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Chapter 717: Sacred Pet Immortal Bird Fights the Calamity Spider Emperor


“The ancient sacred pet!!! It really is an ancient sacred pet!!!”

The soul palace spirit emperors could finally see the holy ancient sacred pet through the reflection!!!

Top tier emperor rank soul pets were always extremely mysterious, standing at the peak of spirit emperors. Of all the spirit emperors present, other than Liu Binglan, who actually has a top tier emperor rank soul pet, the others all had an untouchable respect and a dream-like desire for it!

Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s aura was clearly stronger than even a normal top tier emperor rank. The old generation emperors all watched this sacred pet with a face full of excitement, let alone the younger spirit emperors. It could be said that this ancient sacred pet is the strongest oragnism they have ever seen in their lives!!!t this moment, the spirit emperors’ bloods were boiling. Chasing after the utmost power, chasing after the supreme soul pet, any soul pet trainer would bet their lives to do this, to climb to the top of the soul pet world!

Now, when a top tier was right in front of them, none of them could remain calm!!!

The peak that soul pet trainers yearned for!!

Chu Mu was standing on the back of the utmost that all soul pet trainers strive for, sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird. Like all the spirit emperors, Chu Mu also yearned to truly own a supreme sacred pet like this one!

But, Chu Mu was luckier than all the spirit emperors that could only watch. At least he could truly touch the organism that all soul pet trainers yearn for, and even command it in a fight with another super giant top tier emperor rank!!


The Calamity Spider Emperor’s blood red eyes locked onto the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird in the sky. Its sound was piercing and full of a powerful mental shake. If weaker organisms were yelled at like this head-on, their eardrums may burst, and their blood vessels would all rupture!


Little hidden dragon laid in Chu Mu’s lap. With Immortal Ming Bird’s immortal aura protecting it, it knew it could finally brag. The Immortal Ming Bird hadn’t even showed its might, yet the little hidden dragon was already letting out weak roars, challenging the calamity spider emperor youthfully!


Calamity Spider Emperor was immediately angry. Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s aura was stronger than it, so the bird yelling at it was acceptable. How dare this little dragon yell at it as well?

Clearly, the Calamity Spider Emperor recognized the little hidden dragon’s aura and remembered that this little fellow seemed to just recently have escaped right under its nose!


The sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird saw that the Calamity Spider Emperor still dared to be reckless in front of it, and let out an angry call!

The Immortal Ming Bird seemed to be giving Calamity Spider Emperor a command. If it didn’t go back into its seal, it would end the calamity spider emperor’s life today!

The Calamity Spider Emperor had just escaped, so there was no way it would enter back into the damned seal willingly. So what if it was an ancient sacred pet? Now, immortal city was the world of it and three other giants. There was no place for this Immortal Ming Bird to boss it around!

“Don’t say any more, just obliterate it!” Chu Mu was fired up, saying that to sacred pet Immortal ming Bird.

The Immortal Ming Bird opened up its wings. Its speed was frightening, flying a few circles around the Calamity Spider Emperor in the blink of an eye!

Its flight path left special immortal light that created a glamorous sacred ring!

This sacred ring vaguely contained the outlines of feathers. This was the power created by countless light feathers!

“Is this the Immortal Ming Bird’s wing type restriction?” Chu Mu quickly identified the technique!

Chu Mu had seen his fellow soul palace members cast it with their Immortal Ming Birds. Their soul pets’ wing type restriction would at most create a wing shadow and then hit the enemy to shackle them.

The sacred soul pet indeed was sacred. When it cast techniques, it all had dazzling sacred immortal auras, and within the sacred hoop, countless light feathers bobbed in and out, creating a huge hoop shackle that locked down the Calamity Spider Emperor’s hundred meters wide body!!

Comparing speed, the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird could probably fly a few circles around Calamity Spider Emperor before it could even turn its head!

This wing type restriction was something the Calamity Spider Emperor naturally couldn’t dodge. It could only swing its large scythe-like legs and frenzily cut at the quickly locking up immortal hoops, trying to cut it open!

Calamity Spider Emperor’s attacks were terrifying as well. Every wave of its huge scythe would leave a near ten kilometer crack on the ground. Its swings were highly frequent as well. The entire vacant area was getting destroyed, losing its original appearance!!


The wing type restrictions were somewhat destroyed by the Calamity Spider Emperor as it shrunk, but it still successfully locked onto the Calamity Spider Emperor’s eight large legs!

