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Chapter 718: The Mission of Summoning the Xuan Zhen Beetle


The intense poison emperor blade lingered in the clouds, leaving a long scar in the rolling clouds.

The intense poison emperor blade didn’t strike the Immortal Ming Bird saint pet. However, its AOE energy managed to rip open its stomach, causing fresh blood to spill out!

Although the poison didn’t permeate, Chu Mu still hastily grabbed the high ranking emperor healing medicine Liu Binglan had prepared for himself. He adeptly applied it to its wound.

As long as the poison didn’t penetrate, this wound wouldn’t influence the saint pet too much. After dodging the seven poison emperor blades, the Immortal Ming Bird began its counterattack!

The expansive sky became the Immortal Ming Bird’s personal domain. Within a few breaths, the Immortal Ming Bird had flown above the Calamity Spider Emperor.

An immortal light flickered in its mouth. From above, the light transformed into a light screen that spilled down from its mouth, striking the Calamity Spider Emperor.

The Calamity Spider Emperor rapidly moved on the shattered earth, continuously dodging the immortal light.

However, no matter how fast or how strong its dodging abilities were, it could not truly dodge all of its attack. When the tenth light screen rained down, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s entire body seemed to be scorched by sunlight, and its skin began to fester!

“Si Si Si Si!!!!! Si Si Si Si Si Si!!!!!!!!!”

The Calamity Spider Emperor let out incessant angry cries. Before being sealed, this enormous creature was a tyrant on the battlefield. It would rarely encounter opponents that had the strength to fight it.

However, in front of the Immortal Ming Bird at the same rank, the Calamity Spider Emperor had lost multiple times. Besides suffering injuries, it also wasn’t able to do anything about the Immortal Ming Bird flying back and forth!

"Si si si si!!!!! Si si si si si si!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the Calamity Spider Emperor pried open the destroyed ground. Its hundred meter body rapidly descended as the surrounding soil and rock surged into the air, creating a hundred meter earth wave!

“This fellow wants to flee?” Chu Mu quickly realized. This Calamity Spider Emperor had the same mentality as him; if it couldn’t win, it would flee!

The immortal light from the Immortal Ming Bird’s mouth grew denser, and locked onto the Calamity Spider Emperor now underground!

The saint-like light seemed to break through dark clouds and strike the surface of the earth. Indeed, the earth’s surface nearly caught on fire due to the heat. The rocks on the earth had become a red color and it was unknown how deep the red extended underground!

Although the Immortal Ming Bird’s technique followed very quickly, it wasn’t able to do anything about the Calamity Spider Emperor’s shocking digging speed. In a short period of time, the Calamity Spider Emperor managed to hide somewhere and was untraceable.

It was like how the Calamity Spider Emperor couldn’t do anything about the Immortal Ming Bird flying in the air. When the Calamity Spider Emperor hid underground, the Immortal Ming Bird couldn’t do anything.

“It truly did flee…” Chu Mu looked with astonishment at the ground. It had sacrificed a few legs, but still escaped. If he were to encounter it in the future, it would bring him much trouble.

“Young master, peak emperor rank soul pets aren’t mice. Even if the Immortal Ming Bird is a hawk, the chances of killing it are virtually zero. If a creature is able to reach the peak emperor rank, I can say with assurance that even if they have weaker fighting strength, their ability to sense danger and to flee are top notch!” said Old Li.

Such supreme creatures were very intelligent. The reason why they were able to survive and stand at the apex was not only because they had unparalleled fighting strength, but also because of their powerful survival instinct. They wouldn’t continue with meaningless fights and if they couldn’t wind, they would decisively retreat. Especially something like the Calamity Spider Emperor, which had to crawl up from a lower level in order to reach the top. Perhaps their fighting strength was the weakest among peak emperors, but they were definitely those that survived the longest!


The Immortal Ming Bird continued to patrol the skies for a while. But after confirming the Calamity Spider Emperor had fled far away, it slowly descended to the ground.

With the Immortal Ming Bird present, the Calamity Spider Emperor probably wouldn’t dare show itself. The Immortal Ming Bird would also be able to detect if it was nearby.

“There’s a chance it could be summoning a rescue force. The high ranking creatures that undid their seals in Immortal City shouldn’t just be limited to the Calamity Spider Emperor. If it summons a rescue force, it will probably be hard for you to deal with it.” Chu Mu said to the Immortal Ming Bird.

“Ming~~~~~~” the Immortal Ming Bird nodded its head. It stared at the Demon Suppressing Monument, and used its claws to point at the surface of the earth.

“You mean that in order to kill the Calamity Spider Emperor, we need to have a saint pet that can fight underground?” Chu Mu was able to discern its meaning from its mental voice.

“Young master, the Xuan Zhen Beetle is an expert at ground fights. Moreover, it is impermeable to a hundred poisons. It will be much easier for it to deal with the Calamity Spider Emperor. Moreover, it will be difficult for the Calamity Spider Emperor to escape the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s pursuit.” said Old Li.

