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Chapter 12 – Red Letter Game

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TLN : The last chapter for this day (2/2), and see you tomorrow. Thanks for your hard works Editor-sama and sorry for this mess.

In the evening, on the roadside food stall, the two eat skewers together.

Zhu An said: “You really decided to start a business? Lu Zi, I am not hitting you but it’s true that it is too difficult to start a business now, It’s just like a bottomless pit. How much money you are going to spend in vain!”

Lu Zixin nodded: “Of course, I have already thought about it.”

Zhu An raised his glasses and his eyes fill with hesitation. He said: “I feel that you have to think about it again. Your money can be played by yourself but If you start a business, it’s not enough. Once you encounter something in the early stage, the funds may not be back…”

“I know what you said! But I also have my own cards, too much nonsense, are you coming?” Lu Zixin stared at him sharply.

Zhu An is really tangled. He and Lu Zixin have known each other for a few years, so he naturally know Lu Zixin’s characters. He is a person who will do what he want, when he is in the college he has tried all kind of part-time jobs and even tries to do small businesses.

Regardless of the failure or success, Zhu An admire Lu Zixin, because he does not have that kind of courage and determination.

Recently, Lu Zixin made another big event, earning millions from the Blue Hole Game Company. In his opinion, it’s simply a god-like work.

Now Lu Zixin proposes to start a business and invites him to join. If he joins, he must resign from his current job and he will be able to turn back in two days. If he does not join, he will not be able to say it with his friendship, and he was be afraid that he will miss this opportunity.

Lu Zixin did not speak and gave him time to consider. Zhu An tangled for a long time, said: “I know my own skills, if I do not make changes, I am probably too busy for a lifetime. Brother, I will mix with you later!”

“Haha, follow me, cheers!” Lu Zixin smiled.

“Cheers!” The two clinked, and the stirring wine spattered on the table, igniting a flame called Ambition.

The next day, Zhu An submitted his resignation letter. This did not cause any waves in the death game company, such as Chai Mao he had been too busy to care him.
Since Zhu An took the initiative to resign, he will be dismissed a few days in advance.

“Are not you going to obtain tenure soon? Why do you resign?” asked an old employee.

Zhu An smiled and said: “Lu Zixin is ready to start a business, I am going to work with him!”

“What? He wants to start a business? Why?” The employees of the Death Game Company looked at him curiously. a few days ago Lu Zixin's surprised them for a while. Now he is going to start a business?

Ding Yu also secretly turned his attention to the other side, only to hear Zhu An said: “It’s also a game company, and he is investing millions!”

“Hoho, he has the courage!” An old employee laughed. He was not very optimistic, and his peers knew how big the competition is now. Without strength and resources, doing business is just seeking death.

“What a waste of money!” Some people feels pity.

“Maybe he can do it?”

“Little Zhu, I have been doing this for more than ten years. I have seen more people losing money in business and the result is Death. To say, it’s not good not reliable! You still have a long way.” Some people advised.

Zhu An didn’t say anything, he transfer the job then pack up and left.

In the evening, returning to the rental house, Zhu An was being preached by his girlfriend because he never discussed it with his girlfriend before.

Zhu An's girlfriend, Xu Bing, came out with him at the same university and is currently a small employee in a real estate company.

“You said to him that he is impulsive? what business you are going to do? and what about the salary ? If the company didn’t success, what would you do? Do you ask him?” Xu Bing asked with her hands on her chest.

She looks moderate and has a strong personality and she is always worried about him.

Zhu An has some guilt and said: “No, but he is talking about the big direction, I think it is not bad.”

"What do you think?" Xu Bing said. "Seeing that you are going to be tenure in the death game company, yet you are blindly following other. He had money to toss, can he afford it to raise your wages ?"

“I believe Lu Zixin, he has the ability that I don’t.” Zhu An said.

“Cut! I didn’t see it.” Xu Bing said, “Now you have resigned, and I will not talk nonsense. A month later, if you can’t do anything with him, you better hurry up to find a new job!”

"Is a month enough? It's hard for even to get started." Zhu'an whispered.

“I don’t care, Zhu An, I have been with you for a few years. Now that I have graduated, and we all under great pressure. My mom still asking about your business, now that house prices in Jiangcheng are so high, do you want to buy a house and to buy a car?” Xu Xuan asked.
(TLN : 江城 or Jiangcheng is translated as River City but I don’t know more better translation, help)

Zhu An was not convinced and said: “I certainly want to! But when can I achieve it with the wages from the death game company? I will work with Lu Zixin, you just wait!”

“I am waiting!”

The next day, when Lu Zixin saw him, he still had a dark circle.

“What? Didn’t sleep well?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Hey, yesterday with my girlfriend…”

“Youngster, you must control it, Ah!” Lu Zixin shook his head and sighed. “Youngster don’t know that the sperm is precious, when you turn old and look toward the hole but it’s empty, you will shed tears!”
(TLN : Pitiful Zhu An, his balls are empty)

“Screw you.”

After joking, Lu Zixin said: “Now, I was busy with many thing. now you are going to rent an office, the area almost the same big as the death game company. If you want to talk about the rent, it’s best to talk today because I am busy registering the company and recruiting people. If there’s something happen, just call.”

“no problem.”

They act and the office, office equipments, staff recruitment, etc., they worked hard for a few days before they were roughly settled.

The office is in the high-tech zone and is in the same office building as the Death Game Company, which is unfortunate . Staff, technology, art, sales, marketing, customer service, operations, accounting, etc., altogether add up to total of 13 people.

To be honest, such a configuration simply can’t do a mobile game. However, time constraint so Lu Zixin can not recruit more people. He said that he has already finished the game and he can also serve as technical director as for the rest of people are responsible for daily operations, and then recruit slowly, it should be enough time.

Red Letter Game Company, this is the name of the company created by Lu Zixin. The Red is from the Red Queen’s name because she gave him the programming language skills so her name is used to commemorate and the Letter is naturally from his name.
(TLN : 红  mean Red  and  信  mean Letter or Mail)

In the office, Lu Zixin is interviewing the operations manager. A good game not only to be well-made but also to operate.

In this regard, Lu Zixin is not good at it, so it is necessary to find professional people.

“Sorry, the experience on your resume does not match what you described. What we need is a person with work experience.” Lu Zixin looked at a young man in front of him and refused.

The man was angry and said: “I am from a top university, you have such a small company, I was too lazy to come.”

After that, he slammed the door!

“Damn, mentally retarded!” Lu Zixin whispered, he commissioned a talent agency to introduced many people there. But the quality is not very good, either with no experience, no strength, or that they look down on small company interview.

“General Lu, Liu Tong is coming.” Outside the door, Zhu An knocked on the doorway.

“Please come in!” Lu Zixin cheer up, this Liu Tong was not pushed by the intermediary, but he was looking for a talent recruited by the small headhunting company.

Liu Tong, male, 32 years old, is a very energetic age group. He has worked in a large game company for more than seven years before, specializing in game operations and he is skilled in business, even the headhunting company give a good evaluation.

For various reasons, he left the company and unemployed for more than two months and he has not found a suitable job. this time, after the introduction of the headhunting company, he agreed to visit Lu Zixin’s company.

However, the higher the personnel requirements the more he cannot leave him, so have to look at Lu Zixin’s strength to get him.

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