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Chapter 99: Soul Armor


A wretched scream reverberated throughout the valley once more. The conspicuous fresh blood spilled onto the valley’s green moss, making it particularly striking.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger seemed to have not recklessly killed like this in a long time. After biting off Shang Shi’s neck, it instantly pounced towards Shang Shi’s other two soul pets- who now had severed soul pacts.

Immediately, fresh blood splattered everywhere, and the howls of beasts incessantly rang out. Without Shang Shi’s instructions, the other two soul pets could not withstand even one strike. They were torn to shreds by the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. The blood stained soul cores were directly swallowed into the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s throat.

Nearby, Chu Mu looked at the injury riddled Yang Jingli. Looking at his dying gasps, a savage and cruel smile surfaced onto Chu Mu’s face. He then used one foot to ruthlessly step on his cheek.

"You’ll be stepped under my foot for life, I think that's what you said. Now, you've been stepped under my foot. How does it feel?"

“If you have the ability… then.. then kill me. On… on this Prison Island… don’t even think about… don’t even think about surviving!” There was blood in Yang Jingli’s mouth as he spoke.

“Do you know why I would appear on Prison Island?” Chu Mu stared at Yang Jingli and indifferently spoke.

Indignance riddled in Yang Jingli’s eyes. Anything further would be a disgrace because even he didn’t think he would be defeated by Wangluo City’s biggest joke!

“I came to this island to slaughter everyone. Don’t worry, it’s futile for a single person from your Yang Family to escape!!” Chu Mu’s expression instantly turned cold.

Hearing Chu Mu’s unceasingly cold words, Yang Jingli finally felt Chu Mu’s difference from the past- his mercilessness and desire to kill!!

Mo Xie didn’t need Chu Mu’s explicit order to understand her master’s thoughts.


The eminently sharp claws quickly slashed apart Yang Jingli’s neck. Instantly, blood poured out, and the humiliation and anger filling Yang Jingli’s eyes died with him!

Chu Mu had never forsaken the value of a corpse. He swiftly searched through Yang Jingli’s bag. However, there weren’t any valuable items on Yang Jingli. Clearly, because of this fellows young age, the Yang Family didn’t give him any good items.


Some unknown time ago, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger stained with blood had walked over in front of Chu Mu. Its two, dark colored eyes gazed at Chu Mu, making his heart palpitate.

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger swung its head and spat out a finger.

The finger the Multi Colored Devil Tiger spat out was naturally Shang Shi’s. What made Chu Mu surprised was that there was a spatial ring on the finger.

“His items all belong to me?” Chu Mu looked at the Multi Colored Devil Tiger and asked.

“Hou~” The Multi Colored Devil Tiger nodded its head; nevertheless, it arrogantly turned its head and jumped into the precipitous valley. Its figure quickly disappeared from Chu Mu’s field of view.

Seeing the mighty and aloof Multi Colored Devil Tiger leave, Chu Mu felt a twang of regret. In his heart, he thought: If I had a soul pet like the Multi Colored Devil Tiger, becoming that sole survivor shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Shaking his head, Chu Mu also knew that this wasn’t very practical. In reality, as long as Mo Xie had another species mutation, her strength probably wouldn’t be much less that the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. However, it was unknown when Mo Xie’s next species mutation would occur.

There were differences between spatial rings and soul pet rings. Soul pet rings were spaces that weren’t too stable. They could hold soul pets, but if the soul pet’s strength was too much, the soul pet could use its strength to shatter the soul pet space.

Equivalently, the soul pet space of soul pet trainers weren’t too stable either. If a soul pet’s strength far surpassed a soul pet trainer, even with a soul pact, trying to chant the recall incantation to lock the soul pet into the soul pet space was of no avail. They could still use their strength to break the restrictions of the soul pet space.

Soul pet spaces were not actual spaces. They didn’t exactly have a set dimension, and they instead were created according to a soul pet’s build and soul power.

However, the spaces inside spatial rings were actual spaces. They could be used to store goods. If a spatial ring was large enough, it wouldn’t be an issue to store soul pets.

Shang Shi’s spatial ring wasn’t that large; it could hold approximately one cubic meter. In reality, one cubic meter could hold many items. Moreover, its market price was one thousand gold coins.

“Soul armor! This fellow had such a treasure on him!”

When Chu Mu took out the first item from the spatial ring, he immediately revealed a rapt expression.

