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Chapter 59: ​Declaration of Battle, The Fire of War Burns!


The Nido Beast rose its shattered head and let out an excruciating roar. After this roar, the Nido Beast’s hard head, as if collapsed, violently ruptured!!

Immediately, the bovine-like roar rolled through the silent stadium, echoing off the vast walls!

Known for its defense, especially in its skull area, the Nido Beast’s skull still got shattered by one claw of the Moonlight Fox? This scene was both shocking and unbelievable!

The appearance of the Blood Rending Claw was the main reason the entire stadium fell silent. At this moment, the deep-rooted stereotypes of the Moonlight Foxes being merely an ornamental pet were absolutely broken. Who could still believe that a Moonlight Fox that could shatter a Nido Beast’s head was only a little ornamental pet?

Mo Xie’s body fell from the skies, skidding on the ground until it reached the edge of the protection shield. Seeing Mo Xie rammed by the charge, Chu Mu’s heart was torn with pain. A wrath started blazing within his body like a violent fire!

Chu Mu’s grave face was filled with resolution and tenacity, his eyes full of anger and fighting spirit. Clenching his jaw, he directly locked his own Soul Remembrance in combat with Cao Yi’s Mental Shackles, and his resentment fuelled his soul and unyielding spirit to batter Cao Yi’s mental world!!

Cao Yi’s expression changed. At that moment, he could feel the powerful mental attacks that Chu Mu was making. These mental attacks had the power of a Spirit Soldier!

Mo Xie rammed into the edge of the protective shield. Slowly standing up, a trace of blood was already seeping from her mouth, but her eyes were fixed on Chu Mu…...

Strangely, the emotions revealed by Mo Xie’s silver pupils were identical to that of Chu Mu’s- both were filled with wrath, and both were fuelled by the strongest of fighting intents!

Chu Mu and Mo Xie were interlinked by heart. When Chu Mu withstood immense pressure to fight against Cao Yi’s Remembrance, it also caused Mo Xie’s dignity as someone strong to become even more intense!

“Mo Xie, moonlight!”

While battling Cao Yi’s spirit, Chu Mu still hadn’t forgotten that Mo Xie was fighting for him, and he forcefully maintained his link with Mo Xie!

“Let’s see how long your Soul Power can last!!” Cao Yi’s face contorted with anger. The power displayed by Chu Mu was already completely beyond his expectations, but this only reaffirmed his resolve to kill Chu Mu!

Night had fallen on the island. Wailing winds whistled past, shepherding the dark clouds in the distance. The frigid, silver moonlight spilled onto the world, landing on the middle of the entire stadium, like sprites dancing and bathing in the light, spry and lively, beckoning for the darling of the moon to come over!

Mo Xie stood up, her eyes shining with resolve. Suddenly speeding up, she swiftly swept through the thorny vines set up by the Bramble Demon, dashing towards the middle of the sandy battleground!

“Don’t let it get near the moonlight!!” Wang Keluo suddenly remembered the species ability of the Moonlight Fox - Moon Essence. Watching Mo Xie approach the moonlight with blazing speeds, he immediately cried out!

The Ninth Stage Du Jue and the Eighth Stage Scarlet Scorpion immediately appeared in front of Mo Xie. The Du Jue casted Piercing Drill while the Scarlet Scorpion waved its chain-like stinger to attack Mo Xie!


Just after Mo Xie evaded the attacks from the Du Jue and Scarlet Scorpion, the Wind Fairy’s Whirlwind rolled towards the area!

“Mo Xie, Dark Assault!”

Although Mo Xie was already on the verge of exhaustion, she cast Dark Assault while clenching her teeth. With her previous speed and trajectory, Mo Xie would have definitely been tossed up by the Whirlwind. After casting Dark Assault, however, Mo Xie’s speed instantly increased. Under everyone’s bewildered gazes, she scraped past the edge of the raging Whirlwind, and reached the middle of the battlefield!

The cold and dismal Moonlight was unknowingly veiled by a layer of clouds, causing the moonlight to soften. This clean and beautiful light bathed onto Mo Xie’s body, as if adding a layer of silvery, ornate armour onto this beautiful and demonically charming Moonlight Fox.

The lighter wounds on her body started slowly healing, and the abdominal wounds caused by the Nido Beast’s charge were also distinctly changing.

Moonlight was a Moonlight Fox’s best recovery method. The longer it bathed in it, the faster its wounds would heal. Most importantly, under the moonlight, Mo Xie’s physical strength was swiftly recovering as well!

“Wuwuwu!!! Wuwuwu!!!”

Standing in the silver light, Mo Xie arrogantly raised her head, howling again and again towards the moon. The mottled shadows casted by the moonlight shaped this cold-hearted fox into a black crescent scythe!

The howling echoed throughout the battlefield- proud and imposing. From the sound, people could hear that it was the Moonlight Fox’s declaration of battle to all the rest of the soul pets!!

Declaration of battle! A declaration of battle towards the remaining six soul pets!

Mo Xie’s unrestrained recklessness again silenced the crowd!

No one would have thought that a Moonlight Fox, known for its beauty and glamor, would have such a wild and demonically imposing side!

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