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Chapter 719: Xing Hen, The Attack that Transcends Space

After Zhan Ye stepped into the pseudo emperor rank, it would have six times the normal amount of life force, and its recovery speed would be six times faster than normal. WIth Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart, it would allow Zhan Ye to fight a low class emperor. If it was allowed to slowly increase strength, Zhan Ye’s strength would probably be even more terrifying than the low class emperor Mo Xie and Little Hidden Dragon.

Once the Ghost King reached the pseudo emperor rank, Chu Mu would give it the second rank emperor rock type soul pearl, making its fighting strength terrifying. Although it wouldn’t be able to defeat a low class emperor, it would still be difficult for a low class emperor to kill it. Especially once the Ghost King used Monarch Ghost Transformation, even Mo Xie wouldn’t be able to leave significant damage unless she used her full strength.

Nonetheless, this was a second rank emperor rock type soul pearl worth 30k spirits. When it came to complete defense, the Ghost King wouldn’t be weak.

As for the Binding Wind Spirit and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, they were able to improvise in certain circumstances and couldn’t be underestimated.

Aside from Night and the Ice Air Fairy, the other soul pets could all participate!

Thus, it probably wouldn’t be a problem for him to get rid of the defector young woman’s henchmen. 

Her henchmen probably weren’t too strong because if they were, it would be difficult for them to traverse Immortal City.


Soul Palace.

“Your Majesty, take a rest first. If you go so long without rest, it will affect your body. In our Tianxia City, the only person who can truly fight those magnates is you. If something unexpected occurs and your mind isn’t rested…” Elder Ting said to Liu BInglan.

After Chu Mu summoned the Immortal Ming Bird saint pet, the spirit emperors all let out sighs of relief.

The Immortal Ming Bird Demon Suppressing Monument was closest to the entrance, so it would probably be another while before the other heroes reached their Demon Suppressing Monuments. Thus, the spirit emperors decided to rest in Soul Palace.

Mhm, have someone always stand guard here and if something happens, immediately let me know.” said Liu Binglan.

Elder Ting nodded his head, and called two servant girls over to take Liu Binglan to rest.

After Liu Binglan lay in her room, she quickly fell asleep. She was truly too tired. So many days had passed since she had last properly slept. Now that she was slightly more relieved, even though her mind was still in chaos, she still fell into a deep sleep the moment she closed her eyes.

There were several sleeping aromatics in her room. A slight fragrance wafted through the room, allowing one to ease their mind and enter a full sleep. Not only did these fragrances allow one to sleep deeply without dreams, it also increased the mind’s recovery by a lot. Even higher ranking fragrances could even allow one’s soul power to recover faster.

With the fragrance lingering around her, Liu Binglan should have been able to enter an even better sleep. However, she was bearing much too heavy of a burden. Added on the fact Chu Mu was still in Immortal City, the sleeping fragrance lost their effect. Gradually, she began to let out a cold sweat...

Liu Binglan’s breathing became more haggard. In her murkiness, she felt she had fallen into the reflection spring, and continued falling to the bottom of the spring before suddenly floating up.  

When she floated to the top of the spring, she discovered that she had appeared in Immortal City!

There was a dark and gloomy sky, a black rotten city, rotten aura omnipresent, and palpitating cries everywhere...

The wind and clouds changed as the horizon began to depress. An enormous pressure weighed down on Liu Binglan’s heart, making breathing very difficult.

In the dark sky and earth, this gloomy world was suffocating her!!

“You, how can you treat my child like this!” 

Suddenly, a palpitating voice pierced her ears, causing her body to turn ice cold!

“You, how can you treat my child like this!”

A second voice rang out. Liu Binglan’s face instantly turned pale. She abruptly felt a pair of hands firmly gripping her throat.

“Sister Lan…” 

“Sister Lan… wake up…”

The terrifying ghost noise lingered in her ears while a soft but anxious voice transmitted into her mind. This made it so Liu BInglan wasn’t able to tell where she was for a moment!

A nightmare!!

Liu BInglan had descended into a nightmare!!

The feeling of being unable to awaken despite knowing it was a dream made her very unsettled. In a nightmare like this, even powerful people were powerless to resist!

Perhaps more terrifying was that even if she struggled and forcibly awakened herself, she could be possibly be greeted by another dream that she had no idea she was in...

Xiang Yiyun stood next to Liu Binglan’s bed. She had hastily summoned her flower type soul pet to use a mental technique on Liu Binglan, undoing the tautness in Liu Binglan’s mind. 

With Xiang Yiyun’s help, gradually, Liu Binglan was able to recognize she was in a terrifying nightmare. She slowly calmed down and her breathing became normal.

“Sister Lan, are you okay?” with a smile, Xiang Yiyun saw that Liu Binglan finally opened her eyes, and she let out a sigh of relief.

Liu BInglan sat up and had a servant girl get her a towel.

“What’s the matter?” a while after Liu Binglan awoke, she finally asked a question.  

“Duan Yi has appeared at the Binding Wind Spirit Sacred Palace’s spring. He is currently fighting against Underground Palace’s Leng Lian.” said Xiang Yiyun.

“Ok.” Liu Binglan nodded her head. After freshening up a bit, she immediately went to Binding Wind Spring.

En route, Xiang Yiyun softly asked: “Sister Feng, with the effect of my fragrances, it is impossible for nightmares to occur. Are you shouldering some large mental burden?” 

