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Chapter 791: Advance, High Remembrance Soul Emperor!

Mental restriction, this was a large diagram that used the entire space as its diagram. It created a long-lasting mental suppression that normally was not perceivable.

Initially, Heavenly Concubine didn't realize the difference in this world. However, when she noticed that she was impacted by the world’s desolation even when she was meditating, it raised her alarm, so she didn’t tell Teng Lang and her two female disciples to stay for any longer.

After a while, they would truly suffer from mental collapse and need a long time to adjust back.

“I’m not that fragile.” Chu Mu didn’t care.

This mental restriction was to test one’s heart. Chu Mu wanted to use this mental restriction to raise himself to high remembrance soul master and gain another soul pact.

“Ride my white tiger.” Heavenly Concubine said as she jumped off her white tiger, and called her nine colored phoenix beside her.

Chu Mu nodded. He really didn’t have much that could ride. Little Mo Xie was afraid of the cold and wouldn’t want to walk around in this cold world at all.

Heavenly Concubine told the nine colored phoenix to fly low. This way, when it was boring, they could talk and get rid of the boredom and fear that inevitably would come.

However, Heavenly Concubine seemed to want to test Chu Mu’s patience. Though she rode her nine colored phoenix right beside Chu Mu and the white tiger, she didn’t speak at all.

Chu Mu closed his eyes calmly, staying in meditation, not caring whether this woman was intentionally silent.

It went on like this for ten full days- the meditating Chu Mu and Heavenly Concubine didn't say a single word. This patience was truly crazy.

In reality, throughout the whole process, Chu Mu had always watched Heavenly Concubine silently to see if he could land a lethal blow while she was meditating silently. However, Chu Mu found the woman would maintain a wisp of soul remembrance aside her in meditation.

This soul remembrance wasn’t to guard against Chu Mu, but instead guarding against sudden attacks from organisms.

Organisms that lived here for a long time definitely were incredibly powerful. Though the scene was always the same, Heavenly Concubine would never truly think this world was calm.

On the fifteenth day, Heavenly Concubine’s soul remembrance increased a little bit, and she opened her eyes.

What she saw was still the distant ice mirror ground and pure sky. It was the same the entire month, and even Heavenly Concubine was starting to despise it.

She subconsciously glanced at the white tiger aside her, and glanced at Chu Mu’s face.

“This Chu Fangchen truly is out of the ordinary in patience, able to stay silent for fifteen days. Instead, I’ve become useless.” Heavenly Concubine said quietly.    

She indeed was intentionally testing Chu Mu’s patience and mental strength. Yet, this man’s confidence was truly beyond ordinary…..

In reality, Heavenly Concubine could guess that when Teng Lagn and her two female disciples headed back, they may very likely fall to their desperation, and do something that shouldn’t happen due to losing their minds.

Being completely desireless wasn’t something everyone could do, especially two female disciples that weren’t beyond mortal desires yet.

They were indeed experts, but if they didn’t have enough mental strength, they would stay at high class emperor for the rest of their lives.

Heavenly concubine’s main worry of whether to bring Chu Mu along was this as well. She was worried that Chu Mu wasn’t powerful enough and would show his evil desires in this place. The source of the desires would of course be her, because in this empty place, human imagination would slowly take over the real world. If the man had even the slightest of desires for her, those thoughts would slowly be magnified until it took over their reason.

What was rare was this perfectly healthy and robust man’s heart was surprisingly firm. Heavenly Concubine didn't even feel any intrusive gazes from him. He was able to completely devote himself to training and not get affected by the outer world. Becoming an expert was just a matter of time for him.

This way, Heavenly Concubine had to start thinking of taking him as a disciple again. Such a firm mind could be her disciple and reach her heights.

“En? About to advance his soul remembrance?” Suddenly, Heavenly Concubine noticed the starlight glow on Chu Mu’s body, a dim but deep blue that surrounded Chu Mu before slowly merging into Chu Mu’s forehead.

“Sixth remembrance to seventh remembrance- high remembrance spirit emperor. He is firmly in the highest realm of humans already. Reaching such a realm means that Chu Fangchen may very likely reach the peak in the future.” Heavenly Concubine thought secretly.

Heavenly Concubine was only ninth remembrance spirit emperor. Reaching seventh remembrance spirit emperor, Chu Mu was only two remembrances below.

As the light slowly dimmed, Chu Mu slowly released his remembrance on the white tiger. The feeling of covering nearly a hundred kilometers’ space felt amazing to Chu Mu!

