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Chapter 475: The Ghost Gate

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The laboratory building looked very desolate.

Xiao He explained to Tang Li, “Recently, there have been many accidents in the laboratory building, so the school prohibited students from entering.”

Tang Li nodded and followed her in.

After entering the glass door, a middle-aged man walked over.

When the middle-aged man saw Tang Li, he was obviously surprised. “Ms. Xiao, why did you bring a student in? Didn’t you say that a master will come today to check this building?”

Xiao He told him, “Miss Tang is a master recommended by the Mystic Society.”

“Ah!” The middle-aged man opened his mouth in shock. After a while, he said in surprise, “Sorry, but you really look like a student.”

Tang Li smiled at him.

Xiao He added, “Mr. Zhang, stay downstairs and watch. Don’t let anyone in. I’ll bring Miss Tang up to take a look.”

“Alright.” After the middle-aged man agreed, he quickly took out a magnetic card and handed it to Xiao He. “You can open every room you want with this magnetic card.”

Xiao He took the card and said to Tang Li, “Miss Tang, let’s go.”

This laboratory building had a total of six floors and an area of more than a thousand square meters. There were more than ten laboratories on each floor.Support our B0n n o v e

“The first, second, and third floors are usually where junior students do experiments. The fourth and fifth floors are where graduate students do experiments. The sixth floor is only open to professors.”

As Xiao He spoke, she brought Tang Li to the elevator. After the two of them entered the elevator, he asked Tang Li, “Miss Tang, which floor do you want to go to first?”

“The fourth floor.”

Xiao He pressed the fourth floor.

When the elevator was going up, Xiao He peeked at Tang Li several times. When they were about to reach the floor, she finally could not help but ask, “Miss Tang, are you sure we don’t need to prepare anything?”


After Tang Li answered, the elevator arrived. When she walked out of the elevator, she suddenly said to Xiao He, “Ms. Xiao, you don’t have to follow me. Wait for me at the ground floor.”

Xiao He was shocked and his face turned pale. She quickly asked, “Miss Tang, have you sensed anything?”

Tang Li glanced at her and said, “Don’t be afraid. Leave it to me.”

After giving Tang Li the magnetic card, Xiao He went downstairs.

Tang Li walked into the corridor with the magnetic card.

The corridor was very long. Because there was a turn, one could not see the end of it. Coupled with the fact that all the doors were closed, it was quiet and a little dark. Tang Li walked alone in the corridor, and her footsteps were especially loud.

After walking for a while, she stopped by the door 407.

She reached out to open the door with the magnetic card. What entered her sight was a variety of test tubes as well as a middle-aged man in his fifties who was standing by the test table and doing experiments.

The middle-aged man was wearing a lab gown, and his expression was especially serious.

Tang Li walked towards him.

He did not stop his experiment as if he did not notice her.

Tang Li walked to the table and watched him do the experiment without saying anything.

After a while, the experiment ended. The middle-aged man raised his head to look at Tang Li.

Tang Li asked, “Why did you stay here and come out to scare people?”

After saying that, she glanced at his name tag. He was actually a professor called Lu Guangyuan.

Professor Lu was obviously a little surprised that Tang Li could see him. In the next second, he was about to leave when he was blocked by an invisible barrier.

Professor Lu turned around to look at Tang Li and said firmly, “Are you a master?”

“Yes, you’ve caused a lot of trouble for the students and teachers here. I’m here to take you away.”

“I can’t leave,” Lu Guangyuan said. “It’s been five years. I can’t even leave this building. Some people want to take me away, but they can’t. Also…”

He emphasized in a serious tone, “I’ve never harmed anyone. Or rather, I’ve saved many students in the past five years.”

Tang Li could tell that he didn’t harm anyone. If he had really harmed someone, there would be black smoke on his body. Not only was there no black smoke on his body, but he was also emitting a faint golden light. It was obvious that he had accumulated some good deeds.

She asked, “Why are there many rumors about you scaring people recently?”

Hearing that, Professor Lu was angry. “That’s because some students are too bold. They do dangerous experiments without letting their teachers know. They almost killed themselves, so I scared them away.”

“There are also some students who are too reckless. Not only do they waste chemical reagents, but sometimes they also leave some dangerous chemical reagents on the table. If the people who come later are not careful, their life will be in danger.”

Hearing that, Tang Li fell silent.

After a long while, she asked, “Professor Lu, how did you die?”

Professor Lu sighed and said, “That day, a group of students were doing an experiment in the laboratory when the alarm suddenly rang. Coincidentally, I was on the same floor. When I opened the door of the laboratory, a powerful poisonous gas was emitted from inside, and the students were on the ground, unconscious.”