Soul armor was equipment for soul pet trainers and soul pets. Using the soul pet trainer’s Soul Remembrance, a special defensive armor could be created. When attacked, just by using a mental transmission, the soul armor would instantly appear on the body and would be used only for defense.

Chu Mu had come from a large family, and he naturally knew a lot. From Shang Shi’s spatial ring, the soul armor he found was a fourth level soul armor. Its defensive capabilities were equivalent to a soul pet’s fourth stage defensive skin.
(TL: Pretty sure there’s a typo. The raws I have state that the soul armor was found in Yang Jingli’s bag. Fairly certain that’s wrong)

The shape of a soul armor could be changed using soul remembrance. It didn’t have any weight, and didn’t have any physiological restrictions. Thus, it could be considered a luxury good amongst soul pet trainers. Chu Mu never expected that Shang Shi’s spatial ring would contain such a treasure!

“This item is worth at least a hundred thousand gold coins. Shang Shi himself wasn’t wearing it, so this item’s origins are slightly sketchy.”

It was very easy to use a soul armor. One only had to pour his or her soul remembrance into it, and the energy crystals within the soul armor would establish a mental connection. The soul armor would then automatically integrate into one’s soul. Once danger arrived, with a single mental transmission, the soul armor would instantly appear. Equipped with this soul armor, Chu Mu now had even better life insurance!

It seemed like these items that the Yang Family had this time when they came to Prison Island ended up increasing Chu Mu’s chance at surviving.

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate to pour his soul remembrance into the soul armor. Quickly, he fused the soul armor with his soul remembrance.

Summoning the soul armor only required an extremely small amount of soul power. Chu Mu impatiently called out his new battle armor!

A deep, starlike shimmering patterned item revolved around Chu Mu’s body. After Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to control it, the specks condensed together. It hadn’t even reached a second before an azure translucent light armor covered Chu Mu’s body, making him exude a much more imposing aura!

“Wuwuwu” Mo Xie squinted her beautiful eyes and somewhat excitedly howled at the newly equipped Chu Mu.

Chu Mu pinched Mo Xie’s fluffy ears and said: “Soul pets also have soul armor. Perhaps other Yang Family people will happen to have beast type soul armor.”


​Chapter 100: Metamorphosis of the Ice Air Fairy

Chu Mu looked again into Shang Shi’s Spatial Ring for treasure, and what made him elated was that there just happened to be an Ice Type Healing Medicine.

The squeamish Ice Air Fairy was still constantly moaning with pain in Chu Mu’s soul pet space, so this Ice Type medicine was found just in time. Chu Mu immediately put the Healing Medicine into his soul pet space and allowed his Ice Air Fairy to take it.

Normally, no matter how deeply wounded the soul pets of the Elemental Kingdom were, as long as they weren’t dead, they could definitely recover within a month. The main reason why many soul pet trainers were in love with Elemental Kingdom soul pets was their recovery ability.

The Ice Air Fairy’s arm could probably regrow within about ten days. Taking Shang Shi’s Ice Type Healing Medicine into account, it would probably only take four days.

Shang Shi’s Spatial Ring held a very complete set of Recovery and Healing Medicine, all of them at the fourth level, and ten per type.

This practice of Shang Shi’s should be similar to many other experienced soul pet trainers. When they go out, they would prepare all types of Healing and Recovery Medicines to their very best. Though under normal circumstances they wouldn’t use it, under crucial circumstances they would need it.

“Third Level Wood Type Soul Crystal?” Chu Mu very quickly discovered another pretty good item.

Chu Mu had a Second Level Beast Type Soul Crystal before, and now he had received a Wood Type Soul Crystal as well. Soul Crystals were always valuable on the market. In the future when Chu Mu got more soul pets, he would definitely spend a sizeable amount of money on soul cores and soul crystals, so Chu Mu had to maintain some wealth at all times.

First Level single type soul crystals were around one hundred gold each. Second level would be one thousand gold, and Third Level would be around five thousand gold.

Shang Shi’s Spatial Ring only had these things. To a Soul Pet Trainer this was slightly too little, so he presumably stored most of his belongings somewhere before he came to Prison Island.

Chu Mu put most of his original things back into his soul pet space. Just as he was about to leave, his Ice Air Fairy immediately reminded him.

“Almost forgot, there’s still a delicacy for you in the abyss.” Chu Mu laughed and said.