“I was dreaming of the past. It’s no big deal.” Liu Binglan shook her head. After she had awakened, the dream had somewhat faded from her memory, and she wasn’t willing to talk about it either. 

Xiang Yiyun didn’t inquire further and said: “Oh, there’s a piece of good news. Senior Ying Jue is in Tianxia Realm, and is currently in Nightmare Palace.” 

“Ying Jue…” Liu Binglan was a bit absent-minded as she said: “This fellow’s nature can be shady. Go and tell Elder Xie Tao to watch over Ying Jue.” 

“Eh? Could Senior Ying Jue be the mastermind of this plot?” asked Xiang Yiyun, astonished.

Ying Jue was one of Soul Alliance’s Sixteen Absolutes and his position in Soul Alliance was equivalent to Liu Binglan’s. Moreover, within the various large factions, he was a supreme expert capable of rivaling senior elders. The appearance of an expert like this in Tianxia City which was desperately lacking supreme experts made the spirit emperors much more at ease. Thus, why did Liu Binglan want Nightmare Palace to be wary of this supreme expert? 

“Whether or not he is the mastermind of the plot, I won’t consider for now. But this person has a strange disposition. His sense of evil is strong while his sense of righteousness is weak. The crimes he has committed in secret are enough to lock him up Sealed Tower for several hundreds of years. When he has done things in the past, he has always required a price. His appearance in Tianxia City is definitely not to merely protect Tianxia City. There’s a higher chance he’s going to take advantage of the chaos.” coldly said Liu Binglan. 

“This… I originally thought he was a powerful handsome man. I never expected he was an ingrate.” Xiang Yiyun was a bit disappointed.

When danger came, the three large factions would definitely stand together despite the constant conflict between Nightmare Palace and Soul palace.

Of course, it was only during true crises that supreme experts would appear. These supreme experts naturally had the authority to give orders to Nightmare Palace elders and senior elders. Normally, as long as they didn’t harm Nightmare Palace, the elders and senior elders would comply.

Liu Binglan was a bit unsettled by Ying Jue’s appearance. After all, this fellow was a famous eccentric amongst the Sixteen Absolutes. He was an expert from Wanxiang City and had nothing to do with the survival of Tianxia City. He was definitely someone who would watch from the side and then criticize and judge others after the fact! 

Leaving aside Ying Jue for now, Liu Binglan went to Binding Wind Spring.

When Liu Binglan arrived, there were already 30 spirit emperors watching. From their expressions, the fight wasn’t going well.

“Underground Palace’s Leng Lian. Her demon type soul pet and poison vine type soul pet have killed countless people. She had already been placed onto our blacklist.” said Palace Lord Yu with a low tone. 

“But you didn’t get rid of this criminal earlier, instead allowing her to appear in Immortal City!” angrily said a Great Palace Lord from Soul Pet Palace who had previously ordered to arrest this female assassin. 

“Didn’t this woman used to have two poisoned scars on her face? Why does she not have them anymore? Unless a peak emperor rank healing soul pet heals them, the poison scars cannot be undone!” said Elder Xie Tao.

The number of peak emperor rank healing soul pets possessed by spirit emperors could be counted. There was no way these spirit emperors could have taken action to heal Leng Lian who was already wanted for arrest. Therefore, the disappearance of her scars made them surprised. Could it be that amongst the plotters there was a supreme expert with a peak emperor rank healing soul pet?

“Duan Yi seemed to have suffered an injury en route. He can’t deal with her right now.” everyone was anxious for Duan Yi right now.

Duan Yi’s strength was worthy of acknowledgment, but it ultimately was a bit too much for him to deal with an opponent who was already prepared. 

Liu Binglan stood next to the jade spring and coldly stared at the female killer Leng Lian’s every action.

Suddenly, Liu Binglan summoned her soul pet, Xing He! 

he gorgeous starlight soul pet appeared. It radiated starlight that illuminated the spring with a spotted magnificence. 

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Elder Ting didn’t understand what Liu Binglan summoned her soul pet for and softly asked her.

Liu Binglan didn’t respond. Instead, she had her mysterious soul pet, Xing He, hover above the spring. Her beautiful star-like eyes were fixated on Leng Lian’s Bloodsucking Dream Demon!

Bloodsucking Dream Demons. In the dream demon species, their restrictive abilities were outstanding. In a fight against a same level opponent, the powerful Bloodsucking Dream Demons were not able to incorporeally suck their opponent’s life force and blood, but were also able to terrifyingly restrict opponents from even using a single technique. 

Leng Lian’s Bloodsucking Dream Demon was even more tyrannical as it was restricting Duan Yi’s two strongest soul pets at the same time. Thus, Duan Yi was essentially crippled since his other soul pets were all being countered when it came to attributes. This made the fight abnormally difficult for him.

“Xing Hen!” suddenly, Liu Binglan coldly gave an order to attack!

The starlight soul pet beat its wings. From its two eyes shot out two beams of starlight that struck the shallow spring!

The surrounding spirit emperors looked at Liu Binglan’s actions with confusion. They were about to ask for clarification when they abruptly discovered that on the other side of the reflection spring, a cold starlight had shot out!!

This cold starlight had been perfectly planned and passed through the air, moving from the Sacred Palace’s reflection spring to Immortal City’s reflection spring. It shot towards the moving Bloodsucking Dream Demon!

Above both the reflection springs appeared a gorgeous spatial starry scar. It was astonishing!

“Pu!!!!!!” the starry scar accurately pierced the Bloodsucking Dream Demon’s abdomen, instantaneously puncturing a wound!! 

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