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Chapter 89: Following Yang Clan's Footsteps

Mo Xie’s gaze quickly locked onto Zhang Kuochong, who had no soul pet to protect him!

Death Assault!

Shadow Assault allowed Mo Xie’s speed to instantly increase, and Death Assault was an even more advanced form, causing a terrifying boost to Mo Xie’s speed.

A dark flash flitted across the bushes as if the shadow of a ghost. Zhang Kuochong and Xiang Liang didn’t even have time to react!

Zhang Kuochong stood in place dumbly. It wasn’t until he felt his neck being slit did terror appear on his face. But right after terror, the artery on Zhang Kuochong’s neck spewed out blood. Zhang Kuochong didn’t even have time to cast a single soul technique!

Blood splattered onto Xiang Liang’s face as the metallic scent of blood assaulted his nose. Yet, what frightened him wasn’t the pervading bloody scent. It was the imposing demonic aura that made him feel as if he fell into a cave of ice!

“Protect me! Protect me!!” Xiang Liang frantically called telepathically towards his Du Jue and Black Wood Demon!

The Du Jue’s speed couldn’t even begin to compare with Mo Xie’s. In such circumstances, it could only cast meaningless attacks like Horn Awn.

As for the Black Wood Demon, its Wood Type soul pets naturally had a fear towards Fire Types, let alone Mo Xie’s even higher temperature Demonic Fire Evil Flame. Even though the Black Wood Demon already stood right in front of Xiang Liang and adopted a defensive position, it still couldn’t stop Mo Xie’s Evil Flame Claws!

The Black Wood Demon’s Third Rank Intermediate Stage bark defenses were very fragile under Mo Xie’s evil flames, and were ripped apart very easily. Violently surging evil flames quickly spread and managed to cleanly burn away more than half of the Black Wood Demon’s body, leaving only the arm-like branches.

There wasn’t a single ounce of resistance in Xiang Liang’s mind now. Not caring about his soul pets’ deaths, he hastily casted Wind Ride on himself and ran haphazardly towards the forest!

But no matter what speed soul technique Xiang Liang used, it couldn’t even begin to compete with Mo Xie’s speed. Mo Xie completely ignored the clumsy Du Jue and, after running a distance, extended her claws when she was still 10 meters away!

Her claws swiped past. There were no enchanting flames and no sharp glint, but a shadow flashed past!!


The escaping Xiang Liang didn’t even understand what happened before feeling a tearing pain in his legs. Right after, he lost his balance and fell into the bushes, rolling around in pain.

“Let….let me live, I…...I can tell you who still has scrolls……” Feeling the dreadful Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox nearing, Xiang Liang started shaking all over and abruptly started yelling.

“Who still has some?” Chu Mu walked up to Xiang Liang and asked.

“Just…...just yesterday I saw two people that didn’t look like prisoners…...They walked towards the north end of the lake. They have scrolls, at least two of them!” Xiang Liang said with slurred enunciation.

Chu Mu lifted a brow and glanced towards the lake not far away.

“Don’t! I also know, I also know the approximate location of the magical treasure! Let me go…...I’ll…… I’ll write the answer on a tree bark and let my soul pet send it to you. If it is fake, you can straight up kill my soul pet. Without it, I wouldn’t have a way to survive anyways.” Xiang Liang said.

“How would you know the location of the treasure?” Chu Mu asked.

“The reason I was thrown onto Prison Island was to steal the entire map under the directions of someone. I only glanced very briefly at it before being discovered…...If you let me go, as long as we gather half of all the scrolls, you will get the treasure.” Xiang Liang saw Chu Mu slightly hesitate and immediately smiled obsequiously.

But, Xiang Liang’s obsequious smile stiffened the next moment!

The artery on his neck was just sliced open again. Xiang Liang’s face went stiff. His eyes were full of disbelief and confusion. He didn't understand why under such beneficial circumstances would the teen still kill him!

Chu Mu mercilessly looked at Xiang Liang’s body and simply lifted a corner of his mouth.

Chu Mu was probably the only prisoner on the island that went willingly. Making such a decision, Chu Mu’s only goal was to become the last man standing. From his perspective, everyone on this island would sooner or later be killed, and the treasure was inevitably his, so he had no reason to play mind games with someone trivial like Xiang Liang, and waste energy determining whether his words were true or false.

In addition, Chu Mu had a new target, which was to kill all the people from the Yang Clan who entered the island. As long as he had the scrolls, the Yang Family would definitely find him. Chu Mu couldn’t let people like Xiang Liang, who knew these shortcuts, live.

“Went north of the lake, I wonder which two Yang Clan rubbish they were.”

Chu Mu eyes swept across the prisoners and after finding nothing of value, he started walking towards the lake to catch up to the two people of the Yang Clan. If he could get rid of them, he would do it secretly. If those two people were strong, Chu Mu would naturally give up immediately. Once he got stronger, he would then give them a lethal blow!


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