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Chapter 40: Training- Heading Towards a Ninetails Transformation

Mo Xie’s transformation didn’t end. Her body began to grow larger and her figure grew even more elegant, simultaneously filling with an even larger feeling of strength. Her supple silver tail emitted an even more grand and icy arrogance!


In the blackness of night, an edge of a precipice hung over an ocean. Mo Xie, immersed in the brilliant dawn of transformation, unfurrowed her body and let out a cold howl towards the moon. The sound crashed against the sea waves, reverberating with the ocean’s scream!

Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie’s current transformation pertained to her form, and she would thus enter a period of deep sleep afterwards to truly change her inner essence. As for this period of deep sleep, it was the most optimal time to use Soul Crystals to instruct her.

Presently, Chu Mu was unable to change whether or not he had Soul Power and immediately retrieved the precious Soul Crystals from his carrying bag.

“Mo Xie, eat this!” Chu Mu used his Soul Power to seal the Soul Crystal’s energy to ensure that the energy would be released only after Mo Xie ate it.

The energy within the Soul Crystals was absolutely enormous. This sort of energy needed to be slowly absorbed. Trying to do it all in one go would render a soul pet unable to absorb it all.

Soul pets were unable to control their own slow absorption of this sort of Soul Crystal Energy. Therefore, while absorbing Soul Crystal Energy, soul pet trainers had to be extremely attentive, while also prudently completing this training phase.

“Beast type as the primary and fire type as an auxiliary. The soul crystal’s energy should persist for three days. Mo Xie, these three days are crucial for your strength to increase. After completion, even if you don’t change to a different race, your strength will definitely not be inferior to that of a High Rank soul pet!” Chu Mu’s confidence instantly increased; there was nothing that was more important than growing stronger and of more value than the inner waves surging in his heart! 

“Wu!” Mo Xie let out a howl. After transforming, the tiredness slowly crept up and she very obediently went back into the soul space to receive Chu Mu’s Soul Crystal training.

A soul pet’s training was chosen extremely carefully!

Chu Mu didn’t immediately return to his wooden hut. He poured his mental ideas into the soul space and slowly controlled the dual element Soul Crystal which he had already put Soul Power into.

The more more elements there were, the harder it would become to properly control the energy’s release. What Chu Mu had to currently accomplish was to allow the beast type energy to slowly be released first in order for Mo Xie to first receive the most pure beast type energy’s baptism!

Fortunately, Chu Mu was a Soul Soldier and his Soul Remembrance was strong enough to achieve this sort of meticulous control.

When inputting his Soul Remembrance into a Soul Crystal, soul pet trainers were able to see the Soul Crystal’s Crown. The Soul Crystal’s Crown was like a gorgeous and fascinating halo that rotated around the center of the Soul Crystal’s inside, and it represented the Soul Crystal’s energy.

When Chu Mu entered the inside of this Soul Crystal, he saw two layers of different colored Soul Crystal Crowns- brown and red.

The brown-colored attributed indicated the beast type while red signified the fire type. These two Soul Crystal Crown layers of brown and red colors respectively, signified that this Soul Crystal was dual attributed.

Chu Mu slowly locked his Soul Remembrance on the slightly unstable brown colored Soul Crystal Crown and began to slowly draw this energy into Mo Xie’s body.

Only 20% of the 100% beast type Soul Crystal Crown’s energy was drawn out by Chu Mu before slowly pouring into Mo Xie’s body. 


Another example was a Hunting Wolf. A Hunting Wolf was a purely beast type organism and increasing other attributes was essential. For example, fire and ice-water could make a Hunting Wolf’s attacks even more dangerous. However, the taboo was that the fire and ice attributes absolutely could not become the primary way of raising the Hunting Wolf. A Hunting Wolf’s innate gift for magic was extremely low and trying to enhance magic properties was equivalent to teaching a deer the ability to hunt. It was up to the soul pet trainer himself to determine how much a soul pet’s respective attribute proportions should be trained in order for the soul pet to exhibit the largest possible strength.

There were innumerable methods for soul pets to train as well as innumerable transformations. No matter which training method the soul pet trainer picked, the most important goal was to make the soul pet even stronger, with better adaptability in fights!

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