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Published at 30th of August 2020 09:28:37 PM
Chapter 247

Su Yan walked back to Donner .

The sharp nails on Donner’s fingers had not yet been retracted and were still stained with blood .

On his cheeks and fishtail, blood mixed with water dripped down .

Donner stiffened .

His dark green eyes looked at Su Yan, not saying a word .

Su Yan’s golden eyes blinked .

“Are you hurt?”

“No . ”

Donner’s voice was still as sweet as ever .

Su Yan nodded .

She spoke . “He said you aren’t a mermaid . ”

Donner’s throat rolled .

“Yes . ”

Su Yan nodded .

Inside her mind, Xiaohua had already dug out all the information Beres had said about him eating mermaids .

It told its host about everything it found .

“Host, host! Piranhas represent darkness, evil, misfortune, and disaster . Their appearance consists of a silver fishtail and dark green eyes, and their blood is also green . If you encounter a piranha, the chance of survival is 0 . ”

As it said this, Xiaohua was filled with grief and indignation . It knew this fish wasn’t a good person!

What mermaid eats medium-rare steak?

What mermaid has nails that can pierce through everything?

Su Yan looked at Donner, both keeping quiet for a long time .

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Just as she opened her mouth to ask something, Donner suddenly spoke .

“Are you afraid? Will you hate me?”

As he spoke, he raised his blood-stained hand .

Donner had originally thought that this lion was merely his food .

It was only a matter of time before he ate her .

But just now, when his actions were discovered, his heart trembled uncontrollably .

He was filled with an unspeakable panic .

He didn’t want to see fear, nausea, and disgust in the eyes of this stupid lion .

That would drive him crazy .

Since when did he start caring about this lion?

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Was it the first time she hugged him and fell on the grass together?

Or was it when he slept in the same room as her and stretched out his hand to pull at her fleshy little palm?

He cared about her, cared about the look in her eyes, cared about her opinion of himself .

He liked her trust and dependence every time she saw him .

He liked the way she held him happily .

He liked the way he looked at him with eyes full of light .

He, Donner, admitted that he liked this lion .

He liked her, and this was the first time he hated that he was a piranha that represented evil .

A gorgeous appearance, yet a dirty heart .

Under Su Yan’s silent gaze, he even felt sick of himself .

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Donner lowered his eyes and looked at the blood belonging to others staining his hand .

He smiled, raised a hand, clasped the shiny silver fish scales on his other wrist, and pulled them off piece by piece, laughing at himself .

“You hate me . ”

Pulling off the fish scales on his wrist, dark green blood quickly stained his wrist .

He lowered his voice, as if murmuring, and never looked back up at Su Yan again .

“In the future, if I don’t kill and remove the symbols representing a piranha, will you like me the same as before?”

The dark green blood dripped onto the ground, mixing with the red blood .

His exquisitely beautiful face quickly paled .

Su Yan finally reacted when she saw the dark green blood dripping down and grabbed his hand, frowning .

Her tone became bad and she asked in a hoarse voice, “What are you doing?”

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