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Chapter 1722: 1722

Refining immortal elixirs was complicated . It could not be done by just a single alchemist . If there’s no one to help, it will take three whole days to refine just one furnace for the elixirs .

This was, however, not a problem for Danqing Tower .

But Master Wu and the others were not very willing to wait a few days .

“It doesn’t matter . If he is a fake alchemist, we will see through him even with the first few steps,” said Master Wu .

They soon came to the alchemist room .

The alchemist room had no roof . It was open for all to see .

Jiang Chen gave it a brief thought, and soon figured out why .

It’s not possible to learn how to refine the immortal elixirs just by peeping at the process .

Immortal Alchemists would otherwise not have allowed others to assist them .

The person who refined the elixirs was what mattered the most .

Other alchemists in Danqing Tower came over after they found out what’s going on . They wanted to collaborate with Jiang Chen .

Their reactions were similar to Master Wu’s . They were surprised by how young this Immortal Alchemist was .

“Master, please choose your assistants . ”

Boss Liang said .

“Not necessary . I’ll do it alone,” Jiang Chen said casually .

Hearing this, the crowd laughed out in disbelief .

“He just gave himself away! The refining of immortal elixirs needs equipment and a team of alchemists!”

The short-haired woman whose name was Fengdan said sarcastically .

Master Wu’s face darkened .

“I’m doomed . ”

Mrs . Xiao was as pale as a ghost . As the person responsible, she would be implicated, too, if anything happened to Jiang Chen .

“Who told you immortal elixirs couldn’t be refined by one person?”

Jiang Chen grew angry by the look of surprise from the crowd . He said, “They’re my herbs . I can do whatever I want to do with them . It’s none of your business . ”

Then he walked away from the crowd and into the alchemist room .

Qi Lie’s eyes narrowed . He had been more than ready to catch this conman . All he needed was a sign from Master Wu .

“Don’t rush . ”

Master Wu was not in a hurry . He preferred to wait until Jiang Chen ran out of excuses .

“If he can’t refine the elixirs, no matter what the reason is, we’ll catch him then,” he added .

“Understood . ”

Qi Lie grinned and nodded .

There was a sixteen-feet-high calabash-shaped furnace in the alchemist room . There were three layers to the furnace .

With the furnace at the center, auxiliary devices used by previous alchemists were lying about on the ground .

Those devices needed professional alchemists to work on them .

The alchemists who had been refused by Jiang Chen were all gloating . They were curious about what he would do next .

Looking around the alchemist room, Jiang Chen shook his head .

These auxiliary devices were what he had proposed many years before . He even wrote his idea into the Elixirs Scripture . He was really surprised that someone had already turned his idea into a reality .

However, they were not perfect, and not delicate enough .

Of course, now was not the time to bother about such .

Jiang Chen put all of the herbs he had just purchased into the furnace .

The other alchemists were dumbfounded by his action .

“This guy is a total layman . ”

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The timing and order of herbs being put into the furnace mattered a lot, especially for immortal elixirs .

What Jiang Chen just did, was never done before!

“Stop him! Don’t let him waste my herbs!”

Master Wu had planned to just observe what Jiang Chen would do, but by then he totally lost his cool . Jiang Chen had made more than one mistake, which made him very certain this guy was a total conman .

Just when Qi Lie was about to catch Jiang Chen, a big change was happening in the alchemist room .

Jiang Chen was very focused and resolute . His clothes were blowing about in the wind . He was totally focused on the furnace .

His body released a wave of heat, and it spread to every corner of the alchemist room .

“Fire, come!”

Jiang Chen shouted loudly, slapping hard on the furnace .


A thunderbolt came . Then, everyone in the City in the Sky saw a fiery dragon flying across the sky and charging down into the furnace at high speed .

The furnace was immediately activated . It was burning brightly and emitting white smoke . It even started to vibrate .

Qi Lie, who was about to run into the room to catch Jiang Chen, was petrified .

The other alchemists were totally amazed .

If Jiang Chen was indeed refining elixirs, they had never seen such a method before .

It was never easy to refine immortal elixirs . All those steps and working procedures should be followed with great care . Failing was easy .

Jiang Chen was doing it in such a cavalier manner that it was as if he didn’t take immortal elixirs very seriously .

“Done . ”

Those alchemists heard Jiang Chen declared just when they were about to criticize him .

“No way!”

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What Jiang Chen did was simple, but no one believed him .

People looked at Jiang Chen who had taken his hands off the furnace and taken a few steps back .

The red furnace was steaming, but there was no sign of the immortal elixirs .

Fengdan was just about to mock him hard, but just then, the furnace emitted an energy wave with a fresh fragrance of elixirs .

Colorful lights shone in the furnace .


All the alchemists were gaping in surprise .

“Is this an illusion?”

If the alchemist room was not a property of Danqing Tower, they would have suspected that Jiang Chen had cheated .

The lights and the fragrance proved that the immortal elixirs had been a success . And they were not ordinary but superior elixirs .

“Make way . All of you, make way . ”

Master Wu rushed over to the furnace to examine the elixirs closely .

He suspected that perhaps Jiang Chen cheated, and had placed the immortal elixirs into the furnace secretly while summoning the fiery dragon .

He just needed to check the temperature of the furnace to confirm his suspicion . His suspicion should be easily confirmed .

Master Wu looked into the furnace excitedly . There were ten-odd immortal elixirs in it, all bright red and steaming .

“It’s impossible!”

Master Wu was so surprised that he fell to the ground .

“What is this? These immortal elixirs were refined in one second!”

“Isn’t such a direct refining method the legendary method as recorded in the missing part of the Elixirs Scripture?”

“That’s quite possible!”

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There were many people skilled at elixirs in Danqing Tower .

Some of them quickly recognized Jiang Chen’s incredible skill .

Over the past 500 years, many elixir masters had studied the Elixirs Scripture, and they concluded that the book was incomplete .

They thought perhaps this fantastic refining method was recorded in the part that was actually missing .

People who mastered this method should be called Elixir Saint!

A name was even given to this method . It was called Hand of Heaven .

It meant elixirs could be refined with the help of the universe in overcoming many restrictions plus accelerating the process .

What Jiang Chen just did was consistent with the Hand of Heaven method .

Ignoring their shocked faces, Jiang Chen opened the furnace, took an extremely hot immortal elixir out and put it into his mouth right away .

“Uh . ”

The others were astounded! It was as if he was tasting a bun he had just steamed .

Once he swallowed the elixir, a loud bang that sounded like frying beans emitted from his body . He felt a warm healing effect over the injury caused by the space .

He emanated an infinite power in an unbridled manner .

“Hahahahaha . ”

Jiang Chen leaned back and laughed loudly, feeling great .

“Now kneel down and beg me . Otherwise, I can’t promise what may happen next . ”

Jiang Chen said fiercely, looking at Qi Lie .


People were still in the shock over the immortal elixirs he had refined . What he just said, made them very confused .

He had to know refining elixirs and fighting were not the same thing!

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