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Chapter 37
Chapter 37 – Assassin take a challenge the hero


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That day's class is over .

The first day is just a classroom lesson, and that's all .


“Hey, Lugh, how about we go to the cafe this afternoon? I think all of us S-Class should stick together” (Neush)


Neush calls out to me as usual .


“Sorry, I can't make it today . Invite me next time” (Lugh)


The opportunity for the whole class to get to know each other is invaluable, and it's a big negative to not participate in these occasions . I understand . But I need to see the letter as soon as possible .


“That's unfortunate” (Neush)

“If Lugh doesn't go, I'm leaving too” (Dia)


Dia started to say something like that and Talt nodded .


“No, you two should go . As you can imagine, it would be a bad idea for all of us not to attend . I want you two to go and represent Tuathe Dé” (Lugh)


I want to avoid the three of us being isolated .

At worst, it is imaginable that only those linked to the Tuathe Dé will be left out of the group .

If you two show up, we can make a connection .


“All right . I'm going to go and get along with everyone else for Lugh” (Dia)


Dia has only lived in that kind of political world, and I'm grateful that she doesn't have to say what she thinks in that area to understand it .

I smiled at Talt, who looked anxious, and I went back to the dormitory alone .



In the dormitory birdcage, a white carrier pigeon rests on its wings, a letter wrapped around its feet .


“Good work, it must have been a long day for you up here” (Lugh)

“Crook” (Carrier pigeon)

I collect the letter and stroke it .

I unfold the letter .


“It's from Dad . I'm not so sure I'm happy about this” (Lugh)


The sender of the letter was my father .

The content is: Are you feeling ill from the unfamiliar school life? Are you eating nutritious food? The idea is that if you are in need of money, we will send money to you .


Of course, this is a disguise .

There was no way that father was going to use a messenger pigeon to deliver a message just to say something like that .

A messenger pigeon is a risk of being recovered by a third party and having its information leaked .

That's why it's encrypted, so that a third party can see it as 'a father who just cares about his son' to . If a person can read it that way, they don't have to think too much about it to be convinced .

On the other hand, if the text doesn't make sense, they suspect there's something wrong with it .

I'm going to decipher that code .


“ . . . I see, so no wonder why Dad is contacting me” (Lugh)


After seeing the content, all I could do was laugh .

It's a request that my father can't do anything about .

After all, an assassin has entered the school and is targeting Epona the hero .

Find that assassin and kill him .

None of the information about the assassin exists . Then it's a question of how he knew there was an assassin, but my father even requested it . I guess the information is reliable .


“Protecting Epona from assassination? What a joke . If somebody can kill that thing, go ahead and do it” (Lugh)


I've been trying to figure out how to kill Epona since I met her .

But I'm reminded that it's not possible .


Even when a person is caught off guard, they will almost fail .

When that Epona came to me and spoke to me defenselessly, I simulated a kill in my brain . The result was a failure . It was so substandard that I couldn't even kill her in such a situation .


. . . . . . . . Currently, the most likely assassination method to succeed is to use the 【God's Spear】 that I used to defeat Setanta .

Even with that, she will not die in one shot .

While Epona is asleep, more than a hundred rounds, [God’s Spear] are launched to carpet bomb her .

My reasoning is that if someone carry out that strategy, there's a chance they could kill her at least 20% chance .

Such an opponent like that, I wonder who in the world could kill her .


“ . . . well, let's find out if it works” (Lugh)


Maybe there is something I don't know about the weaknesses of a hero .

Still, it's ironic for me to try to protect a hero while I'm trying to kill her .



In the evening, I was back in the training room .

There are only three training rooms, and I thought it would be hard to get a reservation, but apparently, they prefer a large yard as a place to train, and this indoor place is rarely used .


It's a good thing for those of us who do the training under the radar .

Now I'm having a mock battle with Talt .


Talt try to accelerate . Using a combination of physical enhancement and wind acceleration .

I do the same thing . I taught Talt to do this . There's no reason why I couldn't .


Our speeds are almost even with each other .

But a distinct difference begins to emerge . It's the difference in eyes . It's no match for Talt, who can't even grasp her own movements satisfactorily, and me, who can see perfectly .

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In about thirty seconds, the battle was settled and Talt's spear was flung off .


“As I thought, I can't win against Lugh-sama at all . . . . . . ” (Talt)

“No, you are on the right track . Maybe I'm the one cheating” (Lugh)

“You mean that eyes . . . . . . . . . I'm jealous” (Talt)

“Talt, you want these eyes?” (Lugh)


I ask her .

I'd like to give Talt those eyes .

But it may be self-indulgent .


“Of course . With those eyes, I can help you more, and most importantly, I can be same with Lugh-sama” (Talt)


She says that she’s happy to accept it .

Because she is such Talt, I should tell her all about it .

“I'm willing to give it to Talt if you want it . But in the unlikely event that happens, there is a risk of going blind . You'll have to make a decision based on that as well” (Lugh)

“You don't have to worry about it . Still, I want it . If it is Lugh-sama, you would never fail, and if it does, I will not regret it” (Talt)

“ . . . . . . if you say so, I can never fail you . I don't want to betray Talt's trust” (Lugh)


Even if I fail, she won't regret it .

Because of that kind of person, she is, I don't want to deprive her sight .

. . . I suppose so . If I find an assassin who aims at Epona, I'll experiment with that one until I'm happy with it .

He is even entrusted with the task of killing the hero . There's no doubt that he has powerful magic powers .

We're going to kill him anyway, so we should put it to good use .


