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Chapter 34: Victory: Ruthlessness When Least Expected

Hong Dan also noticed Chu Mu’s sluggishness and a smile immediately emerged on her face. She looked at the Cyan Faced Demon slowly emerging from her design.


Suddenly, a sonic boom rang out!!

An indigo colored dark ray of light abruptly flew out from Chu Mu’s sleeve. It seemed to form a straight line that flew directly towards Hong Dan’s neck!

Hong Dan’s attention was still on the Cyan Faced Demon that she just summoned and she was still in the process of issuing a command to her Cyan Faced Demon. Why would she be mindful of a deadly dagger currently flying towards her?!!


The extremely accurate cold dagger nailed Hong Dan’s yellow neck, nearly passing right through it. A captivating red colored blood immediately blossomed!

Hong Dan still maintained the smile born through luck as her body suddenly stiffened before heavily falling onto the ground. Fresh blood sprayed all over her Cyan Faced Demon’s body!

Killed on the spot!!!

In this instant, the entire camp went silent!

All the soul pet trainers, including the foremen, didn’t think that such a shocking scene would occur on the battlefield!

Not summoning a Soul Pet, and instead using the time the opponent was being careless and focusing her mental strength on summoning her soul pet to throw a dagger!

Originally, this should have been a fight between Soul Pets, but Chu Mu’s method of handling it was too strange. Nobody would have thought that he would suddenly use such a ruthless and strange method!

Ting Yu’s eyes aghastly stared at Chu Mu. As for the adjacent Xin Xue, she was even more shocked. Suddenly, she found that the youth standing on the field gave others a cold feeling!

“What…. What… what sort of battle is this!?”

“Senior Cao… look at this…” The foremen all displayed shocked expressions and for a while didn’t know how to decide if Chu Mu won.

Cao Yi stood there and looked at Chu Mu. After a while, he suddenly let out a laugh and said: “Very good, very good. Brat, you really understand the principle of surviving!”

Chu Mu expressionlessly looked at Cao Yi, but didn’t say anything. He only swept his gaze over Hong Dan’s Cyan Faced Demon. With Hong Dan’s Death, the Cyan Face Demon quickly shifted its anger towards Chu Mu. However, Chu Mu naturally didn’t have to fight with a masterless Soul Pet. Hong Yi was already eliminated!

In reality, if it wasn’t for the competition being moved up, Chu Mu wouldn’t have had to use such a method to obtain victory. After all, this method only had an effect when it was not expected. In the future, in order to deal with the others, he had to be even more vigilant.

Of course, Chu Mu also believed that only people like Hong Dan would neglect to defend their own body. Soul pet trainers with even a bit of awareness wouldn’t have given Chu Mu this sort of opportunity.

“Chu Mu wins!”

The foreman finally announced Chu Mu’s victory. Chu Mu slowly walked out of from field and felt the gazes of Ting Yu and the young girl beside her. Chu Mu only broke into his customary grin and insipidly said: “Your friend was too careless…”

Xin Xue and Ting Yu were subdued by Chu Mu’s action just now and their gazes were still sluggish. Chu Mu’s discourse just now made them feel as if a vicious devil was smiling at them. It made them feel as if their blood had run cold.

After a while, Ting Yu woke up. Somewhat flustered, she hesitated a while before immediately following Chu Mu.

Xin Xue stood to the side, and she recalled the ruthless scene. She wondered in her heart that, if it was her, whether she would be able to dodge that deadly dagger!

Not only Xin Xue, but many other soul pet trainers who weren’t conscious of this had a feeling of lingering fear. Simultaneously, they silently rejoiced that they didn’t encounter this fellow with such strange thinking. Otherwise, their departure would have been like Hong Dan- death before even fighting! 

“I truly didn’t think that using such a method could obtain victory. However, only stupid girls like Hong Dan would fall for it…” Coldly looking at each other, Ge Qing saw Chu Mu leave the field, but had an expression of ridicule.

Chu Mu’s action truly did surprise Ge Qing, but he was confident that this move would be ineffective against him.

“Hmph, don’t think that you’ll be able to live if you don’t encounter me on the field. After killing my younger cousin, I’ll make you die in an even more miserable way than him!” Ge Qing pointed at Chu Mu and the expression of ridicule immediately turned even more sinister!

Chu Mu only indifferently twitched the corner of his mouth, but didn’t say anything. He continued to walk towards the resting camp.

Tomorrow is the crucial point of the competition. I hope that I don’t encounter you…” Ting Yu walked besides Chu Mu and softly spoke.

Chu Mu looked at her and insipidly said: “The probability is relatively low…”

“Are you truly not afraid of Ge Qing? Is killing him also very easy?” Ting Yu asked.

Currently, only Ting Yu knew of Chu Mu’s real strength. Just now, after seeing Ge Qing act arrogantly in front of Chu Mu, Ting Yue felt that it was a bit preposterous and ridiculous. Ge Qing said that Hong Dan was a schmuck, but in reality, Ge Qing was even more stupid. Or perhaps it could be said that, on this island, every one including the foremen had been deceived by Chu Mu’s appearance...

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