“I knew that calling for emergency service was too late, so I grabbed a gas mask and went in to save them. Unexpectedly, when I saved the last student that day, his body was pressed under a laboratory table. When I dragged him out, the gas mask was torn off. In the end, that student and I were poisoned to death in that laboratory at the same time.”

“Then… What about that student?”

“He left immediately.”

Tang Li understood.

Professor Lu was obsessed with that experiment and couldn’t leave.

She thought for a moment and said, “I know how to make you leave.”

Tang Li went straight to see the leaders of the Chemistry Department and told them about Professor Lu.

The leaders were all surprised, but none of them doubted Tang Li’s words.

The dean said, “Professor Lu is one of the most responsible professors in our school. At that time, he saved dozens of students. In the end, he died in that laboratory with the student who did the experiment. Miss Tang, tell us what we need to do. As long as we can help Professor Lu, we are willing to do anything.”

Tang Li told them, “You can talk to Professor Lu and ask him to let go of his obsession.”

The dean thought for a moment and agreed.

Soon, several leaders rushed over. Under Tang Li’s lead, they saw Professor Lu.

The dean personally promised him, “In the future, we will get security guards to patrol all the laboratories that are undergoing experiments. We will also educate students about safety. Professor Lu, don’t worry, you can leave.”

The other leaders also said something.

Only then did Professor Lu feel relieved. Under Tang Li’s guidance, he left the laboratory building.

When Tang Li walked out of the laboratory building, she found Qi Yihan waiting for her outside the door.

She strode over and smiled at him.

Qi Yihan touched her face and asked, “Is the matter settled?”

“Yeah.” As the two of them walked towards the car, Tang Li told him what was going on.

Qi Yihan said, “He’s a very responsible professor.”

“That’s right. Professor Lu has been keeping these students from danger in the past five years. He collected a lot of good deeds. When he left, I got half of it.”

With that, she showed him her palm.

Only Qi Yihan could see the golden light on her palm.

“Is this the reward you want?”

“Sort of. I’ve never done anything for free.”

These words amused Qi Yihan. He held her hand and the two of them walked under the sun, as if their bodies were covered in a layer of light.

For the next few days, Qi Yihan was not too tired. Tang Li was relieved.

In the blink of an eye, it was the 14th of July.

Tang Li woke up early in the morning and felt inexplicably depressed. She called Qiqi and Linlin over and said to them, “I’ll guard Ghost Gate tonight. When the time comes, stay by your godfather’s side and protect him.”

Qiqi and Linlin immediately replied, “Yes, Godmother.”

Qi Yihan was very worried about her. “Take them with you. If there are malicious ghosts that you can’t deal with, they can help you.”

“I can guard it alone. I’m worried about the other exits. If a few malicious ghosts sneak out, it’ll be troublesome.”

Qi Yihan frowned.

Qiqi and Xiaoli spoke up for Tang Li. “Godfather, Godmother can even suppress us. Those ghosts are nothing to her. Don’t worry about her.”

“That’s right.”

In the end, Qi Yihan agreed to let Tang Li go alone.

Tang Li went to the Mystic Society first.

After discussing the measures to deal with the opening of the ghost gate, everyone started taking action.

Mount Shangyang was the largest cemetery in the Imperial Capital. There were more than a hundred thousand cemeteries on this mountain, and it was also the place with the densest Yin Spirit.

When Tang Li drove here, it was noon. The sun at noon in July was supposed to be very hot, but as soon as she approached Mount Shangyang, a chill ran down her spine.

People in the Imperial Capital took the middle of July seriously. Many people would come over during the day to visit their deceased.

There was a guard room under the cemetery. Normally, there would be people guarding the cemetery, but on the Ghost Festival, the people guarding the cemetery would go back.

A little further out of the guard room was a large piece of flat land. Other than parking the car, there was also a group of people selling flowers.

After Tang Li parked the car in the parking lot, she walked towards the guard room.

The person guarding the cemetery was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his thirties. At this moment, he was reading the newspaper. When he heard the knock on the door, he turned around.

When he saw Tang Li, surprise flashed across his eyes. He thought that such a beautiful woman should be here to visit her deceased. Why was she looking for him?

The guard quickly put down the newspaper and walked over to open the door.

Tang Li went straight to the point. “You must have received a notice from the higher-ups that someone will come to replace you today, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The middle-aged man looked shocked. “Is that you?”

“Yes, you can go back now.”

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