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9:7. And Judas saw that his army slipped away, and the battle pressed upon him, and his heart was cast down: because he had not time to gather them together, and he was discouraged.

9:8. Then he said to them that remained: Let us arise, and go against our enemies, if we may be able to fight against them.

9:9. But they dissuaded him, saying: We shall not be able, but let us save our lives now, and return to our brethren, and then we will fight against them: for we are but few.

9:10. Then Judas said: God forbid we should do this thing, and flee away from them: but if our time be come, let us die manfully for our brethren, and let us not stain our glory.

9:11. And the army removed out of the camp, and they stood over against them: and the horsemen were divided into two troops, and the slingers, and the archers, went before the army, and they that were in the front were all men of valour.

9:12. And Bacchides was in the right wing, and the legion drew near on two sides, and they sounded the trumpets:

9:13. And they also that were on Judas's side, even they also cried out, and the earth shook at the noise of the armies: and the battle was fought from morning even unto the evening.

9:14. And Judas perceived that the stronger part of the army of Bacchides was on the right side, and all the stout of heart came together with him:

9:15. And the right wing was discomfited by them, and he pursued them even to the mount Azotus.

9:16. And they that were in the left wing saw that the right wing was discomfited, and they followed after Judas, and them that were with him, at their back:

9:17. And the battle was hard fought, and there fell many wounded of the one side and of the other.

9:18. And Judas was slain, and the rest fled away.

9:19. And Jonathan and Simon took Judas, their brother, and buried him in the sepulchre of their fathers, in the city of Modin.

9:20. And all the people of Israel bewailed him with great lamentation, and they mourned for him many days.

9:21. And said: How is the mighty man fallen, that saved the people of Israel!

9:22. But the rest of the words of the wars of Judas, and of the noble acts that he did, and of his greatness, are not written: for they were very many.

9:23. And it came to pass, after the death of Judas, that the wicked began to put forth their heads in all the confines of Israel, and all the workers of iniquity rose up.

9:24. In those days there was a very great famine, and they and all their country yielded to Bacchides.

9:25. And Bacchides chose the wicked men, and made them lords of the country:

9:26. And they sought out, and made diligent search after the friends of Judas, and brought them to Bacchides, and he took vengeance of them, and abused them.

9:27. And there was a great tribulation in Israel, such as was not since the day, that there was no prophet seen in Israel.

9:28. And all the friends of Judas came together, and said to Jonathan:

9:29. Since thy brother Judas died there is not a man like him to go forth against our enemies, Bacchides, and them that are the enemies of our nation.

9:30. Now, therefore, we have chosen thee this day to be our prince, and captain, in his stead, to fight our battles.

9:31. So Jonathan took upon him the government at that time, and rose up in the place of Judas, his brother,

9:32. And Bacchides had knowledge of it, and sought to kill him.

9:33. And Jonathan, and Simon, his brother, knew it, and all that were with them: and they fled into the desert of Thecua, and they pitched by the water of the lake Asphar,

9:34. And Bacchides understood it, and he came himself, with all his army, over the Jordan, on the sabbath day.

9:35. And Jonathan sent his brother, a captain of the people, to desire the Nabutheans his friends, that they would lend them their equipage, which was copious.

9:36. And the children of Jambri came forth out of Madaba, and took John, and all that he had, and went away with them.

9:37. After this it was told Jonathan, and Simon, his brother, that the children of Jambri made a great marriage, and were bringing the bride out of Madaba, the daughter of one of the great princes of Chanaan, with great pomp.

9:38. And they remembered the blood of John, their brother: and they went up, and hid themselves under the covert of the mountain.

9:39. And they lifted up their eyes, and saw: and behold a tumult, and great preparation: and the bridegroom came forth, and his friends, and his brethren to meet them with timbrels, and musical instruments and many weapons.

9:40. And they rose up against them from the place where they lay in ambush, and slew them, and there fell many wounded, and the rest fled into the mountains, and they took all their spoils:

9:41. And the marriage was turned into mourning, and the noise of their musical instruments into lamentation.

9:42. And they took revenge for the blood of their brother: and they returned to the bank of the Jordan.

9:43. And Bacchides heard it, and he came on the sabbath day even to the bank of the Jordan, with a great power.

9:44. And Jonathan said to his company: Let us arise, and fight against our enemies: for it is not now as yesterday, and the day before.

9:45. For behold the battle is before us, and the water of the Jordan on this side and on that side, and banks, and marshes, and woods: and there is no place for us to turn aside.

9:46. Now, therefore, cry ye to heaven, that ye may be delivered from the hand of your enemies. And they joined battle.

9:47. And Jonathan stretched forth his hand to strike Bacchides, but he turned away from him backwards.

9:48. And Jonathan, and they that were with him, leapt into the Jordan, and swam over the Jordan to them.

9:49. And there fell of Bacchides' side that day a thousand men: and they returned to Jerusalem,

9:50. And they built strong cities in Judea, the fortress that was in Jericho, and in Ammaus, and in Bethoron, and in Bethel, and Thamnata, and Phara, and Thopo, with high walls, and gates, and bars.

9:51. And he placed garrisons in them, that they might wage war against Israel:

9:52. And he fortified the city of Bethsura, and Gazara, and the castle, and set garrisons in them, and provisions of victuals:

9:53. And he took the sons of the chief men of the country for hostages, and put them in the castle in Jerusalem in custody.

9:54. Now in the year one hundred and fifty-three, the second month, Alcimus commanded the walls of the inner court of the sanctuary to be thrown down, and the works of the prophets to be destroyed: and he began to destroy. 9:55. At that time Alcimus was struck: and his works were hindered, and his mouth was stopped, and he was taken with a palsy, so that he could no more speak a word, nor give order concerning his house.

9:56. And Alcimus died at that time in great torment.

9:57. And Bacchides saw that Alcimus was dead: and he returned to the king, and the land was quiet for two years.

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