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Chapter 734: Half Devil, Night Emperor? Who is the Ruler?! (2)

Spatial Nightmare walked on the edge of the world! 

Regardless if it was a creature from the ghost, dark. or demon attribute, there was nothing more evil and demonic than the other attribute Nightmare species!

As for half nightmares, they were near god-variations. They were capable of controlling the strangest and most mysterious technique. They also possessed the most destructive strength!

Due to their utmost power, the price they had to pay was immense. Their life, their soul, and their memories. All of these would be wiped!

However, to a person that longed for strength, even if they had to sell themselves to the Nightmare, they wouldn’t hesitate to transform into a half devil!

Right now, this ultimate strength was filling Chu Mu’s entire body. He had an evil and cold smile, as he silently stood above the spring, waiting for the ruler of darkness’ attack to descend!

The shroud of darkness enveloped anything. No one knew what strange occurrences would happen inside the shroud.

However, just as the Evernight Emperor’s dark type technique mysteriously descended, evil flames began to burn on Chu Mu’s body, and as he was shrouded by the darkness, his body was burned into ashes!

In the next instant, a ball of demonic devil flames abruptly appeared atop the shroud. Chu Mu’s devil figure appeared in the pale white, evil, flames. After using Displacement Specter, he appeared above the Evernight Emperor, his two peculiar pupil staring at the Evernight Emperor who had missed its attack! 

“Evil Behead!” 

Chu Mu’s hand had transformed into a claw that slashed down!! 

Suddenly, a vertical spatial tear appeared, burning with demonic devil flames!

This Evil behead was even more powerful than the Immortal Ming Bird’s Wing Slash in terms of both speed or might! 


The strike descended, causing a ten kilometer spatial tear to appear in the shroud of darkness. The silver color devil flames instantaneously ignited along the tear, causing terrifying a terrifying other type aura to surface!! 

This regular attacking technique was rather astonishing to peak emperors. The three saint beasts and three magnates all glanced over in this direction!

The saint pets knew that there was a Nightmare that lived in Chu Mu’s heart that would bestow upon him unlimited strength.

However, the three magnates were shocked by the transformation into a half devil! 

Also being peak emperors, they were very clear of how terrifying the Evernight Emperor was. It was hard to find creatures that could even effectively attack it, let alone creatures that were its math. How did a human suddenly utilize such terrifying energy to be able to rip apart the Evernight Emperor’s dark shroud! 

The half devil Chu Mu’s Evil Behead also fell onto the spring! 

However, the spirit emperors around the holy spring were enveloped by an atmosphere and were all silent!! 

It wasn’t only because the Evil Behead just now had broken through the spatial restriction and had left a fissure on the holy spring, but also because they never expected that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen, the person who obtained first place in the Battle of the Realm, was a world-shocking half devil!! 

There was only shock! 

Li City’s half devil and Tianxia’s half devil! 

Those who had access to internal information knew that these two half devils could be the same person. Elder Xie Tao and Senior Elder Liu had been able to determine from Tian Ting’s situation that Tianxia’s half devil was the first half devil in history to possess its own independent consciousness!! 

Until now, Elder Xie Tao and Senior Elder Liu had closely guarded this secret, because they understood that if a half devil, which was akin to a shooting star in that it would light up gorgeously for a brief moment before disappearing, possessed its own consciousness, this meant that a person controlled the most terrifying power in this world!!! 

Elder Xie Tao and Senior Elder Liu had raked through their memories, but couldn’t think of which hidden expert this half devil was an incarnation was. In these two years, they didn’t forget the appearance of the Tianxia half devil. 

However, these two old spirit emperors never expected that Tianxia’s half devil was Chu Mu. A young man that they would never have associated with the half devil!! 

Seeing the young man’s demonic and powerful figure reflect in the reflection spring, the two older men experienced unprecedented shock!! 

Senior Elder Liu tried his hardest to take in deep breaths, but he was unable to find a rhythm or calm down despite having experienced numerous things. 

He couldn’t believe it, and had to forcibly move his eyes away in order to stop looking at the half devil Chu Mu. 

Senior Elder Liu looked at Liu Binglan. There was no way she didn’t know about him being Tianxia’s half devil. 

Indeed, Senior Elder Liu discovered that Liu Binglan’s expression was much more complicated, than the shock of the surrounding spirit emperors. She knew that Chu Mu was a half devil! 

“This… this is real?” asked Senior Elder Liu. Even now, personally witnessing it, Senior Elder Liu still asked this needless question. It was possible to see how shocked he was! 

“Yes.” Liu Binglan nodded her head. Her eyes flickered as she said, “I’ve been looking for a suitable ice type spirit item these past few years in order to cool his soul’s temperature.” 

After obtaining Liu Binglan’s response, Senior Elder Liu was frozen in place, and shocked silent! 

It was no wonder that Tian Ting died. He had forced a young man who could transform into a half devil into a corner. Of course it would be him that would die! 

