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Someone who saw the scene recalled it later.

...There was just light.

The Lairon Church borrowed this when they talked about the creation of the world, but this case was a little different.

It was a heavy rain of light pouring down.

The light that was born from the process of collapsing the four elements simultaneously ignored the boundary between matter and non-matter, destroying everything. It was a huge physical blow to the undead. The doom knights’ bodies shattered, and the transparent bodies of the banshees exploded like jellyfish.

This was the great magic, Abraxas!

Theodore had envisioned this spell after reaching the 7th circle, but he needed eight circles to fully reproduce the power.

The opposing elements collided with each other, and the repulsive force was immediately maximized. It was a physically and magically impossible phenomena, but Theodore’s Sorcery made it enter the realm of the ‘possible.’


The light wave broke the corpses mercilessly. It was a pure destructive power that even the caster couldn’t control after it was launched. Besides, the terrible destructive ray wasn’t the only fearsome thing.

This was an attack magic that was virtually nonexistent in this world.

It was rare for there to be any magic with ‘no attributes.’ No attribute could interfere with it, and it didn’t respond when pressed with pure force. Dealing destruction that deviated beyond the physical properties—this was the true power of Abraxas.

If black magic formed the rules of another world, then this would be a foul there.

The undead were disintegrated by the terrible light. The necromancers couldn’t sustain the black magic, that was the foundation of their existence, against the power of Abraxas.

It was the same for the senior undead. Under the light of Abraxas which destroyed even a lich that had a life vessel, one corner of the undead army collapsed at once. 30% of their total power was lost.

[It is up to here.] At that moment, a dark and eerie voice spoke out. 

Then darkness blocked the ray of light sweeping through the undead.

Jerem couldn’t let any more troops be lost and finally revealed himself.

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