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Chapter 1593: 1593
Chapter 1593: Gone Was Her Lifelong Wisdom

Ye Yuwei was quick to transfer three hundred thousand to Xiao Yaojing .

The fair and beautiful Mrs . Wen: [Why are you suddenly giving me money? Are you trying to become my sugar mommy?]

Mrs . Gu: [You’re overthinking it . This is the money that my brother returned to your husband on behalf of your husband’s sister . That’s all . ]

The fair and beautiful Mrs . Wen: [Oh my, my lil sister-in-law has married a rich man . ]

Mrs . Gu: [Good to know . Good to know . Same here . ]

While they were still chatting, Nalan Chunbo’s phone rang . Wen Shan was still talking to her mother . Nalan Chunbo got up to answer the phone .

“What do you mean? Why do you think you should pay me back for the money I gave my younger sister?” Wen Tao’s voice traveled accusingly from the other side . He had always called Nalan Chunbo ‘Young Master Nalan’ . Wen Tao was obviously angered this time .

Nalan Chunbo remained indifferent and there was not much fluctuation in his voice . After the other side stopped talking, he said, “It’s nothing . When Shanshan followed me around, she took a hundred thousand from you . I’m returning it to you now . ”

Wen Tao was so angry at this man that he laughed . “Isn’t it too late for you to return the money now? What did you do back then? When my sister followed you around, I didn’t see you taking care of her . ”

“That’s why the two hundred thousand is the compensation,” Nalan Chunbo’s tone grew more and more matter-of-factly .


Xiao Yaojing collapsed onto the bed with laughter . Could this man get any cuter?

He even used the word, ‘compensation’ .

“It’s not me that you should compensate . It’s Shanshan,” Wen Tao growled . After all, the person who got hurt was his little sister .

“I will compensate for her; in a different manner,” Nalan Chunbo answered quietly .

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All of a sudden, Wen Tao did not know what else he could say .

At the bottom of this, this person was indeed treating his little sister sincerely . If that was the case, Wen Tao should be at ease .

“I only have one little sister, Young Master Nalan . I still hope that you can treat her well after this,” Wen Tao said solemnly as though he was entrusting a task of great importance .

After Wen Shan ended her call, she hugged Nalan Chunbo from behind and said, “Mama said that you should come over to our house the day after tomorrow . ” After saying that coquettishly, she looked up and saw that his call was still ongoing, “Who are you talking to? ”

“Your brother . ” After Nalan Chunbo said that, Wen Shan yelped and hurriedly retreated .

Wen Shan immediately covered her own lips . So, her brother heard everything that she said just now?

Oh, gone was her lifelong wisdom . Why would he call her brother in the middle of the night for no reason?

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Wen Tao was indeed shocked by the voice on the other end of the phone . If Nalan Chunbo did not mention that he was talking to her ‘brother’, Wen Tao would think that this man had cheated on Wen Shan .

A girl, once grown, could no longer be controlled by her brother . After Wen Tao sighed, he decisively hung up the phone because he ached for himself .

His sister had never even spoke to him like that before .

After getting hung up on, Nalan Chunbo looked at Wen Shan . Wen Shan was still covering her face with her hands, leaving only a small gap between her fingers . “Has my brother hung up yet?”

Nalan Chunbo waved the phone in his hand . When Wen Shan turned to leave, he pulled her into his arms . “So, the way you speak to me is different from when you speak to them?”

Wen Shan only wanted to die now . Why must he ask?

Nalan Chunbo was in an unbelievably good mood . Sometimes, getting special treatment was a kind of happiness, too .

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