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Chapter 10: The First Fight, Bramble Demon

This time, the moonlight fox didn’t show as much resistance as before. Instead, it used its beautiful eyes to watch Chu Mu.

Soul pets were like humans, they all had their own thoughts and emotions. Currently, Chu Mu could see a glimmer of hesitation and blankness, as if it was trying to decide whether or not it should trust Chu Mu.

Additionally, the process of a soul pact was slightly restrictive and forceful, so as soon as the Moonlight Fox showed a sign of hesitation, the soul pact halo became brighter!

The light blue halo slowly closed in as the Moonlight Fox’s resistance grew smaller, starting to imprint on the young fox’s soul.

Slowly, the Moonlight Fox stopped resisting, and the light blue glow eased itself into the Moonlight Fox’s body, becoming a mark that belonged only to Chu Mu and imprinted itself onto the Moonlight Fox’s soul.


The Moonlight Fox let out a weak gasp, giving off a light blue glow from its body.

The glow covered its body, and it’s fine body slowly dissipated in front of Chu Mu under the blue glow.

Soul pet trainers had their own soul pet space where they can hold their pets. Whenever they signed a soul pact with a pet, they could, through their thoughts, summon their soul pet to and from their soul pet space.

The summoning and recalling of soul pets all required soul power. Though he didn’t have much soul power left, Chu Mu still eagerly summoned his first battle soul pet in front of him.

A light blue glow gradually appeared. Wrapped inside was an elegant and beautiful body, with a pretty and fluffy tail waving to and fro, and a pair of intelligent eyes gazing at Chu Mu, which was as enchanting as moonlight.

The Moonlight Fox’s gaze was different from before. In the place of blankness and suspicion, there was now meekness and gentleness.

Seeing the first soul pet he captured, Chu Mu couldn’t help but start laughing. This was a soul pet with unlimited potential; it could evolve from Medium to High, or even more. This also meant that Chu Mu’s destiny changed drastically with this soul pet!


The Moonlight Fox let out a weak sound of complaint, looking miserable. It wriggled its cute body around, trying to struggle free of the white silk that still coiled around it.

Chu Mu brought out his knife and strenuously cut all the resilient white silk. Then, he gathered the little fluffy guy into his arms and started stroking its fur.

The Moonlight Fox seemed to enjoy this caressing, reluctant to leave Chu Mu’s embrace and showing dependence. It used its tiny tongue to lick Chu Mu’s cheek.

Seeing this young Moonlight Fox showing intimacy already, Chu Mu guessed that this young fox’s age and wisdom wasn’t that high, and that it survived on this treacherous island simply by instinct and tenacity. For a young soul pet, this couldn’t have been easy; it’s growth must have been very arduous.

“Little guy, you must have been orphaned at a very young age. But, don’t worry about it. We’ll be mutually dependent upon each other in the future, and you no longer have to fight by yourself…...Speaking of which, let me get you a name first.” Chu Mu grinned sheepishly. This smile was the first time in many years that Chu Mu had smiled from the depths of his heart.

In reality, Chu Mu was just like the little fox who struggled to survive in the inner island. Now, though, Chu Mu was no longer fighting by himself.

“I remember a weapon called Mo Xie. Beautiful and gentle when still, but sharp and deadly when moving- just like you. Let’s call you Mo Xie, it fits the sly little fox you are.”

“Wu~~” As if it didn’t like Chu Mu calling it sly, it cried out, unsatisfied.

“Hmm, I meant wise…...”

The little fox immediately extended its smooth little tongue and started licking Chu Mu. Chu Mu laughed at that, thinking that the little guy not only had potential, but was also very interesting.

Obtaining a pet that was more than satisfying, Chu Mu now had the confidence to leave this dangerous inner island.

Of course, even on the return journey, Chu Mu didn’t dare to lower his guard in the slightest. After all, the little Moonlight Fox was still young, still unable to confront strong soul pets at the moment. In fact, Chu Mu had to take on the responsibility to protect the young moonlight fox.

Recalling soul pets didn’t take much soul power, but summoning one did. Chu Mu’s soul power was still needed to supply the White Nightmare. As a result, he didn’t recall Mo Xie. Instead, he brought it and started walking back.

Chu Mu was very meticulous. While entering the inner island, he made a few markings along the way so that he wouldn’t lose his way in the dangerous island.

Following the markings he made on the trees, Chu Mu returned to the thorny area again without a hitch.

Chu Mu remembered that there was a stage two Bramble Demon in this thorn forest, so he raised his guard.

Just when he was about to climb over, little Mo Xie suddenly jumped out from Chu Mu’s embrace and dashed into the thorn forest.

After signing a soul pact with a soul pet, within a certain distance, the position of the soul pet could be discerned by the soul pet trainer. Chu Mu didn’t want a treasure like Mo Xie to have an accident, so he immediately followed.

Mo Xie’s body was small, its movements strong and swift, darting through the thorn forest with ease, and not getting scratched the slightest.

Chu Mu followed quickly, soon realizing that little Mo Xie was dashing straight towards the Bramble Demon that attacked him.


When they got near the Bramble Demon’s position, Chu Mu heard the sound of the thorn forest wavering and rustling.

Hacking through the thorn forest, he saw the moon coloured figure quickly darting here and there within the dense thorns. Behind it was a vine as thick as a thumb chasing Mo Xie like a snake. However, compared to little Mo Xie’s nimble movements, the chasing vine seemed sluggish.

“Yes, this will be the first battle on our way to becoming the strongest!”  When Chu Mu saw the little Mo Xie fight with the Bramble Demon that almost killed him, it sparked his fervor for battle.

As a qualified soul pet trainer, one mustn’t personally join the fight. Instead, one must become the controller of the entire battle!

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