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Chapter 721: Do you know whose fox demon is stronger now?

“Who’s the person beside you?” After confirming they were allies, Lady Yan told her three soul pets to step down.

“He’s Chu Chen, a patrol officer here like me.” Lady Shan said.

“Chu Chen, the first place battle of the realm young man?” Lady Yan acted surprised.

“Indeed.” Lady Shan nodded.

Chu Mu lightly glanced at Lady Shan, using his expression to tell the woman to shut up.

Lady Shan felt the action inexplicable, but since Chu Mu was so stern, she didn’t dare say more and shut her mouth.

“Show me your heavenly dew.” Chu Mu didn’t exactly believe this Lady Yan was one of the seven brave warriors, and was regretting that he didn’t ask Han Jinling the identities of the other six. Or else, he wouldn’t be unable to tell between Liu Binglan’s warriors and defector young woman’s subordinates.

Lady Yan looked blankly and forced a smile, “You don’t trust me?”

“Chu Chen, Lady Yan is an alliance leader level figure in Hunter’s Alliance. She can’t be part of the conspirators…..” Lady Shan felt that Chu Mu was being too cautious.

Chu Mu glanced coldly at Lady Shan again. She had already given up all his information in the few sentences she said, clearly putting him at a disadvantage.

Seeing Chu Mu’s icy glare, Lady Shan quickly shut up again.

“Take it!” Lady Yan took out the heavenly dew from the spatial ring and threw it to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu took the heavenly dew and looked it over in detail. After making sure its the real heavenly dew he nodded and said, “En, what enemy did you encounter?”

“Shouldn’t you give it back to me first?” Lady Yan saw that Chu Mu believed it and intentionally said angrily, seeming  to beangry at Chu Mu’s suspicion.

Lady Yan in reality still had lingering fears. She wouldn’t have thought that Chu Chen was this young but still this cautious and experienced. What scared her, even more, was that Chu Chen actually knew about the heavenly dew, meaning he had some contact with another brave warrior!

Good thing he didn’t seem to know who the other brave warriors were, or else this plan would have fallen through and may even cause her to get killed as well. Then she truly would have dug herself a hole!

“It’s Duan Yi. I met Duan Yi of Qing Kingdom. I truly didn’t expect him to give up all his honor for this and do such a vile thing!” Lady Yan said angrily.

“Duan Yi? Qing Kingdom master Duan Yi? He…...his reputation has always been good and his popularity has been great too. How could he be a conspirator that wants to destroy Tianxia City? That’s…...that’s impossible!” Lady Shan said surprisingly.

“In the past, I always thought he was a man of honor as well, but many spirit emperor gatherings, he many times had some questionable conduct towards me. That time, I already had my guard up against him. Yet, I only thought he was a little unscrupulous. I didn’t expect him to do something like this!” Lady Yan said.

“Too terrifying. A kingdom master rebelling!” Lady Shan’s heart was in shambles.

“Where is he right now?” Chu Mu asked.

“At the suppressing demon monument. After he hurt me, he will probably chase after me here.” Lady Yan said.

Leng Lian was sure that Duan Yi would come because she stole his spatial ring and took away the heavenly dew. Now that Chu Chen and Lady Shan believed her, and with heavenly dew as proof, they would only believe her and not Duan Yi.

Of course, Leng Lian didn’t plan on staying here for too long. After all, if she faced Duan Yi face to face, her lies won’t be able to hold their own. She had to take Chu Mu down quickly and immediately leave.

“Chu Chen, do you have emperor rank healing medicine? My soul pets are hurt.” Leng Lian asked.

“I have some.” Chu Mu opened his spatial ring and took out the recovery and healing medicine.

“Then…...then please help my soul pets heal. I have two souls wounded and my mind was attacked as well, so I need to sit and rest for a bit before moving.” Leng Lian said gently.

“Let me do this.” Lady Shan said.

As she spoke, she went to take the medicine from Chu mu.

Leng Lian immediately furrowed her brows. Her goal was to make Chu Mu go near her soul pet and suddenly attack him to take him down. This Lady Shan being so proactive was truly annoying!

“Let me do it, you can go take a look at Lady Yan’s wounds.” Chu Mu said lightly.

As he spoke, Chu Mu brought the medicine towards nine tail demon fox.

Mo Xie’s original species was royal flame nine tail inferno fox, a fire type subspecies of the nine tail demon fox species, an emperor amongst demon foxes.

This demon fox clearly was purely demon with no subtype.

Of course, demon types’ attacks couldn’t be belittled. Their instant damage was higher than even beast type soul pets sometimes, so they were often perfect for assassinations.

Chu Mu examined the nine tail demon fox and didn’t say much before walking in front of it to examine its wounds.

This nine tail demon fox was similar to mo Xie’s original appearance, but it was more charming and less apathetic. Of course, this nine tail demon fox was already low class emperor rank. If Mo Xie weren’t mutated to inferno monarch, she wouldn’t be a match for this nine tail demon fox.

