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Chapter 787: Be my teacher? Keep Dreaming!

“Can you still fight?” Chu Mu rubbed Ning’s cute head and said.

“Ying~~~~~” Ning nodded. The healing and recovery effect of this elevation of rank was powerful. Though it didn’t completely replenish its fighting strength, it no longer had to go back to the soul pet space to heal.

In this icy territory, Chu Mu’s other soul pets would be very limited in use. Ning knew this was its time to shine. Now that it was a high class emperor rank, its excitement caused it to automatically ignore its wounds.

When Chu Mu brought Ning back from the border of the ice land, other than Teng Lang, the other three women were all nearing the end of their battles.

Chu Mu naturally wanted to try out Ning’s power after becoming a high class emperor rank to see just how destructive it was. While Teng Lang was still skirmishing with his foe with his five soul pets, Chu Mu told Ning to start an incantation.

Cold Starfall!

Standing a kilometer away, after it locked onto the iceberg lion, its hands pointed at the air around it!

Frost as numerous as the stars slowly fell down and onto the iceberg lion’s body. The massive iceberg lion was too distracted by the five soul pets to notice these minute frost flakes.

However, as the frost grew heavier and more numerous, the iceberg lion’s actions slowed down gradually!

Cold Starfall’s frost could go through the defensive skin and enter the enemy’s muscle, bones, blood, and organs. While it was still middle class emperor rank, Ning’s cold starfall could at most cause a high class emperor rank to momentarily stiffen but couldn’t cause substantial damage.

However, after it was high class emperor rank, Ning’s Cold Starfall went from being imperceptible to slowly freezing the iceberg lion completely. Its wounds constantly emitted coldness.

Teng Lang in battle paused and misjudged, thinking iceberg lion was gathering up a powerful technique, so he told all five of his soul pets to back off.

Yet, nothing happened after. Teng Lang took a closer look, and finally discovered that the iceberg lion became a huge ice sculpture, emitting a strange coldness and didn’t have any life in it anymore!

“What…….what is this?” Teng Lang was very confused.

Teng Lang had confidence he could win this, but he would need a while longer of attrition to truly kill this high class emperor. How did it suddenly get frozen to death?

“Ice Meteor!” Suddenly, a cold command came from behind Teng Lang.

Teng Lang turned around, and was surprised to find Chu Mu along with his surviving Ning.

The previously nearly dead Ning was standing there chanting an incantation. This meant that the Cold Starfall was clearly its work as well!


The moment Teng Lang turned around, a massive ice meteor appeared above the iceberg lion’s head, heavily slamming into its frozen body!

This hit caused the iceberg lion to fall into countless pieces, scattering around the scary meteor that was embedded in the ground now along with a ground full of ice shards…...

Teng Lang was dumbfounded. He looked at the corpse, and looked again at Chu Mu and Ning!

Ning had great destructive abilities, but it couldn’t possibly kill the wounded iceberg lion in two techniques. The iceberg lion was a high class emperor rank!

“Brother Chu, your Ning……” Finally, Teng Lang noticed the change in the Ning. This change wasn’t in appearance, but instead in the ice type aura’s quality, gaining a fearful killing intent!

“It ranked up, without any soul item at that……” Heavenly concubine was the earliest to notice the change in the Ning’s aura, except even she didn’t expect this Ning to step into high class emperor rank this early!

Though it was also challenged beyond its own rank, when heavenly concubine’s mysterious ice demon killed the strange demon emperor, it didn’t even rank up a stage. The Ning instead went from middle class emperor straight to high class emperor rank.

Though it was only a rank in difference, there was a massive gap between the two. Both strength and trainer status would be different from this day on.

At least Teng Lang, Guanguan, and Little Tong had been stuck at middle class emperor rank for a while now.

For Chu Mu raising his Ning to high class emperor rank, Teng Lang felt surprise and envy. Guanguan and little Tong, who were arrogant and caused the trouble for Chu Mu in the first place, both took on soured expressions, the jealousy completely undisguised on their faces!

A warrior rank soul pet completing a self-strengthening, why would such a ridiculous thing happen to this man?

At this moment, the two intolerant women seemed to have forgotten that Chu Mu’s Ning could single-handedly kill a high class emperor rank. They were instead focused on the fact that a warrior rank soul pet self strengthened even after reaching emperor rank. This was completely illogical, and most importantly, Ning's rank up was caused indirectly by them!

“Your Ning is very good. Since good came out of the trouble, let us put our pasts behind us.” When the battle finished, heavenly concubine walked to Chu Mu and said.

