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31:21. If I have lifted up my hand against the fatherless, even when I saw myself superior in the gate:

31:22. Let my shoulder fall from its joint, and let my arm with its bones be broken.

31:23. For I have always feared God as waves swelling over me, and his weight I was unable to bear.

31:24. If I have thought gold my strength, and have said to fine gold: My confidence:

31:25. If I have rejoiced over my great riches, and because my hand had gotten much.

31:26. If I beheld the sun when it shined and the moon going in brightness:

If I beheld the sun, etc... If I behold the sun and moon with admiration, knowing them to be created and governed by the power of God, I call on my adversaries to produce any thing against me, whereby I could be charged with worshipping the sun or moon.

31:27. And my heart in secret hath rejoiced, and I have kissed my hand with, my mouth:

31:28. Which is a very great iniquity, and a denial against the most high God.

31:29. If I have been glad at the downfall of him that hated me, and have rejoiced that evil had found him.

31:30. For I have not given my mouth to sin, by wishing a curse to his soul.

31:31. If the men of my tabernacle have not said: Who will give us of his flesh that we may be filled?

31:32. The stranger did not stay without, my door was open to the traveller.

31:33. If as a man I have hid my sin, and have concealed my iniquity in my bosom.

31:34. If I have been afraid at a very great multitude, and the contempt of kinsmen hath terrified me: and have not rather held my peace, and not gone out of the door.

31:35. Who would grant me a hearing, that the Almighty may hear my desire: and that he himself that judgeth would write a book,

31:36. That I may carry it on my shoulder, and put it about me as a crown?

31:37. At every step of mine I would pronounce it, and offer it as to a prince.

31:38. If my land cry against me, and with it the furrows thereof mourn:

31:39. If I have eaten the fruits thereof without money, and have afflicted the son of the tillers thereof:

31:40. Let thistles grow up to me instead of wheat, and thorns instead of barley.

The words of Job are ended.

Job Chapter 32

Eliu is angry with Job and his friends. He boasts of himself.

32:1. So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he seemed just to himself.

32:2. And Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite of the kindred of Ram, was angry and was moved to indignation: now he was angry against Job, because he said he was just before God.

32:3. And he was angry with his friends, because they had not found a reasonable answer, but only had condemned Job.

32:4. So Eliu waited while Job was speaking because they were his elders that were speaking.

32:5. But when he saw that the three were not able to answer, he was exceedingly angry.

32:6. Then Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite answered, and said: I am younger in days, and you are more ancient, therefore hanging down my head, I was afraid to shew you my opinion.

32:7. For I hoped that greater age would speak, and that a multitude of years would teach wisdom.

32:8. But, as I see, there is a spirit in men, and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth understanding.

32:9. They that are aged are not the wise men, neither do the ancients understand judgment.

32:10. Therefore I will speak: Hearken to me, I also will shew you my wisdom.

32:11. For I have waited for your words, I have given ear to your wisdom, as long as you were disputing in words.

32:12. And as long as I thought you said some thing, I considered: but, as I see, there is none of you that can convince Job, and answer his words.

32:13. Lest you should say: We have found wisdom, God hath cast him down, not man.

32:14. He hath spoken nothing to me, and I will not answer him according to your words.

32:15. They were afraid, and answered no more, and they left off speaking.

32:16. Therefore because I have waited, and they have not spoken: they stood, and answered no more:

32:17. I also will answer my part, and will shew my knowledge.

32:18. For I am full of matter to speak of, and the spirit of my bowels straiteneth me.

32:19. Behold, my belly is as new wine which wanteth vent, which bursteth the new vessels.

32:20. I will speak and take breath a little: I will open my lips, and will answer.

32:21. I will not accept the person of man, and I will not level God with man.

I will not level God with man... Here Eliu considers that Job hath put himself on a level with God, by the manner he assumed to justify his own life in speaking to God as if he spoke to an equal: Eliu expresses in the following ver. 22 his fear of punishment hereafter for such an attempt.

32:22. For I know not how long I shall continue, and whether after a while my Maker may take me away.

Job Chapter 33

Eliu blames Job for asserting his own innocence.

33:1. Hear therefore, O Job, my speeches, and hearken to all my words.

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