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10:8. And they ordained by a common statute, and decree, that all the nation of the Jews should keep those days every year.

10:9. And this was the end of Antiochus, that was called the Illustrious.

10:10. But now we will repeat the acts of Eupator, the son of that wicked Antiochus, abridging the account of the evils that happened in the wars.

10:11. For when he was come to the crown, he appointed over the affairs of his realm one Lysias, general of the army of Phenicia and Syria.

10:12. For Ptolemee, that was called Macer, was determined to be strictly just to the Jews and especially by reason of the wrong that had been done them, and to deal peaceably with them. 10:13. But being accused for this to Eupator by his friends, and being oftentimes called traitor, because he had left Cyprus, which Philometor had committed to him, and coming over to Antiochus the Illustrious, had revolted also from him, he put an end to his life by poison.

10:14. But Gorgias, who was governor of the holds, taking with him the strangers, often fought against the Jews.

10:15. And the Jews that occupied the most commodious holds, received those that were driven out of Jerusalem, and attempted to make war.

The Jews, etc... He speaks of them that had fallen from their religion, and were enemies of their country, who joining with the Idumeans or Edomites, kept possession of the strong holds, and from thence annoyed their countrymen.

10:16. Then they that were with Machabeus, beseeching the Lord by prayers to be their helper, made a strong attack upon the strong holds of the Idumeans:

10:17. And assaulting them with great force, won the holds, killed them that came in the way, and slew altogether no fewer than twenty thousand.

10:18. And whereas some were fled into very strong towers, having all manner of provision to sustain a siege,

10:19. Machabeus left Simon and Joseph, and Zacheus, and them that were with them, in sufficient number to besiege them, and departed to those expeditions which urged more.

10:20. Now they that were with Simon, being led with covetousness, were persuaded for the sake of money by some that were in the towers: and taking seventy thousand didrachmas, let some of them escape.

10:21. But when it was told Machabeus what was done, he assembled the rulers of the people, and accused those men that they had sold their brethren for money, having let their adversaries escape. 10:22. So he put these traitors to death, and forthwith took the two towers.

10:23. And having good success in arms, and all things he took in hand, he slew more than twenty thousand in the two holds.

10:24. But Timotheus, who before had been overcome by the Jews, having called together a multitude of foreign troops, and assembled horsemen out of Asia, came as though he would take Judea by force of arms.

10:26. But Machabeus, and they that were with him, when he drew near, prayed to the Lord, sprinkling earth upon their heads, and girding their loins with haircloth,

10:26. And lying prostrate at the foot of the altar, besought him to be merciful to them, and to be an enemy to their enemies, and an adversary to their adversaries, as the law saith.

10:27. And so after prayer taking their arms, they went forth further from the city, and when they were come very near the enemies they rested.

10:28. But as soon as the sun was risen both sides joined battle: the one part having, with their valour, the Lord for a surety of victory, and success: but the other side making their rage their leader in battle.

10:29. But when they were in the heat of the engagement, there appeared to the enemies from heaven five men upon horses, comely, with golden bridles, conducting the Jews:

10:30. Two of them took Machabeus between them, and covered him on every side with their arms, and kept him safe; but cast darts and fireballs against the enemy, so that they fell down, being both confounded with blindness, and filled with trouble.

10:31. And there were slain twenty thousand five hundred, and six hundred horsemen.

10:32. But Timotheus fled into Gazara, a strong hold where Chereas was governor.

10:33. Then Machabeus, and they that were with him cheerfully laid siege to the fortress four days.

10:34. But they that were within, trusting to the strength of the place, blasphemed exceedingly, and cast forth abominable words.

10:35. But when the fifth day appeared, twenty young men of them that were with Machabeus, inflamed in their minds, because of the blasphemy, approached manfully to the wall, and pushing forward with fierce courage, got up upon it:

10:36. Moreover, others also getting up after them, went to set fire to the towers and the gates, and to burn the blasphemers alive.

10:37. And having for two days together pillaged and sacked the fortress, they killed Timotheus, who was found hid in a certain place: they slew also his brother Chereas, and Apollophanes.

Timotheus... This man, who was killed at the taking of Gazara, is different from that Timotheus who is mentioned in the fifth chapter of the first book of Machabees, and of whom there is mention in the following chapter.

10:38. And when this was done, they blessed the Lord with hymns and thanksgiving, who had done great things in Israel, and given them the victory.

2 Machabees Chapter 11

Lysias is overthrown by Judas. He sues for peace.

11:1. A short time after this Lysias, the king's lieutenant, and cousin, and who had chief charge over all the affairs, being greatly displeased with what had happened,

11:2. Gathered together fourscore thousand men, and all the horsemen, and came against the Jews, thinking to take the city, and make it a habitation of the Gentiles:

11:3. And to make a gain of the temple, as of the other temples of the Gentiles and to set the high priesthood to sale every year:

11:4. Never considering the power of God, but puffed up in mind, and trusting in the multitude of his foot soldiers, and the thousands of his horsemen, and his fourscore elephants.

11:5. So he came into Judea, and approaching to Bethsura, which was in a narrow place, the space of five furlongs from Jerusalem, he laid siege to that fortress.

11:6. But when Machabeus, and they that were with him, understood that the strong holds were besieged, they and all the people besought the Lord with lamentations and tears, that he would send a good angel to save Israel.

11:7. Then Machabeus himself first taking his arms, exhorted the rest to expose themselves together with him, to the danger, and to succour their brethren.

11:8. And when they were going forth together with a willing mind, there appeared at Jerusalem a horseman going before them in white clothing, with golden armour, shaking a spear.

11:9. Then they all together blessed the merciful Lord, and took great courage: being ready to break through not only men, but also the fiercest beasts, and walls of iron.

11:10. So they went on courageously, having a helper from heaven, and the Lord, who shewed mercy to them.

11:11. And rushing violently upon the enemy, like lions, they slew of them eleven thousand footmen, and one thousand six hundred horsemen:

11:12. And put all the rest to flight; and many of them being wounded, escaped naked: Yea, and Lysias himself fled away shamefully, and escaped.

11:13. And as he was a man of understanding, considering with himself the loss he had suffered, and perceiving that the Hebrews could not be overcome, because they relied upon the help of the Almighty God, he sent to them:

11:14. And promised that he would agree to all things that are just, and that he would persuade the king to be their friend.

11:15. Then Machabeus consented to the request of Lysias, providing for the common good in all things; and whatsoever Machabeus wrote to Lysias, concerning the Jews, the king allowed of.

11:16. For there were letters written to the Jews from Lysias, to this effect: Lysias, to the people of the Jews, greeting.

11:17. John, and Abesalom, who were sent from you, delivering your writings, requested that I would accomplish those things which were signified by them. 11:18. Therefore whatsoever things could be reported to the king, I have represented to him: and he hath granted as much as the matter permitted.

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