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Chapter 2076 - I'll show you what qualification is

The system beep descended.

The black mist surrounding Long Fei's body suddenly retracted, and the Dragon-Shaped Mark returned to its previous tranquility, without any fluctuations.

However …

However, the power Long Fei felt in his heart was completely different.

Excited, overjoyed.

He could not help but think in his heart, "The power of the shadows …" ~ Is this the power of the ancient world? Is this the ancient inheritance in my body? "

He didn't know.

He only knew that this hidden power was abnormally strong, so strong that he had to use all the divine power in his body to release it.

He had never seen such a skill.




… ….

Li Yuanba exclaimed excitedly as he looked at Long Fei who was in midair, the evil aura on his body also receded along with it.

His body could not help but return to its original state.

With the body of the Vajra Body being overtaxed, Li Yuanba almost couldn't stand steadily.

However …

He did not care about what happened to himself at all. He wore an excited smile on his face, because Long Fei had 'lived' anew and had stood up anew.

That was enough.

"The same goes for the descending dragon."


Several wounds appeared on their bodies.

Han Ba did the same. Looking at Long Fei, he felt an indescribable feeling of excitement in his heart. For some reason, this feeling was just this strong.

Just like a lighthouse in a world of confusion, the light that began to weaken instantly turned into a beam that illuminated thousands of kilometers.

As for the violet-robed man, he was crying tears of joy.

"He stood up!"


"Hahaha... He actually stood up? "

"So what if you stand up? Even if he were to stand up a hundred times, the result would still be the same. His strength is not a match for the king demon at all. "


"The Demon Emperor in his beast transformation state can be said to be invincible."

… ….

The fox race's girls were happy.

The surrounding demon clan members disdainfully ridiculed him.

When Long Fei stood up, it was the same as when he did not. There would be no change in the outcome, Long Fei would still lie on the ground like before.

Furthermore... Never get up.

Long Fei's gaze became slightly serious as he said, "Tianling, Descending Dragon, stand down and protect Yuan Ba."

"Leave this Boss to me!"

Long Fei looked at the Demon Emperor who was covered in a thick layer of golden air shield, and said coldly: "Earlier, you asked me what basis I have, and what qualifications I have."

"I'll tell you now."

"Just based on the fact that I am Long Fei!"

"Just because I can be as strong as the main temple, just because I'm not afraid of you!"

"What about you?"

"So what if they are demon clan commanders? What did you do? What did you do? He obviously controls the power of the magic rule, and he's clearly just a Golden Lion King, yet he's hiding inside the dog hole like a dog. Long Fei said one sentence after another.

There aren't that many reasons in this world.

Just do it.

Anything is possible.

What the f * * k was he going to do if he just sat there and waited for death?

"Like a dog?"


The two golden eyes of the Demon Emperor darkened as fury burst forth from him.

The surrounding demon clan Warrior was even more furious and despised him, "You dare to call king demon a dog?"

"You're courting death!"

"He's simply courting death!"

"king demon, kill him!"

"Kill him!"

… ….

For a moment, Long Fei infuriated the beasts tribes, and countless of people were roaring loudly. The Demon Emperor's position in their hearts was incredibly sacred.

No one is to be insulted.

Long Fei's words were undoubtedly an insult to the Demon Emperor, as if he was humiliating the entire Deep Abyss Mountain's demon clan.

Only the Gu Xiang Ancient, Elder Lie Hu, and a few other people had their heads buried.


The Spirit Demon Emperor was very powerful, very powerful, even the gods in main temple might not be his match, however … All these years, other than the demon tribes that he had never cared about in the Deep Abyss Mountain, he had never said a word.

He was the commander of the demon race, but this had nothing to do with him.

Of course.

They were not Demon Emperors.

They did not know what the Demon Emperor was thinking.

The Spirit Demon Emperor looked at Long Fei and laughed coldly, "Seems like you found a way to deal with the Polar Storm? It seems like you also found a way to open the ancient entry? "

Long Fei shouted, "No!"

"Not a single one."

The Demon Emperor said in disdain, "Since there isn't any … What qualifications do you have to teach me a lesson? "A defeated opponent!"

He emphasized the word 'defeated' heavily.

He was using these four words to remind Long Fei, "You're not fit to teach me a lesson.

In this world, strength was what mattered.

A defeated opponent simply didn't have the qualifications!

Long Fei smirked and said: "You'll know what qualifications I have."

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's right hand formed a claw with five fingers, and a ball of dark mist rose from his palm.

The Demon Emperor's forehead tightened, "New power?"

Just now, Long Fei did not use it, nor did he see the fluctuation of this kind of power from Long Fei's body.

Long Fei said indifferently: "That's right!"

The Demon Emperor sneered, and said: "Even if you had more power, it would still be useless against me. Long Fei, despair, you can't take on this burden, even if you are the person in the prophecy, you can't."

Cold contempt.

So what if Long Fei obtained a new power? He also didn't care about it.

Because …

This was the Deep Abyss Mountain, the world which he ruled.


He is the king!

Long Fei's gaze darkened as he said, "Whether or not I can bear the burden will be known after I bear the burden. I am not like you, who is cowering in a dog hole!"

He had humiliated the Demon Emperor once again.

The anger in the Demon Emperor's heart flared up once again as he roared, "You're courting death!"

In that instant.


A golden light exploded and a lion's roar resounded in the air. The golden light filled the sky and came crushing down.

The three mighty golems raised their heads to stare at the skies, their fists clenched tightly.

She was worried for Long Fei.

Fox Woman was the same.

Long Fei stood in place motionlessly, and said with a cold smile. "Then let's see who's courting death!"

Right at the moment when the golden light was about to fall, Long Fei suddenly moved.

The black light exploded.

As if he was a spirit with consciousness, before the Demon Emperor's power even descended, he directly absorbed all of the golden light. Long Fei could clearly feel it.

The energy released by the Demon Emperor was completely sucked into the black hole!

"The heck..."

"This is the power of the dark?"

Long Fei was shocked.

The golden light was being devoured.

The hidden force Long Fei released also instantly penetrated through and wrapped around the Demon Emperor's body. In that instant, Long Fei followed the rules of moving the hidden force and took a step forward.

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It landed in front of the Golden Lion King.

The corner of Long Fei's mouth lifted slightly, revealing a sinister smile, and said: "I'll let you know what qualifications are!"

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