The Immortal Ming Bird nodded its head. It moved its head closer, and used its mouth to softly brush against Chu Mu’s chest...

“I should go and summon the Xuan Zhen Beetle Saint Beast?” asked Chu Mu.

The Immortal Ming Bird let out a soft bird cry. It raised its head and looked at the sky.

“Young master, the Immortal Ming Bird wants you to continue summoning the other saint beasts. It needs to go into the skies and contain the seals of a few restless high ranking creatures. Otherwise, if those high ranking creatures grow in number, even if all seven ancient saint beasts are summoned, they may not be all of their opponents.” Old Li promptly jumped out and translated.

“Isn’t it better for it to go with us to the other Demon Suppressing Monuments and release the rest of the Seven Diagram Saint Beasts?” said Chu Mu.

“Young master, since the Calamity Spider Emperor has fled, it will definitely summon rescue forces to deal with the Immortal Ming Bird, which is on its own. It will do so to prevent it from summoning the other saint beasts. But they probably don’t know where the other Demon Suppressing Monuments are. The Immortal Ming Beast staying by your side is equivalent to attracting the other big shots to you. You won’t be able to summon the other saint beasts like this. The Immortal Ming Beast is going to draw them away from you by attracting their interest.” explained Old Li.

Seeing this old thing express its meaning for it, the Immortal Ming Bird moved its head and knocked it against Old Li’s head.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. He had managed to summon the Immortal Ming Bird with great difficulty. He originally thought he would be able to ride on it to the other Demon Suppressing Monuments and easily summon the other ancient saint pets this way.

However, Chu Mu had forgotten, crucially, that peak emperor rank magnates were extremely intelligent. They would not just sit and watch the Immortal Ming Bird summon its companions.

“There are still another 6 saint pets. Summoning 1 was hard enough…” Young Lady Shan had awoken at some point and softly chimed in.

“There are the other six heroes. There’s no way they cannot even summon one. Moreover, they were chosen from so many spirit emperors so their composite strength must be very strong. Young master can be considered as an assistant. You just need to help them in secret.” said Old Li.

“You… you… what are you!” Young Lady Shan abruptly discovered the half pet half human Old Li and was extremely shocked.

Chu Mu ignored this woman who was always startled over the smallest things. He stretched out his hand and rubbed the Immortal Ming Bird’s head as he said: “Then you be careful. Don’t get caught by those magnates.” 

“Ming~~~~~” the Immortal Ming Bird nodded its head. It used its mental voice to tell Chu Mu that if he encountered an enemy that he couldn’t defeat, it would come as fast as possible.

“Then you need to arrive fast. After all, I can only summon one soul pet right now.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu could only rely on the Little Hidden Dragon right now, but its fighting strength was limited. If he encountered a strong opponent, Chu Mu probably wouldn’t have another option.

“Ming~~~~~~~” at this moment, the Immortal Ming Bird raised its head and an immortal light gradually surfaced on its body. This immortal light slowly covered Chu Mu, Young Lady Shan and Old Li.

Chu Mu confusedly bathed in this special light, not knowing what it did.

Young Lady Shan looked with curiosity while also being excited as if she was being bestowed some strength.

Old Li’s two hands were behind his back and he looked very calm. He waited for the immortal light to fade before explaining: “This eradicated the Calamity Spider Emperor’s scent lock on us. It also gave us rotten aura. With this effect, young master can summon other soul pets to fight. You don’t need to be afraid of group attacks.” 

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up. The Little Hidden Dragon had been striving its hardest during this period of time, and its physical strength was a bit overspent. If he could summon other soul pets, it would be easier to deal with this situation. Especially since the small Mo Xie could come out. Mo Xie’s strength was not lacking much compared to the Little Hidden Dragon’s. Moreover, she was very clever. Chu Mu didn’t need to say anything and she would already have done it. His intentions and Mo Xie’s intentions were completely linked.

With the small Mo Xie, Chu Mu would be much safer traversing this complicated Immortal City.

After the immortal light disappeared, Chu Mu immediately summoned the small Mo Xie, who hadn’t taken a breath of fresh air in a while.

The small Mo Xie maintained her pitiful appearance. Her furry and small body was extremely adorable. After being summoned, she jumped up and crawled onto Chu Mu’s shoulder. Her sleek tongue continuously licked Chu Mu’s cheek as she let out a series of murmurs. 

The small Mo Xie had the Pitiful Appearance technique so had the special privilege of constantly being summoned. Moreover, normally when she wasn’t doing anything, the small Mo Xie would just be lying on Chu Mu’s shoulder. This had grown to be a habit. Thus, in this past month where he was missing a soft and furry body on his shoulder, Chu Mu really was not used to this.

Of course, aside from Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, the Ghost King, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and the Binding Wind Spirit could all be summoned to fight. Being able to command his soul pets as he pleased naturally gave Chu Mu much more confidence. Indeed, Chu Mu was extremely adept at commanding them. If they encountered powerful enemies, Chu Mu would be able to adapt to the situation.

As for the White Nightmare, Chu Mu didn’t plan on letting it fight, because it was going to have to combine with him.

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