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5:1. Then shall the just stand with great constancy against those that have afflicted them, and taken away their labours.

5:2. These seeing it, shall be troubled with terrible fear, and shall be amazed at the suddenness of their unexpected salvation,

5:3. Saying within themselves, repenting, and groaning for anguish of spirit: These are they, whom we had sometime in derision, and for a parable of reproach.

5:4. We fools esteemed their life madness, and their end without honour.

5:5. Behold, how they are numbered among the children of God, and their lot is among the saints.

5:6. Therefore we have erred from the way of truth, and the light of justice hath not shined unto us, and the sun of understanding hath not risen upon us.

5:7. We wearied ourselves in the way of iniquity and destruction, and have walked through hard ways, but the way of the Lord we have not known.

5:8. What hath pride profited us? or what advantage hath the boasting of riches brought us?

5:9. All those things are passed away like a shadow, and like a post that runneth on,

5:10. And as a ship, that passeth through the waves: whereof when it is gone by, the trace cannot be found nor the path of its keel in the waters:

5:11. Or as when a bird flieth through the air, of the passage of which no mark can be found, but only the sound of the wings beating the light air, and parting it by the force of her flight: she moved her wings, and hath flown through, and there is no mark found afterwards of her way:

5:12. Or as when an arrow is shot at a mark, the divided air quickly cometh together again, so that the passage thereof is not known:

5:13. So we also being born, forthwith ceased to be: and have been able to shew no mark of virtue: but are consumed in our wickedness.

5:14. Such things as these the sinners said in hell:

5:15. For the hope of the wicked is as dust, which is blown away with the wind, and as a thin froth which is dispersed by the storm: and a smoke that is scattered abroad by the wind: and as the remembrance of a guest of one day that passeth by.

5:16. But the just shall live for evermore: and their reward is with the Lord, and the care of them with the most High.

5:17. Therefore shall they receive a kingdom of glory, and a crown of beauty at the hand of the Lord: for with his right hand he will cover them, and with his holy arm he will defend them.

5:18. And his zeal will take armour, and he will arm the creature for the revenge of his enemies.

5:19. He will put on justice as a breastplate, and will take true judgment instead of a helmet:

5:20. He will take equity for an invincible shield:

5:21. And he will sharpen his severe wrath for a spear, and the whole world shall fight with him against the unwise.

5:22. Then shafts of lightning shall go directly from the clouds, as from a bow well bent, they shall be shot out, and shall fly to the mark.

5:23. And thick hail shall be cast upon them from the stone casting wrath: the water of the sea shall rage against them, and the rivers shall run together in a terrible manner.

5:24. A mighty wind shall stand up against them, and as a whirlwind shall divide them: and their iniquity shall bring all the earth to a desert, and wickedness shall overthrow the thrones of the mighty.

Wisdom Chapter 6

An address to princes to seek after wisdom: she is easily found by those that seek her.

6:1. Wisdom is better than strength: and a wise man is better than a strong man.

6:2. Hear, therefore, ye kings, and understand, learn ye that are judges of the ends of the earth.

6:3. Give ear, you that rule the people, and that please yourselves in multitudes of nations:

6:4. For power is given you by the Lord, and strength by the most High, who will examine your works: and search out your thoughts:

6:6. Because being ministers of his kingdom, you have not judged rightly, nor kept the law of justice, nor walked according to the will of God.

6:6. Horribly and speedily will he appear to you: for a most severe judgment shall be for them that bear rule.

6:7. For to him that is little, mercy is granted: but the mighty shall be mightily tormented.

6:8. For God will not except any man's person, neither will he stand in awe of any man's greatness: for he made the little and the great, and he hath equally care of all.

6:9. But a greater punishment is ready for the more mighty.

6:10. To you, therefore, O kings, are these my words, that you may learn wisdom, and not fall from it.

6:11. For they that have kept just things justly, shall be justified: and they that have learned these things, shall find what to answer.

6:12. Covet ye, therefore, my words, and love them, and you shall have instruction.

6:13. Wisdom is glorious, and never fadeth away, and is easily seen by them that love her, and is found by them that seek her.

6:14. She preventeth them that covet her, so that she first sheweth herself unto them.

6:15. He that awaketh early to seek her, shall not labour: for he shall find her sitting at his door.

6:16. To think, therefore, upon her, is perfect understanding: and he that watcheth for her, shall quickly be secure.

6:17. For she goeth about seeking such as are worthy of her, and she sheweth herself to them cheerfully in the ways, and meeteth them with all providence.

6:18. For the beginning of her is the most true desire of discipline.

6:19. And the care of discipline is love: and love is the keeping of her laws: and the keeping of her laws is the firm foundation of incorruption:

6:20. And incorruption bringeth near to God.

6:21. Therefore the desire of wisdom bringeth to the everlasting kingdom.

6:22. If then your delight be in thrones, and sceptres, O ye kings of the people, love wisdom, that you may reign for ever.

6:23. Love the light of wisdom, all ye that bear rule over peoples.

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