Though most soul pet trainers used their minds to control every aspect of a fight and completely assess the situation, if Chu Mu gathered all his soul remembrance together to launch a mental attack against weaker foes, spirit emperors may instantly lose their mental defense. Low remembrance spirit emperors would feel great mental pressure, while middle remembrance spirit emperors would get shocked.

Under normal circumstances, if Chu Mu wanted to raise most of his emperor ranks to high class, becoming high remembrance spirit master would be easier. However, because of the special circumstances, he entered high remembrance spirit emperor ahead of time. This was very useful for the raising of his soul pets’ strengths.

Opening his eyes, Chu Mu’s eyes flashed blue and he smiled confidently.

”Seventh remembrance spirit emperor, congratulations.” Heavenly Concubine looked at Chu Mu and said softly.

Chu Mu nodded, discovering a rare gentle smile on Heavenly Concubine’s fair face.

“Where’s the end to this world…” Chu Mu glanced far and asked.

Since he reached his goal, Chu Mu would probably start despising this endless world. He couldn’t just continue walking forever. If he walked for two months, it meant walking back for two months too…...

“Let’s continue, I can feel the source of the spirits getting closer.” Heavenly Concubine, of course, wouldn’t just give up. After all, other than fixing the fire poison in her body, she didn't gain any benefits from this trip yet.


Indeed, a full two months went past as Chu Mu and Heavenly Concubine continued in this world.

Chu Mu had a determination, on one hand to not let Heavenly Concubine get this special treasure but on the other hand this was a great opportunity to get rid of her that Chu Mu didn’t want to give up.

Heavenly Concubine always believed this world had treasures, and so having walked this much, she didn't want to give up.

In the two months, the two people started having qualms about this world and held a great despise for it.

Chu Mu slowly started talking with Heavenly Concubine, mainly asking about dominator rank and things like xuan and where it might appear.

Heavenly Concubine hadn’t been in dominator rank for too long, so the only hint of finding xuan was with Ning Maner, yet she had been taken away by silver devil man…..

On the other hand, Chu Mu finally found out the woman’s name. Though Chu Mu felt that this woman was destined to die soon anyways and knowing her name was meaningless, he still learned about her situation through talking.

Heavenly Concubinee was the grand daughter of the wanxiang realm king, and she was called Miu Qingyi.

Wanxiang King had disappeared many years ago and never cares about what happens in the relam. Then, as the position was always empty, the entire wanxiang relam was slowly taken over by the three palaces and soul alliance.

Miu Qingyi wasn’t that interested in the realm king position, and instead meditated and became the famous war goddess. Presumably, the title of wanxiang realm king would naturally fall on her head.

Similar to most experts, Miu Qingyi merely had a title in soul alliance, but never participated in any alliance matters and rarely used her title to do anything. This was why the three palaces weren’t too hostile towards her.

Miu Qingyi’s stance was with Wanxiang realm and not soul alliance. The three palaces’ enemy wasn’t wanxiang realm’s nobility, but instead the monopolizing soul alliance.

If Heavenly Concubine Miu Qingyi really didn’t stand with soul alliance, there was no point in killing her off. Strictly speaking, they didn’t have any deep grudges.

However, Chu Mu felt that he had to be vigilant and still attack if he had the opportunity. If Miu Qingyi stood on soul alliance’s side due to pressure from the alliance master, the third most powerful human, war goddess, could cause great threat towards Chu Muk, who wanted to destroy soul alliance.

Since Heavenly Concubine Miu Qingyu told Chu Mu about her general situation, Chu Mu of course had to make up a story so she wouldn’t be suspicious.

Chu Mu made a half true and half false story. Even so, Heavenly Concubine Miu Qingyi smiled and nodded, “It’s rare to see a person like you go from ordinary to such a realm.”

Seeing Miu Qingyi’s elegant and beautiful smile, Chu Mu quickly averted her gaze and moved the topic elsewhere.

“Damnit, We can’t stay here for longer anymore, or else I’ll lose the heart to kill her!” Chu Mu bit down on his teeth.

As Miu Qingyi predicted, Chu Mu as a normal man started glancing at Miu Qingyi’s curves covered by her clothing and some thoughts were popping into his head. The immoral sentence Teng Lang had said a while ago was starting to come back too.

Miu Qingyi was indeed beautiful and had a great body. If the mental pressure continued, these thoughts will only get larger.

Any longer and trouble would truly happen!

Chu Mu had to find a chance to attack and not waste any more time!

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