Senior Elder Liu’s brain was in chaos. The calamity the half devil brought was hard to imagine. The moment it appeared, there would be destruction. 

However, the half devil Chu Mu was fighting right now against the Evernight Emperor in order to save Tianxia City. This fight concerned the survival of the city. If there was no half devil, who would be able to stop the ruler of darkness?! 

“He can control himself? Complete control?” Senior Elder Liu understood that Tianxia’s half devil could think, meaning that even if Chu Mu was a half devil, he could control this strength! 

Liu Binglan nodded her head: “He can transform himself into the half devil. After the transformation ends, he will split from the devoured White Nightmare soul. However, his soul’s temperature will rise because of this. Therefore, he perpetually needs ice type spirit items to treat his soul…” 

Senior Elder Liu went silent again. Liu Binglan was very afraid that Chu Mu’s devil transformation would lead to Tianxia’s suppression, and softly asked: “Father, as long as I can find an ice type spirit item, Mu Er will be able to control this strength…”

Senior Elder Liu naturally understood the meaning behind her words, and his face was filled with completely new emotions! 

Senior Elder Liu’s voice trembled as he said: “He’s fighting for humanity right now. As long as he can save Tianxia City, even if I need to shake hands and reach an agreement with Old Devil Lang Han, I will definitely unite out Soul Palace with Nightmare Palace to protect this half devil brat!!” 

Hearing Senior Elder Liu’s words, the worry in Liu Binglan’s heart disappeared, and a gratified smile appeared on her beautiful yet haggard face. 

Liu Binglan was most afraid of Soul Palace’s and Nightmare Palace’s higher-ups attitudes towards Chu Mu’s ability to transform into a half devil. But as long as these two large factions were willing to unite and protect Chu Mu, even Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master would be very afraid! 

Moreover, Soul Pet Palace, that had always remained neutral, would not just sit on the sidelines this time. After all, the half devil Chu Mu was currently fighting to protect their foundations! 

The earliest roots of the three great factions, Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, and Soul Palace, originated in Tianxia City. Even if the three great factions were even more prosperous in Wanxian City, Tianxia City was their roots. The moment it was destroyed, it would be difficult for them to recover their vitality even in a several hundred years. 

“Senior Elder Liu, I, Xie Tao, dares to say that when Senior Elder Han learns about this, he will definitely extend a hand to you first!” at this moment, Elder Xie Tao was ecstatic! 

Half devil!! Nightmare Palace’s near god-incarnation strength! 

Although they had brought countless instances of calamity and destruction, to Nightmare Palace members that beseeched the devil path, they represented the hope of countless experts. As long as one could transform into a half devil, they would be willing to pay the accompanying pain and cost! 

And right now, a person that could autonomously transform into a half devil had appeared!! 

To Nightmare Palace, this was practically the arrival of a god. The Nightmare Emperor, Senior Elders and Elders wouldn’t hesitate to worship it!!

In this world, it was the authoritative Soul Alliance that called the shots because neither Soul Palace or Nightmare Palace had a person that could truly rival the Alliance Master. However, this person had appeared right now!

The countless years of grievances between Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace could be resolved because of him. Yet, this wasn’t even enough to signify the importance of Chu Mu’s ability to transform into a half devil!! 


In the reflection spring, the devilish figure always wore an evil smile that one could not see through. After transforming into a half devil, Chu Mu’s aura had become unbridled. Even if he was facing Immortal City’s strongest creature, the ruler of darkness, he was still displaying powerful fighting abilities that made spirit emperors exclaim in admiration! 

The half devil also possessed the darkness attribute so the Evernight Emperor’s domain did not weaken the half devil Chu Mu’s strength at all. Instead, it caused its movements to become even more erratic and mysterious! 

“An an an~~~~~~”

The Evernight Emperor let out a noise, using its terrifying darkness voice to transmit into the half devil Chu Mu’s brain. 

After clashing a few times, the Evernight Emperor finally realized that the Nightmare in front of it definitely had the ability to rival it. The previous few probing techniques were clearly trying to deceive both the others and himself.

The Evernight Emperor didn’t want to engage in a life-and-death struggle with Chu Mu right now, because even if it was slightly stronger, in order to kill the powerful opponent in front of it, it would cost heavy injuries. 

The Evernight Emperor was inviting the half devil Chu Mu, which was also evil and demonic, to join their magnate camp! 

Being able to make the Evernight Emperor relinquish its arrogance to send an invitation… if this was a hundred years ago, this would have been a matter that shocked the heavens. 

However, to the Evernight Emperor’s invitation, the half devil Chu Mu merely let out a cold laugh! 

Just because it felt that its opponent was a bit too strong, they would be able to talk through this? 

Using the words in Chu Mu’s heart: “This devil’s time is limited. Let’s find out who’s the victor between us first before we figure out who is the true ruler!!!!” 

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