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Chapter 742: Torrential Resentment, Immortal City’s Fight Erupts! 

Senior Elder Liu forbid the spirit emperors from leaking that Chu Mu was a half devil. 

However, he also knew that not all of the spirit emperors would listen. This news would ultimately reach the ears of Soul Alliance. 

In order to protect Chu Mu, Senior Elder Liu sent Holy Guard Captain Zhuo Nong and a group of Holy Guards to protect him.

The fight between the saint beasts and magnates had greatly suppressed the riot in Immortal City. Three days after Chu Mu left Immortal City, all of the spirit emperors and spirit monarch legions in Tianxia City began to station themselves at the Departed World Gates, waiting for it to open.

The moment it opened, the sealed creatures and guardian creatures would rush out like a tide. Senior Elder Liu made mental contact with the saint beasts in hope that they would be able to head to the Departed World Gates to help the human camp block the charging sealed and guardian creatures. 

When the Departed World Gates opened, the spirit emperor legion and spirit master legion immediately went to the outskirts of Immortal City through the Departed World Gates. Once they entered, the first thing that entered their eyes wasn’t the huge horde of rioting creatures, but the four saint beasts of Soul Palace!

Of the four saint beasts, the Thousand Wave Beast was the mightiest. Its head was a deep purple color, and it ostensibly resembled the legendary Qilin. When it fought, it was malevolent and demonic. But when it was silent, it exuded a righteous aura that was extremely mighty. Added on its enormous beast body that was nearly a hundred meters large, humans were exceptionally tiny in comparison. When its prideful head looked down, the humans with weak mental resistance couldn’t even stand properly!

The Immortal Ming Bird was noble, holy, and pure. This made many of the Immortal Ming Bird Soul Palace spirit emperors let out an exclamation in their hearts. As for those who had taints in their heart, when they stood next to the Immortal Ming Bird, they felt rather ashamed!

The Binding Wind Spirit was an imposing spirit. It flew high up in the air, gracefully and spirited like a wind that was difficult to catch.

Of course, everyone was clear that when the Binding Wind Spirit was docile, it resembled a warm breeze, but when it was angry, it was like a merciless storm!

The Xuan Zhen Beetle was heavily wounded, but its tenacious bug type life force had allowed it to survive under the dark corrosion of the Evernight Emperor. When Senior Elder Liu entered the Departed World Gates, he immediately brought the Xuan Zhen Beetle back to Soul Palace to heal it. He hoped that it, having contributed greatly, would be able to recover.

However, the chaos in Immortal City far surpassed the expectations of the spirit emperors! 

The existence of the three saint beasts were indeed able to have some intimidation effect, but the number of sealed and guardian creatures were too many. Moreover, when they felt the Departed World Gates open, these creatures wouldn’t give up the chance to escape!

As expected, not long after the gates opened, Immortal City finally boiled over!

Even with the saint beasts’ pressure, the originally calm Immortal City was suddenly filled with space-shattering roars!

The roars were formed by boundless anger that filled the heaven and earth. They swept from one end of Immortal City all the way to the Departed World Gates!!

The three saint beasts simultaneously released their auras, forming a holy light shield that stopped the torrential resentment. 

However, this was still incomparable to the aura of all the sealed and guardian creatures in Immortal City combined. The resentment aura heavily smacked into the human camp, causing them to go pale!

“The resentment aura is so heavy. It seems that the reason the plotters were able to make Immortal City riot was not only because they spent over ten years plotting…” Senior Elder Liu let out a sigh. His two profound eyes stared at the ancient city covered with resentment aura!

“Senior Elder, what’s the reason for this? Could these sealed and guardian creatures not even be putting the ancient saint beasts in their eyes?” asked Elder Ting.

Originally everyone believed that after the fight in which Chu Mu lead the three saint beasts, the creatures in Immortal City would calm down. Moreover, the Thousand Wave Beast had appeared too. Suppressing the riot in Immortal City should only have been a matter of time. They never expected that after they opened the gates, the originally obedient creatures instantly revolted with torrential auras. They even ignored the three saint beasts’ mighty and angry roars! 

“Immortal City has sealed too many creatures and has surpassed the city’s limitations. The records have written that every once in a while, Immortal City must be swept through, so as to prevent the resentment aura from suppressing the sealed energy in Immortal City. Those plotters took advantage of the fact that Immortal City cannot handle the current load and unsealed several seals. Added on the fact they started destroying the seals over ten years ago, they were able to ultimately create this riot. The saint beasts are able to suppress the riot, but only to a certain extent. It’s mainly up to us to slowly suppress the riot… however, how did the plotters know about things even our Soul Palace didn’t know about?!” said Senior Elder Liu.

Whether Immortal City was able to handle the current load was something even Soul Palace didn’t know. Moreover, the record was from several hundred years ago. Who would have imagined that it there would be a day when the enormous sealed city would be overloaded! 

“This fight is inevitable!” sighed Elder Hai Qiu!