“You seem to be interested in my nine tail demon fox?” Leng Lian saw that Chu Mu was carefully examining it and said. She was intentionally trying to divert Chu Mu’s attention.

“En, I have a nine tail demon fox too.” Chu Mu nodded. As he spoke, he came around to behind nine tail demon fox and slowly applied the medicine on the nine tail demon fox’s side.

Nine tail demon fox waved its tails and very calmly accepted Chu Mu’s healing. However, if Chu Mu stood in front of it, he would definitely notice that the demon fox’s expression was very strange!

“Ah, then who knows if your nine tail demon fox is stronger or if mine is?” Leng Lian laughed lightly.

Lady Shan had seen Chu Mu’s seven sin fox corrupt inferno monarch. No matter its species rank or its imposing monarch aura, it was much stronger than this charming nine tail demon fox in front of her.

Immediately, Lady Shan was going to show off to Chu Mu. Her gaze fell on little Mo Xie and was just about to praise Chu Mu’s inferno monarch…...

Suddenly, Lady shan felt a powerful mental pressure flow into her mind, causing her to be unable to speak and collapse…...

A string of enchanting laughter sounded as Lady Shan stared wide-eyed at Lady Yan, “Lady…...Yan….you……”

Lady Shan could no longer speak, falling over onto Lady Yan. Her chuckles quickly became cold as she flipped around to grab Lady Shan’s neck and stared daggers into Chu Mu.

Almost the moment Lady Shan was mentally assaulted, the nine tail demon fox getting healed suddenly moved!!

“Wuwuwu!!!!!!!!” Nine tail demon fox suddenly stood up and released all its demon aura!

Its nine tails became powerful chains that flew towards Chu Mu that was just helping it heal!!

Soul pet trainers had to keep their distance with the opponent’s soul pets to stay safe. If they couldn't do that, once they were attacked or restricted, victory was instantly decided.

At this moment, Chu Mu was standing right by the nine tail demon fox. At this distance, if the soul pet trainer had no preparation, there was no way he could dodge it!

“Kid, you’re careful, but you’re not careful enough!!” Leng Lian saw Chu Mu fall into the trap and started laughing!

The nine tails covered a huge region and blocked off almost all of Chu Mu’s escape paths. Yet, Chu Mu’s dragon type was still watched by Leng Lian’s Dark Devil Buddhist.

The dark devil buddhist is a ghost and demon type mix. One of Princess Jin Rou’s main soul pets was a Dark Devil Buddhist, so Chu Mu had seen it before.

At this moment, the dark devil buddhist suddenly attacked little hidden dragon as well, clearly wanting to instantly deal with Chu Mu and all his soul pets!

The chains flew and quickly locked together. As the tails flew over, Chu Mu simply stood calmly and let the tails surround him.

Suddenly, Chu Mu smiled, his handsome face starting to burn with an evil devil flame. His eyes instantly became a strange new color!!


Devil flames started burning on Chu Mu. Almost the instant the nine tails locked together, Chu Mu’s body was disintegrated, and the nine tails only caught a quickly dimming flame.

Two hundred meters away, a bright sprout of devil flames appeared. Within the devil flames, Chu Mu’s body slowly appeared and stared at Leng Lian coldly!

Leng Lian stared shocked. She didn’t expect Chu Mu to dodge the trap she had set up.


Suddenly, a fox call ripped through the sky. Also a fox species call, this call was much more dominating than the nine tail demon fox’s!

Nine fox monarch tails marked with sin imprints appeared!!

They became even more powerful tail chains that quickly wrapped around the nine tail demon fox. Just after the nine tail demon fox stood up, it was tied back down and unable to move!

The dark red sin imprints flowed along the fox monarch tails and quickly went into nine tail demon fox’s body, frenzily destroying everything in it. The nine tail demon fox quickly started spewing blood from both its maw and its wounds!


Little hidden dragon roared, releasing its three types instantly. Before the dark devil Buddhist could even cast a technique, the little hidden dragon floated even ghostlier in front of the dark devil buddhist!

Dragon claw slapped down and sent the dark devil buddhist outwards, destroying countless palace walls!

She lost swiftly again. Just a few hours apart, Leng Lian faced the second unbelievable blow to herself. The smile of plotting successfully froze on her pale face as she looked at her nine tail demon fox restricted!

Before, Leng Lian noticed the little pet like cute fox that laid beside her nine tail demon fox. Yet, How could Leng Lian know that this little almost ornamental soul pet would instantly transform into a being even more terrifying than her nine tail demon fox!!

It was a being with a higher species rank than nine tail demon fox - seven sin fox corrupted inferno monarch!!

“Now, you know who’s demon fox is stronger.” Chu Mu smiled and said to Leng Lian, whose face was still frozen.

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