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Chapter 379 - What Goes Around Comes Around

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Although it was a home party, everything was organised orderly.  

Shi Lei sat in the corner with a glass of wine and watched the children have fun.  

Although they prepared hurriedly since it was already late when Song Miaomiao found Bai Shu, it didn't impact the children's passion at all and it was orderly.  

Whether it was the music, drinks, and snacks, they were all prepared as if the party was ready whenever. It was as if they were on call 24/7 every week.  

Bai Shu accompanied Song Miaomiao and moved to the beat of the loud music. There were people constantly coming over to greet. Bai Shu proudly introduced his friends to Song Miaomiao. Song Miaomiao nodded the majority of the time and occasionally smiled. The group of kids looked as if they just found treasure. Even Shi Lei himself heard a girl say, "Shui Ye smiled at me!" She sounded excited and Shi Lei was speechless. How was it so exciting?

Perhaps Song Miaomiao knew that Shi Lei didn't really like this kind of environment. Song Miaomiao didn't bother him. Or perhaps she was extremely interested in this kind of party and didn't have time to take care of Shi Lei.  

Surrounded by irritating music, Shi Lei couldn't even calm down to analyse the grudge between the Wei and Yu family.

Perhaps they didn't have any grudges since they didn't trespass against each other. The Wei family's businesses operated mostly on shares. Whether it was real estate, internet, imports or exports, they touched on every area which could earn them money.  

The Yu family couldn't have business on the outside as they were the soldiers of the country. However, Yu Banzhi left the military circle and he was a special existence who owned uncountable assets. However, they could barely find any operations based on shares and he didn't have his own company. But still, the companies were all on different islands existing as offshore companies. The majority of them were even put under the names of people like Yao Keji.  

Logically speaking, whether it was about politics or business, these two families shouldn't have had too many interactions. Even if Yu Banzhi invested in some of the Wei family's business, they shouldn't have had any conflicts. After all, Yu Banzhi merely invested and the decision making power remained in the hands of the shareholders. As long as the holders could still earn money for the investors, the investors had no reason to target the shareholders.  

Then, the only reason was that the Wei family was too alluring and they were easily targeted as they lacked foundation since Wei Ye cleaned himself from the past.  

Other people weren't bold enough to touch Wei Ye, but it didn't mean that they never any thoughts about it. Whether it was business or any societal structures, the law of the jungle was the imperishable truth. This was the brutish nature that humans were never able to wipe away, like how they had to eat when they were hungry and start thinking about their life when they were full.

Yu Banzhi must've planned this for a long time. It was impossible that he thought of it suddenly at the will of his heart. Against an attractive piece of meat like the Wei family, it was normal that Yu Banzhi wanted to take it for himself.  

There was no right or wrong for this kind of thing. Shi Lei already passed the stage where he had to distinguish between the bad and good for everything that people did. Not to mention that he had a close relationship with Yu Banzhi, even if he didn't know Yu Banzhi, he wouldn't have thought that there was a big problem with Yu Banzhi wanting to destroy Wei Ye. 

In other words, this was about morals. Fundamentally speaking, Wei Ye wasn't a good person anyway. The development of his family was accompanied by too many dirty deals and hands filled with fresh blood. All of these weren't things that he could forget simply by declaring that he had quit or leave the dark side. If someone was to use his past to target him, it was like when he constantly got rid of people who threatened him during the process of gaining power. 

In Infernal Fairs, Zeng Zhiwei said this: what goes around comes around.  

Perhaps the music was too loud and Shi Lei's chain of thoughts was interrupted. He said that he wasn't going to drink, but in the end, he still drank two glasses by himself.

Suddenly, the living room quieted down. The lights were dimmed and a spot next to the mixing desk was lit up by a profile.  

Clear sounds of an acoustic guitar took over the loud music and all irritations seemed to disappear in an instant. The sweaty people who were dancing to the flow of the music all suddenly quieted down. They took their own drinks and drank it quietly. Some found a comfortable place to sit down, some stood in the corner, gathering their visions to the brightest spot in the room. 


Under the spotlight, a bald man held an acoustic guitar and a man with long and flowy hair stood on the other side. He had a djembe between his legs and he played it lightly to the beat. The downbeat pub suddenly turned into a folk music bar and of course, Shi Lei liked the latter better.


A girl who wore bright red clothing sat between the two men with a guitar in her hands.


She was slim and had delicate features. Shi Lei could give her seventy points for looks and she was so quiet that she seemed to be that junior student in the school that everyone could see.

Her fingers strummed and the chords matched the bold man's solo. The man raised his head and smiled understandingly at the girl in red.  

After two groups of chords, the girl opened her mouth. Her voice was clear and clean and Shi Lei suddenly realised that she looked somewhat familiar. However, he couldn't remember where he had seen her.

Song Miaomiao walked over to Shi Lei with a glass of alcohol in her hands. She sat down across from him and spoke while sipping on her drink, "That girl came second in a show. The company is trying to promote her but she sings folk music which isn't popular in this impetuous society."  

Shi Lei suddenly understood. She was a kind of popular idol. No wonder she seemed familiar.

"You can even invite her over?" Shi Lei didn't think that the children couldn't afford to, but he doubted their ability to do so. At this hour in a small city like Runzhou, it was rather magical.

"She's local here. She finished her job for the year a few days ago and came back early for the New Year. It's shame that she still has more work... "

Seeing that Shi Lei didn't speak, Song Miaomiao asked again, "What were you doing here by yourself?"

Shi Lei pondered for a while and crossed his hands on the table, gesturing something that even he didn't really understand, "If I'm saying that if, uh, Wei Xingyue is in trouble right now, would you feel happy or something else?"  

Song Miaomiao glanced at Shi Lei, "There is no feeling happy or unhappy. Every family has troubles at one point. But as for Wei Xingyue, if her family is in trouble, it will be a big trouble. There is no one who can touch them easily. What's the situation? Don't use "if" to brush me off. Is your Wudong having an earthquake soon?"

Shi Lei didn't speak as he couldn't really talk about it. After all, the Song family may be part of the cause of the earthquake now.

However, Song Miaomiao was extremely startled and she suddenly realised something by looking at Shi Lei's expression, "Yu Banzhi went to see my Dad because he wanted my family to help him target the Wei family? Damn. Something is really going to happen." 

Shi Lei laughed bitterly. He should've known that Song Miaomiao could definitely guess what was happening as soon as he revealed something small to her.

"Isn't the Yu family's appetite too good? How can they even swallow the Wei family? Aren't they scared that Wei Changqing will throw the handle after the blade and drag them to die with him? That isn't impossible too." Song Miaomiao's expression showed that she was pondering. Clearly, she wasn't as useless as the way she acted on the outside.  

In fact, there were barely any top-tiered second generations who were that skilled.

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