“Right now, we have the advantage. It’s much better than the previous situation. We should be rejoicing over this.” said Elder Xie Tao.

The humans really did have the advantage and could suppress the riot in Immortal City. If the magnates were able to break through the Departed World Gates and broken space, the human camp experts would not have been able to stop these sealed creatures from stepping into Tianxia City! 

There were about 4000 in the spirit master human camp. This was the first time for most of them, who had been gathered from various kingdoms, to have entered the Immortal City. When they entered and looked onwards, they saw the ancient and dilapidated city filled with torrential resentment aura. They also saw numerous extremely rare and dangerous creatures, making their hearts anxious!

For spirit masters, in order to encounter high class monarchs, peak monarchs and paragon monarchs, most of the time one would have to enter deep into a bewildering world. Moreover, they also required a team in order to deal with them. However, in Immortal City, these creatures were merely the thugs of even more powerful creatures!!

Moreover, emperor rank creatures, which were like a death god in the eyes of spirit masters, were not rare beings in Immortal City! The creatures that were roaring from the roofs of buildings, running below the broken city wall and coldly occupying the spacious main streets were all emperor rank! 

Emperor rank creatures could not be described as omnipresent. However, right now, with a single glance one would be able to see tens of them!!

This shocking scene made the spirit masters feel as if they had stepped into hell!!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!”

“Ao wu!!!!!!!!!!”

“Huo!!!!! Huo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A wall of dust was formed from the palpitating roars, and it rushed towards the spirit masters!

Finally, the true battle erupted!!

Currently, the humans discovered that Immortal City was moving...

Countless Immortal City creatures were running towards them making it seem as if the ancient and large city was charging at them!

In this moment, speed and dodging weren’t of much use. Moreover, powerful strength had become grains of sand under a huge wave!

The disaster scale of this fight would probably far surpass the Western Front’s Hibernating Desolation War! 


Under the ancient sky, the flowers were still blossoming brightly and people continued to bustle about. Occasionally, an incorporeal spatial vibration would occur in this city, causing the city, a few thousand years old, to vibrate. 

“What’s up with today? It’s like there’s been a series of continuous small earthquakes.” 

“Ya! I arranged the soul cores on my shelf but one of these vibrations messed everything up, ruining my morning of work!”  


“Do you feel that the Beast Fighting Arena is shaking?” 

“Could it be that Seven Rock Giant Beast using some earthquake technique?” 

“But a mere ninth phase commander can’t have that much skill, right?” 


“Something big has happened recently in Tianxia City.” 

“Don’t talk nonsense. That’s no good.” 

“I heard from the Chen Family that their eighth remembrance spirit master family lord was enlisted by the three big factions. That family master secretly returned to his family once and told his family to leave Tianxia City. Isn’t this something big happening?” 

“Now that you mention it, I also heard a few people say that it’s now rare to see spirit master seniors in a number of areas now.” 


Tianxia City’s streets and alleys were filled with these rumors. Society enjoyed gossiping and exaggerating. 

However, there was no way that they expected that no matter how much they exaggerated their beliefs this time, they still wouldn’t reach the level of the truth. The reality this time and its effects were probably tens of thousands of times more terrifying than people imagined! 

It wasn’t that Tianxia City’s higher-ups didn’t know that they should have moved these people with limited fighting strength to other places. 

However, if Tianxia City was no longer safe, there would be nowhere else to go in Tianxia Realm. By not moving them, they hoped that after the disaster broke out, the entire city would be able to work together and defend against the riot. 

In truth, these people that were going about their lives as they usually did should have been extremely grateful, because if it wasn’t for Chu Mu transforming into a half devil to kill the four magnates, today it probably would have been the magnates leading the countless Immortal City creatures out of the city and in front of these normal people. 


But the person that already suppressed the riot to its lowest point was lying on a rectangular coffin-like ice bed… 

He was naked and covered in frost, as if he was a corpse that had been frozen solid for countless years.

Beside the ice coffin was flower type spirit emperor Xiang Yiyun. A trace of red was visible on her white face, as she used soul remembrance to guide the ice type spirit items into his soul.

Liu Binglan had already expended all of her soul power, but Chu Mu constantly needed someone to help him lower his soul’s temperature. Therefore, this task was given to Xian Yiyun to substitute. 

When half of her soul power had been consumed, she was clearly able to feel the frost on Chu Mu’s body tremble. This was signs of him awakening! 

Xian Yiyun let out a smile, and hastily summoned a servant girl to inform the recuperating Liu Binglan. 

But when she turned around, Xian Yiyun saw that Chu Mu had opened his eyes. She astonishingly discovered a silver demonic light flickering in Chu Mu’s eyes. It created a brilliant resplendence that was capable of captivating one’s soul. Then, it disappeared and his eyes returned to their original black color!  

Xiang Yiyun was stunned for a moment. When she discovered that Chu Mu’s eyes, full of a demonic nature were staring at her, her heart began to violently beat, and a hint of flusteredness appeared on her face!

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