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34:17. Can he be healed that loveth not judgment? and how dost thou so far condemn him that is just?

34:18. Who saith to the king: Thou art an apostate: who calleth rulers ungodly:

34:19. Who accepteth not the persons of princes: nor hath regarded the tyrant, when he contended against the poor man: for all are the work of his hands.

34:20. They shall suddenly die, and the people shall be troubled at midnight, and they shall pass, and take away the violent without hand.

34:21. For his eyes are upon the ways of men, and he considereth all their steps.

34:22. There is no darkness, and there is no shadow of death, where they may be hid who work iniquity.

34:23. For it is no longer in the power of man to enter into judgment with God.

34:24. He shall break in pieces many and innumerable, and shall make others to stand in their stead.

34:25. For he knoweth their works: and therefore he shall bring night on them, and they shall be destroyed.

34:26. He hath struck them, as being wicked, in open sight.

34:27. Who as it were on purpose have revolted from him, and would not understand all his ways:

34:28. So that they caused the cry of the needy to come to him, and he heard the voice of the poor.

34:29. For when he granteth peace, who is there that can condemn? When he hideth his countenance, who is there that can behold him, whether it regard nations, or all men?

34:30. Who maketh a man that is a hypocrite to reign for the sins of the people?

34:31. Seeing then I have spoken of God, I will not hinder thee in thy turn.

34:32. If I have erred, teach thou me: if I have spoken iniquity, I will add no more.

34:33. Doth God require it of thee, because it hath displeased thee? for thou begannest to speak, and not I: but if thou know any thing better, speak.

34:34. Let men of understanding speak to me, and let a wise man hearken to me.

34:35. But Job hath spoken foolishly, and his words sound not discipline.

34:36. My father, let Job be tried even to the end: cease not from the man of iniquity.

34:37. Because he addeth blasphemy upon his sins, let him be tied fast in the mean time amongst us: and then let him provoke God to judgment with his speeches.

Job Chapter 35

Eliu declares that the good or evil done by man cannot reach God.

35:1. Moreover Eliu spoke these words:

35:2. Doth thy thought seem right to thee, that thou shouldst say: I am more just than God?

35:3. For thou saidst: That which is right doth not please thee: or what will it profit thee if I sin?

35:4. Therefore I will answer thy words, and thy friends with thee.

35:5. Look up to heaven and see, and behold the sky, that it is higher than thee.

35:6. If thou sin, what shalt thou hurt him? and if thy iniquities be multiplied, what shalt thou do against him?

35:7. And if thou do justly, what shalt thou give him, or what shall he receive of thy hand?

35:8. Thy wickedness may hurt a man that is like thee: and thy justice may help the son of man.

35:9. By reason of the multitude of oppressors they shall cry out: and shall wail for the violence of the arm of tyrants.

35:10. And he hath not said: Where is God, who made me, who hath given songs in the night?

35:11. Who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth, and instructeth us more than the fowls of the air.

35:12. There shall they cry, and he will not hear, because of the pride of evil men.

35:13. God therefore will not hear in vain, and the Almighty will look into the causes of every one.

35:14. Yea, when thou shalt say: He considereth not: be judged before him, and expect him.

35:15. For he doth not now bring on his fury, neither doth he revenge wickedness exceedingly.

35:16. Therefore Job openeth his mouth in vain, and multiplieth words without knowledge.

Job Chapter 36

Eliu proceeds in setting forth the justice and power of God.

36:1. Eliu also proceeded, and said:

36:2. Suffer me a little, and I will shew thee: for I have yet somewhat to speak in God's behalf.

36:3. I will repeat my knowledge from the beginning, and I will prove my Maker just.

36:4. For indeed my words are without a lie, and perfect knowledge shall be proved to thee.

36:5. God doth not cast away the mighty, whereas he himself also is mighty.

36:6. But he saveth not the wicked, and he giveth judgment to the poor.

36:7. He will not take away his eyes from the just, and he placeth kings on the throne for ever, and they are exalted.

36:8. And if they shall be in chains, and be bound with the cords of poverty:

36:9. He shall shew them their works, and their wicked deeds, because they have been violent.

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