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Chapter 768: Is this Actually a Forbidden Region or a Human Region? 

The White Nightmare Emperor being distracted gave Luo Hen a chance to escape. She hastily retreated towards the Heavenly Concubine as her Ocean Dawn transformed into a thousand layer wave. 

Just now, the threat of death caused Luo Hen to realize her Ocean Dawn simply wasn’t the White Nightmare’s opponent. She was both shocked and fearful! 

"Jie jie~~~~~”

But the White Nightmare Emperor had locked onto its prey already. Why would it let it go?

Its palm that absorbed the Seven Colored Phoenix’s four lights turned to the fleeing Ocean Dawn and Luo Hen, forcibly reversing the wind cave!!


The peak emperor rank Seven Colored Phoenix light technique outlandishly flew out of the wind cave towards the Ocean Dawn!!

If it was the White Nightmare’s own technique, the devil flame and dark type would have been considerably weakened against the Ocean Dawn. However, the Seven Colored Phoenix’s wing type energy light was the one that struck the Ocean Dawn, meaning that its death was inevitable!

“Pu pu pu pu!!!!!!!”

Four pillars of light pierced through different locations on the Ocean Dawn’s body. The Ocean Dawn was covered in a tide of water, and let out a miserable cry that resembled ocean waves crashing onto the shore as its body transformed into dead water that fell from the sky!!

Luo Hen had been rejoicing over being able to escape this disaster, but in the next instant, the soul pet she was most proud of met the same fate as the enormous beast. Killed in one shot. Her own shoulder was pierced by the light pillar, with blood flying everywhere!!

The White Nightmare’s reversal strike was something the Heavenly Concubine never expected. She watched with open eyes as her subordinate’s high class emperor was killed by her own soul pet’s technique

All of the Concubine’s servant girls sucked in a breath of cold air. This White Nightmare’s strength surpassed everyone’s imaginations. Moreover, its method of fighting was extremely crafty. It unexpectedly understood that its Obliterating Heart technique wouldn’t finish, so it instead used the Seven Colored Phoenix’s light beam interrupting it to kill the Ocean Dawn!

If the White Nightmare’s technique had struck the Ocean Dawn, it would not have been able to instakill it because its attribute was being countered. Thus, the White Nightmare Emperor’s technique reversal could be described as beautiful! 

Right now, female soul pet trainer called Tie Xin’s face was black, and her heart was filled with anger!

The Heavenly Concubine’s expression was unsightly and she ordered another concubine servant to save Luo Hen. Her eyes, originally without any ripple of emotions, now radiated coldness and killing intent!

“Tie Xin, kill it!” the Heavenly Concubine ordered! 

Tie Xin nodded her head. She urged her peak emperor rank Seven Colored Phoenix to circle above the White Nightmare Emperor.

Tie Xin’s Seven Colored Phoenix naturally was not the White Nightmare’s opponent. Thus, she chanted an incantation and summoned another two amin pets!

A dense ghost aura spilled out, covering the darkness. A ghost figure appeared, but its aura was as if a million malevolent ghosts had covered the night sky, and it let out a jittery cry!! 

At the same time, a demon emperor with azure colored eyes appeared. A set of black poisonous teeth that extended from its top lip to its chin exuded a cold light! 

Demon aura was everywhere and it looked savage. This was a Poison Teeth Demon Emperor, one of the most savage species of demons!

Most female soul pet trainers chose water, light or flower type soul pets; more support types. However, this cold-hearted soul pet trainer also had two malevolent peak emperors aside from her Seven Colored Phoenix. This woman was definitely not a benevolent-type, and could be even more savage than those evil criminals!

“These people are very strong!” 

The young girl, Ning Maner, hidden behind the wounded White Nightmare, was silently shocked. 

Reason dictated that the word “emperor rank creatures” should have been powerful in themselves in Wanxiang Realm. Middle class, high class and peak emperors were even moreso at the top of the food chain in Wanxian Realm. Thus, nobody expected that there would appear a group of powerful humans among which high class emperors weren’t even considered much. This couldn’t help but cause the young girl to reevaluate her understanding of Wanxiang Realm.

In reality, this young girl was misunderstanding Wanxiang Realm. She didn’t know that the person pursuing her was the strongest woman in the human domain: Soul Alliance’s Heavenly Concubine, a woman above millions!

While the young girl was shocked, the White Nightmare was also astonished. With its understanding of humans, the strongest humans should only be at the peak emperor rank. Moreover, the number of peak emperors was very limited. Within billions of humans, the chances of encountering a peak emperor human was close to zero.

Thus, it was unexpected that not long after entering human society, it encountered a group of peak human experts.

Of course, shock was just shock. Its silver eyes changed a bit!

Thirst for blood, thirst for slaughter, and thirst for fights were the instincts of a devil. This blank devil had its own intelligence, and there was no way it didn’t know it was currently wandering in human territory. However, what did it matter? Being surrounded by humanity’s experts was what it really wanted. It was only then could it kill as much as it pleased and fight as much as it pleased. It was incomparable to slaughtering tens if not hundreds of thousands of those ants purely by raising its hand!

“Fang Wu, go and help Tie Xin.” coldly said the Heavenly Concubine.

