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Chapter 73: ​ Cyan Bug Pupates

Icicles sprayed down, causing the forest to be riddled with holes. The trees and brushes were disfigured beyond recognition and the ground was covered in ice shards.

Mo Xie passed through the forest and inevitably got scraped by some icicles. Mo Xie had a Fire Type now, and ice counters fire. Ice attacks could also cause freeze damage to her defensive fur. Also, the Ice Falcons had the ability to fly. If not for the dense forest, Mo Xie would be hard pressed to fight the falcons.

“Sha sha sha~”

The little Cyan Bug made another sound. Just when Mo Xie was cut off by a Second Phase Ice Falcon between two trees, the little cyan bug spit out a white line of silk.

White silk began to fly across, but while it was still mid air, the little guy spewed another few equally long lines.

Every line of silk was nearly ten meters in length, and were spat out at different angles, but both ends of every silk unerringly and accurately stuck onto the trunks of the two trees.

With a few short spits, the silk criss-crossed and actually magically created a white silk net between the two trees!

The agile Mo Xie just passed through under the silk web, but the falcons chasing Mo Xie crashed into the huge “spider” web without any defenses!

After the white silk net was hit, the silk connected to the two ends fell off. The Ice Falcons kept their momentum for a distance, and the white web conveniently wrapped around them!

Chu Mu stared blankly. He didn’t even know the little guy had this sort of ability!

Chu Mu’s little bug was pitifully small, yet such a small thing could spit out a silk web with a radius of ten meters, straightforwardly hitting down a Second Phase Ice Falcon. This was completely out of Chu Mu’s expectations.


Chu Mu didn’t even have the time to praise the little guy before another two Ice Falcons appeared in the air. Those two falcons were like two ice cold daggers held above Chu Mu’s head, causing Chu Mu to feel a wave of apprehension!


The little Cyan Bug was very weird today, always maintaining an air of “Don’t mess with me”. Facing the appearance of the two Ice Falcons, the little guy unexpectedly leapt straight off of Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Chu Mu didn’t wish for the little Cyan Bug to become the food of the Ice Falcon, and grabbed at the bug as fast as possible.

But this little guy’s ability to jump was insane. The little cyan body flew straight into the air. Quickly following it, white nets of silk exploded outwards, spreading everywhere in the air and formed white silk lumps as if balls of clouds indescribably condensed nearby!

“Yi!! Yi!!”

The two Ice Falcons instantaneously showed an expression of panic, doing everything they could to flap their wings. Seeing the clouds of silk that the little Cyan Bug spewed out was like seeing their scariest enemies.


The little guy’s anger was torrential. Seeing the two Ice Falcons fly away, it strangely controlled four silky threads from the clouds of silk to precisely tangle the Ice Falcons’ claws.

After the two falcons’ claws were caught, they still kept flapping their wings, forcibly dragging the clouds of silk into the air along with the little bug itself.

“Little guy, quickly come back…...” Seeing the little bug being pulled towards the Ice Falcon cast, Chu Mu’s expression changed.

The little Cyan Bug’s anger was crazy today. Different from its usual timid nature, it was incomparably brash. It actually just laid down on the clouds of silk and used its round eyes to glare at the cast of Ice Falcons aggressively.

Neither Chu Mu nor Mo Xie had the ability to fly, so they could only watch from below as the strange little bug was dragged towards the falcons.

“Wuwuwu” Little Mo Xie let out a sorrowful cry, telling Chu Mu to save the little guy.

But Chu Mu had no way to save the bug currently. The little guy was unusually reckless today!


The feeble sound echoed in the skies. Watching the little bug who was slowly nearing the falcons, the expression in Chu Mu’s eyes changed. This little guy had spent four months with him and they had feelings for each other already. How could he simply watch as it was consumed?

Just as Chu Mu was about to spend his soul power to cast the soul technique Chong Mei, the cloud of silk suddenly expanded in mid air!

Lines of white silk spat out like crazy, as if countless tentacles were extending out of the silk cloud!

The silk cloud the little Cyan Bug cast unceasingly spewed out silk. These silk threads criss-crossed in the air, becoming unimaginably dense, and almost occupying all the air above- where the Ice Falcons were. Many Ice Falcons were instantly caught by the silk!

“Yi!! Yi!!”

“Yi!! Yi!!

The Ice Falcons’ panicked cries echoed through the skies as even more threads flew all over the place. In a short period of time, the vast majority of the Ice Falcons were trapped!

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