“Hey, I have suggestion for you, Lugh . For that eyes surgery, why don't you just do one eye at a time and see how it goes? You know, if you do one eye and it works, then you decide to do the other one, then at worst case scenario, she'll only go blind in one eye” (Dia)

“If you say so, I guess that's right . I'll do that when I do the procedure” (Lugh)


I don't think about the consequences of failure, but it's better to avoid the risks that can be avoided .


“Lugh-sama, when would you do surgery on me?” (Talt)


Talt, who has trusted me from the bottom of her heart, asks me with a glint in her eye .


“Don't rush, it's probably a month or so later . I need to prepare for it” (Lugh)


If that much was prepared, all I need is an assassin to be captured and practiced .


“I will look forward to it . . . . . . . . but is it fine for me to have those eyes? That's one of secrets of Tuathe Dé, isn't it?” (Talt)

“I don't mind . Talt is my family . My dad gives me permission to do it . He said it was fine as long as I take responsibility for it” (Lugh)


She has been serving me since I was very young . Talt is not just a mere servant .

. . . . and taking responsibility means that when the Talt leaves Tuathe De, I'm going to kill her with my own hands .

It's not possible . But if it does, I will still kill Talt .


“Family, responsibility, it's like, well, you know, hwwa” (Talt)

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Talt look down while covering her ears in red .


“ . . . in case you're wondering, that's not what I meant” (Lugh)

“I, I know, I totally get it” (Talt)


These things about her are really cute .

Maybe one day we will truly become a family in the sense that Talt has imagined .

If a girl like Talt becomes my wife, I'm sure she'll have a happy life .



A week after the start of the academy, the actual combat training began .

Based on the student's ability, they decide on a combination, use weapons that removed sharpness, actually strike each other with swords, and are even allowed to use magic .


Talt finishes the match and walks off the stage .

Her opponent was not from servant devision, but a fifth seat that came in with ability, but she won without harm .

In her hand is a spear .

Normally, this school doesn't let train the weapons that each of us are good at, but the S class is an exception and students can receive specialized training related to the weapon of their choice .

Talt had become stronger by learning the proper way of using spear in this school that I couldn't teach her .

She uses the best of both of them, front and back, to good effect .


“What did you think of it?” (Talt)

“That was good spearmanship . I'm just concerned about a couple of mistakes . First . . . . . . ” (Lugh)


Talt listens with a serious look on her face .

This kind of straightforwardness and the ability to learn to use it next is Talt's greatest weapon .

In the meantime, the match between Neusch, who showed a tremendous talent in swordsmanship in this class, and Finn, who was born into a prestigious family of warriors, had begun .

All students are fascinated .

The swordsmanship of these two men is truly spectacular, as they are only orthodox swordsmanship .

In the end, Neush won, but it didn't matter who won .

And finally, my turn came .

. . . . . . This combination decided on ability of students .

Already, Neush, Finn, Dia, and Talt . All of the top guys are done with their matches .

So that leaves, of course .

“Next, Epona Rhiannon . Lugh Tuathe Dé” (Instructor)


This is how it happens .

Actually, fighting and experiencing the power of hero firsthand is the most efficient way to gather information .

But that's if I can get back alive .

In the exam, the Knight Commander who faced off against Epona is still in bed, apparently .

That's it after being treated by a very first-class recovery specialist .

The instructors picked me because they thought that was what would happen if someone other than me fought her . In a way, it's probably one of the greatest evaluations .


“Uh, look, Lugh . It's good to see you . I'll do my best” (Epona)

“Yes, let's make sure it's a fair and proper result of our daily training” (Lugh)

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I look at the instructor's face .

Are you sure you really want me to do this? I look him with the intention of it .

The instructor simply nodded .


In case you were wondering, I know I told Epona earlier not to get serious .

I guess what I should be thinking about is how well I'm going to lose while she's taking it easy on me .

If Epona gets serious, it's over .

That being said, I mustn't let Epona disappoint me .

Good, I'll need to find a way to lose .

It should be difficult but not impossible to do .


“You're both ready to go” (Instructor)

“I'm fine with it” (Lugh)

“I'm also okay with that” (Epona) (T/N: In word ”I”, Epona use “boku” which is term boy use but Epona is woman so I use female term on Epona in place like “her” where protagonist is still mistake her as man)


She holds a knife with a drawn blade . She has no intention of fighting with a sword . Without the most familiar movements, accidents could not be prevented .


The instructor raises his hand .

At the same time, I pour magic power into my eyes .

Without increasing the power of Tuathe Dé's eyes to the limit, or even higher, I would not be able to even follow the shadows .

Excessive reinforcement causes extreme pain, but I keep it that way while forcing myself to heal with [Super Recovery] .


“Begin!” (Instructor)


At that moment, Epona was out of sight .

A replay of the fight with the Knight Commander that I saw some time ago .

But I have Tuathe Dé eyes that have been enhanced beyond the limit .

I can just barely see her . So, while stepping sideways, I leave the knife in that place .

I just put it in the air .

If I leave my arms behind to intercept her, my hands will be broken .


The ring cracked as Epona the Hero stepped in, and the knife I left behind blew up like a bullet and stabbed into the audience .

I was able to dodge just in time, but unbelievably, the wind pressure alone blew me off a few inches .

And with the knife I left in the air, a bruise is carved into Epona, the hero, though only slightly .

At this speed, just hitting something should do a lot of damage .


“ . . . . . . get dodged . My first hit blow, as I expected, I knew Lugh does not broke down” (Epona)


She laughed .

She seems to laugh with innocence and joy from the bottom of her heart .

And then she looks at me .

Well, I managed to dodge the first blow .

I wonder what to do now .

Let's enjoy this life-threatening battle practice to our hearts' content .

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