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If this was a normal situation, Zhenyuan would definitely already have doubts.

But the thing was that this was Senior Dog!

As a dog which had rid itself of vulgar tastes, there had to be a reason for whatever it did. So there had to be a reason for why it was facing backward as it flew. Wasn't there a case where a cultivator sat on a donkey… in the end, he really did cultivate into becoming an immortal.

The three streams of lights swiftly reached the foot of the Holy Pillar.

Shrouded in cloud and mist, the Holy Pillar soared high above them and out of their line of sight. When they had still been very far from it earlier, they had felt its power mixed into the demon energy; it was even more obvious now that they were closer to it.

Although they had already roughly guessed what the Holy Pillar was, it was in the end just speculation.

There were many times when something couldn't be proven without evidence.

Even Zhenyuan didn't dare be so confident.

Senior Dog was here!

If he was wrong, it would be such a huge embarrassment!

Zhenyuan stared at Dog Two with an enigmatic expression in his eyes; all this time, he had been trying to guess what it was trying to convey.

For a senior with a realm like Senior Dog's, it surely had its own reason for every one of its actions; perhaps there was some meaning of Dao hidden inside it?

Zhenyuan cupped his chin and pondered with a furrowed brow.

Was the real reason Senior Dog was flying backward to give Zhenyuan some hint? Something to do with the Holy Pillar? What did Senior Dog know?!

However, Zhenyuan knew it wasn't proper for him to just ask like that. In many instances, he needed to understand and experience things for himself, so he held back on this matter.

One man and one dog, along with Elder Wen, waiting for a while at the bottom of the Holy Pillar. Boundless demon energy poured forth from the top of the pillar.

Dog Two looked up and saw an immortal-like old man in a white Daoist robe and with his hands behind his back float down in the air in front of them.

The old man had white hair and a ruddy countenance. He had a pair of antlers on the top of his head, but they were different in color: one was gold while the other was silver.

Elder Wen had never seen him before, but from the old man's aura alone, he could guess this person's identity - he had to be the legendary Sage Master who was in charge of Demon Saint's Holy Palace and had assisted generations of Demon Saints, and who had powerful abilities of perception.

According to hearsay, Sage Master's overall combat abilities weren't very strong, but his abilities of perception were world-defying. Furthermore, he had lived a very long time; the title of Demon Saint had already been passed on to the second generation, but from beginning to end, there had only ever been one Sage Master.

"My respects to Sage Master."

Elder Wen bowed reverently with his hands in front of him. When he was about to kneel, Sage Master strode forward to help him up as he stroked his beard. "The joint Secretary-General of the four major inner territories can be excused from this courtesy. Elder Wen doesn't have to be so polite."

Elder Wen was overwhelmed by this favor. Although he was assuming this post for the first time, he nevertheless understood the demands and regulations related to the role.

"Is there such a rule?" Elder Wen was astonished. "I'm not a learned person. Lord Sage Master, please don't trick me…"

Sage Master couldn't help laughing. "It's true. It was while you were on your way here; Demon Saint and I established this rule just now, and we'll announce it to the demon world in the next few days."

Elder Wen: "…" There was this kind of operation…

Loopy Toad and Zhenyuan were also taken aback; directly drawing up a new rule just like that…

Of course, that wasn't the most important thing.

The most important thing was the significance of this new rule.

All the demons in the demon world had to fall prostrate and kowtow before Demon Saint and Sage Master. However, Elder Wen had been given a privilege through this rule. In some sense, it was saying that with his current status, Elder Wen was practically on an equal footing with the demon gods of the four major inner territories.

He could naturally understand the profound significance of this, which was why he felt even more panic-stricken.

"By the way, there is also this, it's a gift from Demon Saint." Sage Master swung his arm out suddenly and a ray of light flew out of his sleeve and landed in Elder Wen's hand.

It looked like a medallion made of jade. When he clearly read the characters on the medallion, Elder Wen's eyes widened like two copper bells. "This is…"

Demon Saint's Decree!

Dog Two recognized it at first glance!

This was treatment that usually only the four demon gods had access to. However, they only had one medallion between the four of them, and it was stored in the central bank of the demon world. This medallion was essential if any one of them wanted an audience with Demon Saint and Sage Master at the bottom of the Holy Pillar. Furthermore, this medallion also contained part of the Holy Pillar's power, and it could safeguard the person holding it from the pillar's tremendous oppression.

Elder Wen had a weaker realm to begin with, and when they had been approaching the Holy Pillar earlier, he had felt a heavy pressure that had made it hard for him to even breathe.

Now, holding the medallion in his hand, he instantly felt his body suddenly released from that pressure, leaving him feeling fresh and cool.

"This… Lord Sage Master, this gift is too generous…" Elder Wen was already incoherent; the significance of this medallion was too heavy!

If the new addition to the laws of the demon world just now had merely been a hint, then this medallion now was a clear declaration.

Elder Wen was feeling very apprehensive, but Loopy Toad exulted and praised this Second Generation Demon Saint in its heart for being a fair demon.

With this medallion, Elder Wen's status in the demon world would soar, which meant that the position of the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan as a whole would also rise.

From now on, if there was still anyone who wanted to make a move against the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan, they needed to consider the weight of Elder Wen's position as the Secretary-General.

Elder Wen gripped the medallion with trembling hands; this was what it meant to be a demon becoming an immortal by riding on someone else's success.

Loopy Toad was happy from the bottom of its heart.

Now, it could truly bid farewell to its past. With this Demon Saint's Decree in hand, along with Elder Wen's wisdom and resourcefulness, as well as his grandson Wen Yu's excellent talent for management, they would no doubt be able to lead the Toad clan to new heights.

"You deserve it, just accept it." Sage Master's tone left no room for refusal, and Elder Wen could only obey.

Just a few short hours ago, the Sky-Swallowing Toad clan had still been suffering from bitter slander and the entire clan had been forced to move… Now, they had actually received Demon Saint's favor. Everything simply felt like a dream to Elder Wen.

Of course, Elder Wen wasn't dumb; he could tell that everything was connected to this green-furred Senior Dog…

There were too many suspicious points.

Since Senior Dog's appearance, this initially deeply worrying situation had promptly turned around… Had this Senior Dog already anticipated this?

That shouldn't be the case. They'd never met before.

Or could it be…

This Senior Dog was…

At that moment, Elder Wen suddenly recalled that Senior Dog had previously used the Toad clan's exclusive and hereditary Swallowing Spell, and he suddenly had a bold notion…

"Lord Sage Master, would it be possible to open a space for me and Senior Dog? I have something I would like to say to Senior Dog in private," Elder Wen entreated.

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