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If it were two Warriors cooperating to get a treasure, the scene wouldn't be as glamorous as the scene of a group of Bandits getting a treasure. There would be no split-seconds appearances at different places or various illusions happening one after the other. At most, it would just be one Warrior shouting 'Hey b*stard' to lure the aggro of the monsters and the other Warrior shouting 'Son, I will tank the damage for you!' that kind of brotherly-love scenes…

It was fortunate that both of them were of different jobs, and hence the whole process of getting the treasures appeared somewhat more dashing.

The Elemental Sword Artist's narrow longsword was covered in a sheen of frost. With a slight point of his sword, it transformed into sharp icicles and shot out, hitting the body of a Druid of the Blazing Flame and causing it about 30 plus damage points. Ice and flame were opposites and restricted each other, and in this case, the stronger party would be able to resist the damages from the weaker party.


The 12 Druids of the Blazing Flame turned their heads and started their advance. However, the Boss gave a roar, and six of the monsters remained at the spots and gave out low growling sounds as they transformed into bear form, guarding the spring.

"Okay, they turned cleverer…"

The Elemental Sword Artist creased his forehead and shouted to Lin Jie, "I will bring these monsters around for a while, you wait here for me."

Lin Jie nodded and waited in ambush within the nearby bushes.

It was not an easy task to take on even just six of these monsters. The Elemental Sword Artist retreated backward, shouting at the same time. The ice elements he conjured up made up an Ice Path in front of the monsters, decreasing their speed.

The Druids of the Blazing Flame continued their advances and stretched out their claws. The Elemental Sword Artist's shouts filled the sky. The durability of the armor on his backside decreased crazily, and soon it would be ripped off…

Lin Jie stifled back a laugh as he remained silently at his spot. It wasn't that he did not want to help, but it was definitely impossible to take on all the 12 Druids at the same time. Hence, the Elemental Sword Artist would need to lure away the other monsters so he could focus on the only Boss left.

After about 10 minutes, the Elemental Sword Arts appeared haggardly within the bushes opposite to Lin Jie's hiding spot. He took out his fire gun and wanted to attract the aggro of the other remaining monsters by firing from it, but as he was being chased tightly by the six Elites behind him, he lost his temper and couldn't be bothered anymore. He just thrashed out his fire gun at the other monsters…

The fire gun flew across in a big arc and landed with a 'duang' noise right on top of bears' head.


The gigantic bears activated their charging skills and ran out!

"Good luck!" The Elemental Sword Artist was in the midst of making a dashing hand gesture when his stomach was knocked down by the monsters. "Oh, wtf…"

Hunter's Forward Charge!

Lin Jie's eyes turned cold and rushed to the Boss in the next instant.

The Prophet Druid of the Blazing Flame in front of him was one of the most all-rounded Druids. Unlike the rest of the Druids which could only change to one other form, it could transform into various forms, and hence it was a challenging opponent.


The Boss changed to a gigantic bear surrounded by flames, and its paws smashed down upon Lin Jie!

Rebel's Fight!

Lin Jie crossed his two swords in front of his chest and blocked off the attack by the bear. He turned the Withered Leaf Sword around in his palm and kept it in its sheath behind his back. The Shield of Courage enlarged in the next moment, and a Shield Strike was dealt upon the bear's face.

The bear was knocked to dizziness, and it was stunned on the spot.

Lin Jie rushed to its back and started opening the treasure chest.

Opening progress: 1%… 2%

The Dark Gold treasure chest was too difficult to open in just a few seconds! Lin Jie changed his target and started to activate the treasure map instead. The treasure map was different from the treasure chest in the sense that it allowed breakpoint transmission. To make it simpler in layman terms, it meant that the activating, or digging process of the treasure could be continued where it was left off even if the process was interrupted. This was a rule by the game.

The Boss struggled free from its frozen state and was about to turn around when Lin Jie activated the Outraged Roar and stunned it to its spot again.

'Reading of the Treasure Map…'



The Boss was enraged and transformed to a Night Wildkin. Moonfire spells blasted down on Lin Jie's head from the sky.


Lin Jie's health bar was decreased by a portion. The reading process of the treasure map was interrupted and was stuck at 45%!

"Retreat!" Lin Jie shouted loudly. The Elemental Sword Artist appeared somewhere nearby, and Lin Jie activated Forward Charge again. Meeting up, both of them escaped just as haggardly as their first attempt.

"You're done with the activation process?" The Elemental Sword Artist took a look at Lin Jie's face and answered his own question, "Okay, you can save your breath, I think I got it."

Lin Jie thought for a moment before he replied solemnly, "I can't open your treasure chest for sure. The opening process of a Dark Gold Treasure chest is simply too long. Unless we can kill all the monsters."

The Elemental Sword Artist nodded his head. "Then, we kill them all?"

"Is it even possible?" Lin Jie rolled his eyes.


"Then, why bother to mention it…"

Both of them leaned against a tree and panted heavily.

Lin Jie gave a slight wave of his hands. "Looks like I am unable to help you get the stuff you want, I am sorry…"

The Elemental Sword Artist shook his head. "It's alright. But I can help you get the stuff you want. Let's go!"

"Go where?"

"To lure away the monsters so you can activate your treasure map! I estimated, at most we repeat the whole process for two more times and it should be enough…"

Lin Jie furrowed his brows and said, "These monsters' intelligence seemed to increase with each attack, I think we need at least three or four rounds more…"

The Elemental Sword Artist stared at Lin Jie in aghast. "I am thinking of backing out after hearing your words…" He stuck out three fingers and commented, "I will help you for three more times. If you still can't get it, I will charge you for my services. I am not cheap, my rate is one gold coin per night."