“En, I had misjudged there too.” Chu Mu nodded, not quarreling with them in any way.

On the surface, Chu Mu was very generous, and didn’t bicker with the two women. However, in his heart, he was wondering how to give them the most painful death. Chu Mu wasn’t a very forgiving person.

“Who’s disciple are you?” Suddenly, heavenly concubine asked again.

“Soul palace Elder De.” Chu Mu answered.

“Him?” Heavenly concubine thought about it, and realized she didn’t know the person. Looking at Chu Mu, she continued, “With your current strength, you can match most elders. He can’t teach you much more, can he?”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded. Looking at this woman, he started guessing why she would ask this, could it be…...

“You need a teacher that can teach you more.” After saying that, heavenly concubine stepped away, going to the front of the team while leaving behind a gust of fragrance.

Chu Mu paused. He didn’t understand the words in the beginning, but quickly realized…...

This woman wanted to take him as a disciple!

Teng Lang didn’t understand heavenly concubine’s meaning either, but Guanguan and Little Tong, who had been with heavenly concubine for many years, had their mouths gaping in surprise!

From her seven female disciples, one could see that heavenly concubine never took male disciples. This time, heavenly concubine was ready to break that rule just to take this man- this was unbelievable!

Quietly walking at the front, heavenly concubine didn’t turn around at all. She walked ahead because in the following regions, only she had the qualifications to fight.

Heavenly concubine didn’t bother to check if the man understood her. About taking this disciple, she had to think further.

She didn’t especially avoid male disciples, but she felt that men tended to act weird around her, so she usually prefers women.

However, a man with such high talent and soul pet control, she didn't mind the strangeness and was willing to take him as a disciple. This was because, with some help, this man would at least be able to compete against the Sixteen Absolutes and with some luck, maybe even Eight Desolations.

Such a talent couldn’t be missed. The only regret was that this man was from soul palace, and it would be pretty hard to pull him over.

Of course, if soul palace wanted to use this man disciple to cool down her relationship with soul palace, she could let him be a disciple. However, heavenly concubine doesn’t know his heart, his morals, his background, or others, and she needed to make a decision based off those to proceed.

Being able to be a disciple of war goddess, the third strongest in human realm, and also a very beautiful woman, was a dream that countless soul pet trainers thought about.

Too bad Chu Mu didn’t think the same.

Chu Mu had always trained by himself. The only true teacher he had was probably the unflattering half old man Old Li, who had lived for two centuries.

Call her his teacher? There wasn’t a chance!

Even if he were taken as a disciple, Chu Mu had to think about how he could still be adamant on killing them all?

In conclusion, Chu Mu understood the heavenly concubine. The first reaction was: “Be my teacher? Go back to dreaming!”


“Chu Mu, are you thinking about it?” Continuing ahead, Teng Lang suddenly popped in front of Chu Mu and asked with his mental voice.

“Why so?” Chu Mu asked confused.

“Still denying? Heavenly concubine’s only male disciple, and possibly the closest man to her, such an offer of both beauty and power would entice anyone!” Teng Lang said.

“Though my teacher is Old De, I’m used to training by myself. I truly don’t have any strange thoughts.” Chu Mu said truthfully.

“Our soul palace needs to keep our connections with soul palace.. Though you may likely become the pillar of the palace. However, the elders will definitely put you under her name once they think about it; at least, we don't have to worry about her attacking soul palace.” Teng Lang said.

Chu Mu shook his head and laughed, “I just helped you curse her a while ago, how could I make her my teacher?”

“Haha, you’re an interesting fellow.” Teng Lang laughed crisply and patted Chu Mu on the shoulder.

Guanguan and Little Tong turned around with deadpan faces. Seeing the loudly laughing men, they turned back around. Heavenly concubine didn’t even mind it at all, but seemed to think the laughs were slightly shrill…….

Teng Lang’s questioning seemed very casual, but it was in reality testing Chu Mu’s stance. If Chu Mu showed even a little bit of wanting to join heavenly concubine, Teng Lang would have to blacklist Chu Mu.

This didn’t even involve his soul palace stance. It was the Universe Ice Gate that caused Teng Lang to feel extremely ridiculed and angry. To him, the Universe Ice Gate was a treasure left to him by his ancestors. He had always wished to step in one day and fight. However, this sacred land was forcefully taken by heavenly concubine. This made Teng Lang want to kill her!!

If Chu Mu actually leaned towards her, Teng Lang could only apologetically cross off this new friend’s name from his mind.

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