The Calamity Spider Emperor was a spider, so once its eight legs were shackled, its fat body instantly fell down, sinking into the ground!!

“Cut its legs first!”

The Calamity Spider Emperor’s movement and attack tools were both its scary large scythe legs. One could tell just from the scary ten kilometer wide marks on the ground.

Once the calamity spider emperor was shackled, the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird flew down, its immortal aura completely releasing to form a glowing comet that slashed down!!


Immortal Ming Bird’s technique wasn’t any weaker than the Calamity Spider Emperor. Once this light wing fell,  it not only cut off one of the Calamity Spider Emperor’s legs directly, it left a clean cut mark from the immortal city demon suppressing monument to the black stone seal area far away.

The sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s slash was frightening. If there were any soul pets along this line, they would all be instantly killed!


When the Immortal Ming Bird was getting awakened, this entire region already had huge groups of sealed organisms and defending organisms watching from afar.

At first, Chu Mu was confused as to why these rebellious organisms didn’t come help the Calamity Spider Emperor.

But, after witnessing the destruction of the immortal ming bird and calamity spider emperor, Chu Mu understood.” Without high class emperor, standing in the range of ten kilometers meant almost certain death!


After getting a leg cut off, the Calamity Spider Emperor let out a pained cry, the vibrations creating a spatial wave that sent the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird backwards and away.

This impact sent them a few kilometers. Though Chu Mu was on sacred pet’s back and had sacred light protecting him, he still barely withstood the abnormal shock.

“It’s about to go free!” Immortal Ming Bird steadied itself and Chhu Mu immediately found that the Calamity Spider Emperor was gathering power to destroy the sacred seal!


Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird flapped its wings hard. The sacred feathers wrapping its body suddenly split off from its body!!

 Every feather was wrapped in sacred light, each like an arrow that was packed densely around Immortal Ming Bird!

The Immortal Ming Bird was around twenty meters in height. All of its feathers were incredibly thin. With this split off, the entire sky was filled with these holy light feathers!!


Sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird let out a call that immediately sent the feathers in the sky flying down, hundreds of thousands covering the skies!!

Only a thunderstorm could wash the ground this densely, yet right now the ground was instead getting barraged by feathers full of piercing energy!!

Any feather could cut through an advanced organism’s body. With these feathers falling like raindrops, it was crazily hitting the region the Calamity Spider Emperor was in!!

The immortal city ground was always tough as steel. Normal power couldn’t even break a single pebble here. Yet, with two top tier emperor ranks’ techniques, the black ground was as shattered as it could get. In a ten kilometer radius, everything was countless feet shorter than its surroundings, creating a huge basin!

If there were any sealed organisms within ten kilometers, then it must have died in the fight between the two supreme beings!


The immortal Spider Emperor successfully broke through the restriction but quickly was met with the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s attacks. Its thick armor was punctured thousands of times through, leaking disgusting blood down onto the ground!

The calamity spider emperor was a poison organism. When its blood dropped to the ground, it could burn through dozens of meters of heavy rock

Having one leg cut off already made the Calamity Spider Emperor to get angry. Now that its body was full of holes too, the Calamity Spider Emperor’s anger seemed to be completely erupting!

Suddenly, the Calamity Spider Emperor made a terrifying move!!

It rubbed the pus blood that was leaking out onto its seven remaining scythe-like weapons. Releasing the furs on its body, it very calmly started sensing for sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird’s next action!

Seeing the Calamity Spider Emperor like this, the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird was about to continue attacking but very quickly gave up and suddenly leaped upwards, going straight into the skies!!


The next moment, calamity spider emperor made an attack!!

The seven legs swung out one after another, creating a black scythe flurry before it!!

Poisonous Emperor Blade!

The seven poisonous blades broke through everything. The air in a few kilometers in front of it instantly whistled. One could even see the space getting cut open where the blades flew past!!!

Power able to rip through space!!!

Such attacks, if any hit the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird straight on, could directly cut the Immortal Ming Bird apart since it lacked a strong defense!

And, even if it were just grazed, the Immortal Spider Emperor’s poison would seep into the Immortal Ming Bird’s body.

There was no wonder the sacred pet Immortal Ming Bird would suddenly give up and fly into the sky. It was definitely a killer technique of the Calamity Spider Emperor!!

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