Mo Xie’s body started shrinking, her six tails morphing together as she became a cute little fox and lept onto Chu Mu’s shoulder.

When not fighting, Mo Xie liked to maintain her Pitiful Appearance and let Chu Mu carry her around while this sly creature dozed off lazily on Chu Mu’s shoulder.

After walking into the abyss again, a gust of frozen air once again assaulted Chu Mu, causing him to feel cold all over his body.

Chu Mu walked into the shrubs and started using his soul remembrance to search for the source of the cold. Very soon, Chu Mu found, in the center of a brush, the roots of the Cold Abyssal Ginseng.

The Cold Abyssal Ginseng was very fragile. Unwilling to damage it even in the slightest, Chu Mu was very careful with the extraction process.

Cold Abyssal Ginseng was a very cold plant. If a normal person were to touch it by hand, they could be injected with cold poison. Those with weak resistances may even instantly die from the cold poison.

Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy had signed a soul pact, so his soul gained some resistance to coldness. This Third Level Cold Abyssal Ginseng’s coldness was something Chu Mu could still resist.

One hour later, Chu Mu finally dug the Ice Air Fairy’s delicacy out. Holding the snow white Cold Abyssal Ginseng, Chu Mu smiled, “Should be enough to let Ning enter Third Phase.”

“Ling~Ling” Once Chu Mu got the Ginseng, the Ice Air Fairy immediately let out an excited cry, urging Chu Mu to feed it the Ginseng.

The Cold Abyssal Ginseng could be directly eaten. Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to guide the Ginseng into his soul pet space and let the Ice Air Fairy eat it.

The Ice Air Fairy had long awaited this delicacy, and almost devoured it in a single bite before lying down comfortably in the soul pet space.

“Rest well…...”

Chu Mu was just about to let the Ice Air Fairy rest and heal its wounds, but halfway through he stopped, as he noticed that the arm that should’ve taken three or four days to heal was regenerating at a noticeable speed!


Ning let out an excited cry as its body underwent another change. Its snowy and icy skin became even more transparent, containing no impurity!

“It metamorphosed that quickly?!” Chu Mu stared. He didn’t imagine the effects of the Cold Abyssal Ginseng to be this direct!

Though the body shape of the Fairy didn’t change, its skin was completely altered. Before, its skin was only Third level initial stage, yet after become Third Phase, its Ice Type skin unbelievably leapt straight to Third Level late stage!

A normally talented Ice Air Fairy would only have the Third level initial stage skin when reaching the Third Phase. Ning’s exceptional talent allowed it to be two levels ahead of others in his species!

Third Level late stage defense, plus the effects of Ice Armor, its defense was comparable to that of the Fourth Level intermediate stage. Having a Fourth Level defense when it was only at the Third Phase, Ning’s defense was a lot more than just a bit abnormal!!!

Chu Mu remembered that Cao Yi had a Dire Wolf. That wolf was probably around Third Phase Fifth Stage. Its attacks could probably break open any defense under the Fourth Level, but it couldn’t possibly damage any defense above the Fourth Level. This meant that the Third Phase Ning, even if it were to fight with Cao Yi’s Dire Wolf, had a high chance of winning!

With both soul pets already at Third Phase and both High Class Warrior Rank soul pets with amazing talent, the power Chu Mu had was getting closer and closer to that of the tyrannical Cao Yi. It was believable that, with a little more time, Chu Mu could surpass Cao Yi. If he met Cao Yi on the island, Chu Mu would definitely personally defeat Cao Yi.

Walking back to the place where he hid all his scrolls, Chu Mu opened it up and saw that within the past ten days, the prisoner deaths on the island grew again, with over five hundred prisoners’ names going dark.

The prisoners’ strengths weren’t uniform. Many of them probably couldn’t survive on this dangerous island and were directly eliminated.

But, as the amount of deaths increases, the remaining prisoners would get stronger. Chu Mu’s enemies would become stronger, so Chu Mu had to constantly increase his strength, to be able to become the one person left alive on the island, to be able to return to Gangluo City, and to use his strength to redeem his disgraces!!

Standing at a high place, Chu Mu looked into the distant unknown area covered by a misty layer of fog.

On this island, there were many strong members and countless strong soul pets. But, in Chu Mu’s eyes, they were all simply steps on a staircase for him to become stronger, and they would allow him to walk into a higher and more powerful realm!

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