Xie’s two blurry shadows. At that moment, dirt and stone shrapnel flew everywhere, and the vines there were all broken!

Chu Mu got anxious; the vine slash’s power was incredible! If it hit him, he might also have been seriously injured.

But Chu Mu was more worried about little Mo Xie.

Under the bright silver moon, only a few rays hit the ground of the thorn forest, with one right under where the vine slash hit.

Dust floated through the moonlight. As the dust cleared, the two elegant blurry shadows disappeared, revealing Mo Xie’s graceful body.

“Moon Shadow!” Chu Mu looked at the little guy who had easily dodged the vine slash, showing surprise.

Moon Shadow was an evasive technique that was cast using the moonlight. Mo Xie, as a Moonlight Fox, was only stage one, but she could already cast this spell that normally only stage three Moonlight Fox could cast.

Before, Chu Mu met the Cyan Bird that was able to cast techniques beyond its stage, so Chu Mu defined it as a soul pet with high talent.

So, it was true that all soul pets with mutating blood had insane talent.

When the Bramble Demon used vine slash, it revealed itself, and Chu Mu very accurately caught this opportunity.

“Front left, about seven meters, attack its main body!” Chu Mu immediately gave a command.

Little Mo Xie  instantly locked on to the Bramble Demon’s location. As the Bramble Demon slowly dragged its tentacle back, the little fox transformed into a silver blur and dashed into the dense vines!


Soon sounds of branches breaking emitted from that area of the thorn forest, and vines were scattered everywhere.

Chu Mu followed up. When he parted the thorns, he saw little Mo Xie with a broken branch in her mouth, and her claws extended and buried deep within a black-green vine-like soul pet. Standing on the Bramble Demon with four feet, Mo Xie rose his  head proudly and started calling to the moon.

The Bramble Demon was a first stage wow rank species, lower than the Moonlight Fox. Though it was a stage higher, if it was found by Mo Xie, then it didn’t stand a chance.

“Wuu~~~~~” Mo Xie foxcalled again, and a beam of moonlight hit her, bringing out her graceful and lean body. As this time, her moonlike fur grew longer.

“She grew?” Chu Mu looked at Mo Xie, surprised.

Battling was the fastest and most direct way of letting soul pets grow quickly. Furthermore, growing is just the process at which a weak creature slowly grows and matures!

There is always hostility and competition between soul pets. During a battle, this yearning to defeat the other and the battle itself will refine the body and allow the soul pet to grow.

Growing from first stage to second stage, Mo Xie’s fur became even more fluffy and radiant.

“The Moonlight Fox’s fur seems to be fully for cosmetics, so her resistance probably didn’t increase by much, but she should be more powerful now,” Chu Mu thought to himself.

“Kill it, its soul core should be enough to fill you up for a meal.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

Getting permission, Mo Xie’s claws ripped through the Bramble Demon and retrieved a drop of something that looked like liquid, but also like a crystal clear piece of amber. It was the soul core of the Bramble Demon.

Soul Pets of different kingdoms had different soul cores. Those in the Plant Kingdom usually had soul cores like this piece of liquid amber.

Eating it for food, Mo Xie probably didn’t need food for the next one or two days. She jumped back into Chu Mu’s hands, showing signs of fatigue. Yawning cutely, she laid in Chu Mu’s hands and looked as if she were going to fall asleep any second.

After Chu Mu finished collecting the vines of the Bramble Demon, he carried little Mo Xie out of the thorn forest.

Outside of the thorn forest was the outer island. Chu Mu let out a breath, found a relatively safe little cave, blocked off the entrance, and spent the night within the cave.

The next morning, Chu Mu was woken by a soft and wet feeling on his cheek. Opening his eyes, he saw the beautiful little Mo Xie licking his face, affectionately “Wuu”ing.

Chu Mu patted the little guy and put her on the ground. He used the water within the cave to wash quickly, as well as to take a big gulp. Then, he went and moved the rocks that were blocking the cave aside.

The sun shone on Chu Mu’s face, eye-piercing yet warm.

“It’s almost noon already……How did I sleep until now” Chu Mu wondered.

Maybe it was because he was tense the entire time he was in the inner island, but the moment he left there he could finally have a good rest. Thus, he naturally slept until this late.

Chu Mu brought out the rations, took a few bites to quench his hunger, and fed some to the little cyan bug that always hid on his collar.

Receiving food, the little bug wriggled its body in pleasure again, acting very happy.

When Chu Mu left the cave, he walked straight towards the campground. Even in the outer island, there were some savage soul pets, but Mo Xie’s vigilance was very high. As a result, he could easily detect the aura of the stronger soul pets and avoid them.

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