Returning back to the Tip of Flames with the lad who claimed to be charged per night, Lin Jie continued to hide in the bushes.

"I suddenly feel like we are prying on the girls' bathroom. We failed the first time, so now it's the second time. And we won't give up unless we take something away, hehe…" The Elemental Sword Artist shut up when he saw Lin Jie rolling his eyes.

Lin Jie began to analyze the situation and started drawing a map of planned routes on the ground, explaining it to the Elemental Sword Artist.

The Elemental Sword Artist's positioning was flexible, and this was good, but it lacked methodicalness. If he could follow Lin Jie's planned routes, he would be able to win more time for both of them.

"Okay, I understand now. Let's go!" The Elemental Sword Artist swung his longsword around, and frost appeared.

"Ice Path! Let's go!"

This time round, all 12 Druids remained rooted to the ground. They had learned their lessons. Since those two humans from the alternate realms' real motives were the spring, they would just have to keep guard over it and wait for them to come over instead.

"Freak, come over here now!" The Elemental Sword Artist stuck out his longsword. Cold light shimmered, and an ice block about half a grown man's height was conjured up, revolving in front of his sword. The ice block broke into sharp shards and thrashed towards the direction which the sword was pointing at.

However, no matter how clever the Druids were, they were still just Elite monsters. Hence, they could not focus all their attention on guarding their treasures, or defy the rule of being aggroed like the more superior Bosses. Their faces were swollen by the attacks from the Elemental Sword Artist. Angered, they charged towards him, and this time round their speed had increased by 20%! This drastic change of events shocked the Elemental Sword Artist, and his face paled as he turned and ran for his life!

Lin Jie neared the Boss again, stunned it with Forward Charge, smashed its face with Shield Strike and continued the reading process, completing all these series of actions smoothly in one go!

The Boss was barely regaining its consciousness when it was stunned by Outraged Roar again.

Reading progress: 60%… 76%…

The reading speed actually increased when it neared the end.

"Hey bro, I am about to die, do hurry!" The Elemental Sword Artist's voice rang out from somewhere nearby.

Lin Jie gritted his teeth and managed to stall half a second more time for himself with Light Empathy. The reading progress was now stuck at 98%!


The Boss charged in anger towards Lin Jie. It transformed into a mammoth, and its fangs thrust down upon Lin Jie's head!

Lin Jie took out both his swords angrily and struck them at the mammoth's fangs. A dull but sharp sound of collision rang out!



The mammoth had the strongest defensive skills—all sorts of thick skin defense—out of all animals. Lin Jie's attacks were too meager for it. Its fangs stabbed into Lin Jie's stomach and brought about 200 plus damage points!

Blood rushed through Lin Jie's wounded body, and power began to surge towards all his limbs. This was the strength of a Berserker, its survival power when he was in critical danger. The bloodthirsty Blood Power skill was activated!

Lin Jie wielded both his swords and rained attacks upon the mammoth's fangs. Every attack landed accurately at the bottom of its fangs.



His health points were being depleted rapidly, and in the next moment, it was reduced to less than one-fifth of his original health bar.


The blood in his body boiled and the sound of its movement vibrated in his eardrums. Suddenly, the mammoth's fangs were being grabbed by a pair of bloody hands, and its body was lifted into the air gradually…


The nerves on Lin Jie's arms showed. When a Berserker became mortally wounded, his Strength Judgement would increase along with his Attack Power. Coupled with the activation of the all-kill Death Rage skill, Lin Jie's strength values increased crazily!

The whole mammoth's body was lifted clean off the ground gradually, and it started to spin in the air.


Undefeated Anger!

Lin Jie's body burned with his hot blood. The mammoth began spinning at an increasingly high speed, just like a tank which was being lifted by Hulk! In a shout of anger, the mammoth's gigantic body flew out!

That's correct—the mammoth was being thrown out!

Lin Jie panted heavily. The effects of the Blood Power skill had not worn off, but without the catalyzing effect of Death Rage, the great strength which Lin Jie felt before had disappeared.

'Reading of the Treasure Map…'

——'You have dug out the treasure, and discovered 30 bronze coins in surprise!'

——'You received a rusty sword's blade.'

Lin Jie's eyes brightened up at this notification.


The Heritage Broken Blade's sword hilt started vibrating. It struggled to get out of Lin Jie's right hand and resonated with the sword's blade in the air.

The rust on the sword's blade disappeared. There was a brief blaze of flames before it exploded, and the blade transformed itself into gusts of air currents that was being absorbed by the Broken Blade!

[Silver Broken Blade] (Heritage)

No job restriction

Requires: Level 10

Attack: 55-78

Strength: +15

Endurance: +12

Health Points: +240

Jump: +10

Movement Speed: +9

Block: +5%, Parry: +5%

Fire Damage: +30, Fire Whirlpool: +1

Additional effect: Stats are sealed, cannot distinguish the weapon type.

Additional ability: Army Obliteration. You spend 10 Rage points and damage your target thrice for 130% damage.

Additional ability: Flame Boost. Your attacks will be transformed to Fire-type Attack within 60 seconds. It will form a fiery blade aura and those hit by it will receive an additional 60% damage. Cooldown period is 720 seconds.


The Broken Blade let out a bright silver gleam as it absorbed the air around the Tip of Flames, like a child cheering out loud.

The burning flames died away gradually after a long while, and it returned to its inconspicuous rusty state.

Lin Jie held the hilt of the Broken Blade. A gust of burning air surrounded his palm. He activated Flame Boost! A fiery blade aura blasted out from the broken parts of Broken Blade, and flames jumped at its tip.

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