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Initially, the people that queued up today thought that they queued for nothing again. However, when they saw the silhouette at the entrance of the shop, they suddenly felt like the world had become a better place.

"D*mn, Little Boss is back."

"What? He's back! D*mn, I've died waiting for the past few days."

"Quickly queue up. Looks like we definitely will be able to get the scallion pancakes today."

"Buy my a*s. There are so many of us. If we want to get it, how long do we have to wait?"

When Lin Fan saw the anxious looks of the townsfolk, he wanted to confront them and find out who scolded him. However, he had given up on that. They were behaving themselves and how could he confront them?

It looked like he could only forgive them for that.

However, he had to make it up to the townsfolk.

"To all righteous townsfolk, I went to settle something great during my absence in the past few days. You should know about it after seeing the news, right?" Lin Fan shouted.

The townsfolk said, "We know. Little Boss, we admire you."

Lin Fan waved his hand calmly, "No, you don't have to admire me. I just wanted you to understand that I didn't disappear for nothing. The next time I disappear, it would mean that something great had happened again. Alright, that's enough talking. Let's sell scallion pancakes. Everyone, please queue up for today's ten scallion pancakes."

A townsfolk shouted, "Master Lin, you've been gone for so many days. Can you make more scallion pancakes?"

The other townsfolk felt that it was a reasonable request to make more scallion pancakes to make up for his absence.

Lin Fan coughed gently, "I'm afraid that's not possible. Let me tell you this. Actually, my journey to the northeastern region caused me to be seriously injured. However, I dragged myself here to sell scallion pancakes in order to not disappoint all of you. I just didn't want the townsfolk to be disappointed. However, if you really want to request for that, I would have to accept it even if I were to vomit blood."

He acted really well. He didn't believe that the townsfolk didn't love him at all.

Fraud Tian and the others just stared at Lin Fan, they knew that he was acting. God d*mn it, did he really have to act?

However, what happened next was something that Lin Fan didn't understand.

The townsfolk shouted, "Little Boss, you can do it! We've called the ambulance for you. If you were to vomit blood, we'll send you to the hospital right away. We won't let you be in any danger."

"Yeah, I know first aid. I can save you in time."

F*cking hell!

Lin Fan felt like the world had run out of love. Then, he waved his hand, "Alright, let's just sell scallion pancakes and not talk about that. Fraud Tian, give out the number tags."

Fraud Tian laughed internally. This fella really thought that the townsfolk were as stupid as before.

They were really witty now and they weren't stupid at all.

After preparing the scallion pancakes, Lin Fan just rested.

The task wasn't even completed yet. He thought that he could go to the northeastern region to try his luck but it didn't have any effect. It was really a waste.

However, he wasn't anxious. Anyway, the task didn't have a deadline. He just had to take small steps and perhaps he would be lucky enough one day to clear it. That would feel really great.

*Ding Ding*

Wang Ming Yang called.

"What is it?" Lin Fan asked.

"What else? I just wanted you to know that Chen Chang Sheng has a feast tonight and he invited you," Wang Ming Yang said.

Lin Fan was a little helpless, "There's no need for that. It's just a small thing."

Wang Ming Yang replied, "It may be a small thing to you. To Elder Chen, it's something really big. Don't be wishy-washy. Are you coming on your own tonight? Or shall I fetch you? It's at 7 pm."

Lin Fan didn't know what to do. He was too popular with the people and he felt like it was a chore. "I'll go myself. Tell me the location later."

After hanging up.

Fraud Tian moved over sneakily, "What is it? Is there another feast tonight?"

Lin Fan smiled, "Of course. Tonight's feast is different. It's going to be delicious and it's going to be really different from the past feasts."

When Fraud Tian heard that, he got anxious, "Bring me, please."

"What do you think?" Lin Fan looked at Fraud Tian with a strange look. It was clear that he was telling him to stop dreaming.

Fraud Tian sighed, "Sigh, we started out as poor people in the past and we helped each other. However, you've abandoned me today. It's okay, that's just life."

After saying that, he looked really sad.

"Alright, alright. There'll be opportunities in the future. Don't speak of me like I'm a douchebag." He couldn't tolerate Fraud Tian's 'sad look'.

Zhao Zhong Yang smiled, "Fraud, I think you should follow me to eat in the open-air restaurant. I will introduce some girls to you."

After hearing that there were girls, Fraud Tian immediately clung to Zhao Zhong Yang, "Brother Yang, how is it going to be like?"

Zhao Zhong Yang looked at Fraud Tian, "Who is going to be paying for the meal tonight?"

Fraud Tian immediately patted his chest, "Of course it's me. How can I let my big brother pay?"

Zhao Zhong Yang nodded happily. "That's right. I asked a few girls out for dinner tonight. As for whether you'd still be single, it depends on you. However, don't forget to pay for the meal."

Lin Fan looked at the two of them and shook his head helplessly.

At night!

The most luxurious hotel in Shanghai required advanced booking. Also, they had to apply for an $80,000 membership card. Although $80,000 wasn't a lot of money, the fact that one had to pay $80,000 to get a membership card before qualifying for a meal was stupid to many typical men.

To the wealthy people, this was like a symbol of status.

When Lin Fan reached the destination, he saw that Chen Chang Sheng was waiting at the entrance.

"Chief Chen," Lin Fan waved and shouted.

Chen Chang Sheng looked at Lin Fan and went forward passionately. He shook Lin Fan's hand, "Master Lin, you're here. Please, come in."

On the way to the restaurant, Lin Fan smiled, "Chief Chen, there's really no need for this."

Chen Chang Sheng shook his head, "There's a need for this! Master Lin helped me to resolve my biggest worry. You are my savior."

He felt that Master Lin was the reason why the northeastern incident could be resolved so quickly. If not, he wouldn't have found out about it.

Perhaps he wouldn't be able to handle the outcome of the entire situation.

Lin Fan shook his head and didn't say anything else.

He didn't go there because of Chen Chang Sheng. It was because Godfather Liu was too much. He didn't even respect Lin Fan at all.

Now that they were all doomed, he didn't have any regrets at all.

They went into the private room.

Wang Ming Yang, He Cheng Han, Jin Yun Ming and the others had been waiting. When they saw Lin Fan, all of them smiled.

"Master Lin, we've been waiting for you."

"We came here earlier to wait for Master Lin as a form of respect for you."

After hearing their banter, Lin Fan laughed.

"Alright, stop praising me. Chief Chen didn't have to organize this at all. Didn't you guys tell him about it?"

Many people felt that Chen Chang Sheng was just lucky. However, they were still really happy about it.

It showed that Master Lin still cared about them.

Of course, that was their way of thinking.

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