The Heavenly Concubine’s gaze was cruel. Although the White Nightmare fighting Tie Xin hadn’t reached the paragon emperor rank, it wasn’t far. Even with three peak emperors, there would still be losses in order to defeat it. 

Due to underestimating the enemy and carelessness, two of the Heavenly Concubine’s soul pets had died. It had been so many years since this had happened. Thus, it caused anger to well up within her, who had looked down upon everyone for so long. 

The woman called Fang Wu stood up and glanced at the Heavenly Concubine. 

Fang Wu was the only person in the human domain without a title or any prestige. She was a female soul pet trainer from the same generation as the Heavenly Concubine. Ten years ago, Wanxiang Realm’s spirit emperor general assembly had placed her on par with the Heavenly Concubine. 

However, ten years later, because Fang Wu had been defeated by the Heavenly Concubine after challenging her and completely stowed away her ambition to defeat and replace the Heavenly Concubine. She had now become a faithful and arrogant concubine servant!

Fang Wu was the head of the seven concubine servants and the strongest amongst them. The number of people that could force her hand could be counted. Fang Wu understood that since the Heavenly Concubine wanted her to take action, she was definitely angry. 

“Your majesty, don’t worry. I will capture that White Nightmare alive.” coolly said Fang Wu.

While facing the Heavenly Concubine, Fang Wu’s eyes were extremely reverent and respectful. However, when she turned around and faced her enemy, her eyes were filled with arrogance and contempt! 

Among the female soul pet trainer ranking, she devotedly served the Heavenly Concubine and Empress Concubine, but after them she was the strongest female soul pet trainer in this world. She was also the only female among the Eight Desolations - Dancing Desolation! 

The seven concubine servants could be regarded as the strongest women in humanity’s domain. Even those with only middle class emperor ranks were among the strongest because they were still young. Probably in ten year’s time, they would stand in the highest domain and be revered by humanity! 

Ostensibly, all of humanity’s strongest and most promising female soul pet trainers had gathered here. It was no wonder that they always acted arrogantly. With such strength, they were capable of sweeping through the slightly weakened three great palaces! 

“You should take action too.” the silver devil raised its head and stared at the female soul pet trainer, Fang Wu, with a powerful aura, as it spoke to the White Nightmare emperor next to it, who was itching to fight. 

Fang Wu’s aura was stronger than Tie Xin’s. This meant that her strength was stronger than the three peak emperor Tie Xin.

If this king still had its memories, its heart would have been in turmoil. Due to inadvertently sheltering a young girl, he ended up attracting the ultra experts from Soul Alliance’s Thirty Two Scars, Sixteen Absolutes and Eight Desolations. Most shockingly, above these three female spirit emperors was an escorted woman riding on a Nine Colored Phoenix that was hard to see! 

“Jie jie~~~~~~” the White Nightmare emperor standing next to its king cracked a smile.

Under the king were a total of 10 White Nightmares. Two of them were peak emperors. The White Nightmare that swore to follow its king wasn’t the White Nightmare emperor currently fighting but rather the fellow letting out a terrifyingly demonic laugh! 

This fellow was the king’s strongest White Nightmare. In the past 100 years, this fellow that followed respectfully and sincerely, followed the silver devil had ruled a tenth rank tribe that was nearly the size of an empire!! 

A Nightmare Tribe!! This was a Nightmare Tribe hidden in the most southern part of a forbidden region which humans had yet to discover!! Its scope was second only to Nightmare Palace’s Nightmare Holy Region!!

This tenth rank Nightmare Tribe’s ruler, capable of stunning billions of humans, was now standing here next to the silver devil, and letting out a pleased and crafty laugh! 


The Nightmare ruler floated up demonically towards Soul Alliance’s Dancing Desolation whose eyes were filled with contempt!

Fang Wu was still focused on the White Nightmare fighting Tie Xin. The two peak emperors she was controlling had secondary attributes and they were hiding in the dark night, thinking they were crafty. They were waiting for an opportunity to give the White Nightmare a fatal strike! 

However, Fang Wu didn’t know that the mysterious and powerful Nightmare ruler that was from the depths of the forbidden region’s most southern parts was currently targeting her. According to its king’s instructions, it was to kill that woman!

At the spirit emperor rank, soul pet trainers were able to hide their aura. It was unlikely that they would be attacked by soul pets because they were often invisible to them. Although this Nightmare ruler didn’t know why its king wanted it to kill this woman, since it was its king’s orders, it would do as ordered! 

“Fang Wu, there is a White Nightmare approaching you!” suddenly, the Heavenly Concubine’s anxious voice rang out!

Fang Wu was stunned, and swept her soul remembrance over the area beside her. She abruptly discovered a pair of demonic eyes staring at her. It made her feel as if she was submerged in icy water!!

“This… this… this is a true paragon emperor!!” after the Heavenly Concubine’s warning, the other concubine servants discovered this Nightmare ruler. The shock in their hearts was hard to describe! 

A paragon emperor!! This was a soul pet that only experts at the Four Heroes rank possessed!!!

The concubine servants with less experience were about to stop thinking! Was this place really an area controlled by humans, or was it actually a wild forbidden region that human’s strongest experts didn’t even dare enter. Why would so many ultra strong creatures, strong beyond imagination, appear!! If these creatures were to attack human cities, how many kingdoms would disappear from a human map!!! 

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