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Chapter 1425: 1425

Gu Jingyuan looked at him and pushed his head . “Are you a fool? Why are you here to get into a fight?”

Lu Beichen said, “I don’t like how they treat us as if we don’t know anything and only rely on our family . ”

Gu Jingyan asked, “Who asked you to act so snobbishly all the time?”

Lu Beichen said, “I have money . Why do I have to hide that? It’s not as if it’s something embarrassing . Our family’s money came from legitimate sources . We didn’t steal or commit fraud to get them . Why should we be despised?”

After Lu Beichen said that, he waved his hand and said, “Everyone, I won today . I’ll give everyone a treat! Everyone can go!”

When the students heard that he was going to treat them to food, they felt that he was being too generous .

However, they were naturally happy that they could get a treat, and all of them cheered . Suddenly, a huge commotion broke out in the square .

Gu Jingyan wanted to say something but her voice was drowned by the screams . She could only cross her arms in front of her chest helplessly as she looked at Lu Beichen and shook her head .

The other instructors watched on . No matter how proud they were, it was impossible for them to go against so many students .

Moreover, it was true that they had lost .

No one had expected that this young lad who seemed so weak would turn out to be so amazing .

Amidst everyone’s cheers, Lu Beichen jumped down .

The school couldn’t do anything to him even though he was acting so arrogantly either . It was because he was Lu Beichen .

They could only blame themselves that back then, when they heard that Lu Beichen was going to come to their school, they immediately went up to curry up to him and welcomed him . They hadn’t thought about what the lad would bring to the school…

Lu Beichen was naturally a man of his words .

That night, he had food readied at a hotel and welcomed all students who brought their school badges .

It was the first time for many of them to dine in a place like this . They felt that this place was really high class .

“How much would it cost to dine here?”

“Moreover, there are so many people coming for food . Lu Beichen won’t get bankrupt because of it, right?”

“Even if everyone in the nation came, he wouldn’t go bankrupt . What businesses do you think the Lu family deals in?”

“Oh my god, Lu Beichen is too amazing . He’s so handsome and so rich . ”

When Gu Jingyan came, she saw that this place was just right next to the Gu Jingyan’ hotel .

However, their hotel was catered for accommodations, while this hotel was catered for dining .

She walked over helplessly, worried that the employees working for the Lu family would recognize her . After all, even though outsiders might not know her, what if there were people who worked for the management who had seen her before?

As expected, she had just gone over when someone greeted her .

“Ahhh, Gu…”

“Shush . ” Gu Jingyan quickly made a gesture . She looked at the students who had passed by her and then quickly glared at that person who called out to her . She then went in .

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The person at the door found it strange . Wasn’t this the young miss from the Gu family? Why did she feel so strange?

At this moment, Gu Jingyan walked in, but she couldn’t find the place . She was following the rest of the crowd when she felt that she was pushed by someone to the side .

She looked up .

They must be the followers of the school’s top beauty, Cheng Naixin . All of them had their heads held high as they looked at her, wearing unfriendly expressions .

Gu Jingyan didn’t feel that she had offended them before . They shouldn’t have crossed paths with each other before, so why did they come look for her?

“What do you guys want?” Gu Jingyan asked .

A few of them assessed Gu Jingyan then asked, “Hey, who asked you to come?”

“That’s right, who asked you to come?”

Gu Jingyan chuckled . “Lu Beichen is giving a treat . I can come if I want to . You guys aren’t the one giving a treat . ”

“Hah, today is a day for our Naixin and Lu Beichen . Leave . You aren’t allowed to enter . ”

Gu Jingyan blinked . “What do you mean a day for Naixin and Lu Beichen?”

Lu Beichen and Cheng Naixin had gotten together? Why didn’t she hear Lu Beichen mentioning that today?

A few of them only didn’t want to let Gu Jingyan enter . It was because Cheng Naixin would dress up nicely to come, and they didn’t wish for Gu Jingyan to come and spoil things . Without Gu Jingyan, Lu Beichen would definitely keep his eyes on Cheng Naixin .

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Otherwise, with Gu Jingyan here, she’d definitely spoil things .

“Of course you don’t know . Naixin is the top beauty in the school . Only she can be a match for Lu Beichen . Who do you think you are to dare to fight our Naixin for a man?”

Oh my, it had been very long since she had someone asking “who do you think you are” .

“When had I been fighting for the same man with your Naixin?” Gu Jingyan didn’t even know about this herself .

Did she need to fight for Lu Beichen? They had no relations at all . It was just that they were more familiar with each other because they had met when they were young .

They snorted . “Don’t be trying to think up excuses . The teacher arranged for him to sit next to you, and you went up to approach him right from the very first day . After, you keep trying to curry up to him, wanting to get together with him . Don’t think that you’ll be able to succeed just because you’re closer to him . Lu Beichen won’t fancy you . ”

“That’s right . Look at yourself . How are you as good-looking as our Naixin?”

“If it wasn’t because you’ve been hogging onto Lu Beichen, not letting him see our Naixin, the two of them would have been together long ago . ”

“You’re the one who kept on stopping Lu Beichen from leaving your classroom . It’s because you’ll be able to rise in status if you manage to get him . There are many people like you in the school who don’t come from families as well off as our Naixin’s and thus, decided to focus on your studies and get into this school to seduce those rich guys . Don’t think that we don’t know that . ”

Gu Jingyan really felt like laughing .

Did she need to seduce rich guys?

Moreover, these people were too good at coming up with stories . It was as if they knew everything .

“Heh, I’m not interested in fighting for the same guy with your Naixin . Move . Let me in . ”

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Gu Jingyan looked up . Although she kept a low-profile, it didn’t mean that she, the Gu family’s Fourth Young Miss, would be bullied by a few girls .

“No . We won’t let you enter today . ”

“Hah, I shall see which of you aren’t afraid to die and want to stop me . ”

Gu Jingyan said that and tried to enter .

A few of them immediately got closer toward her .

They were bullies in the school, to begin with, and their family backgrounds were acceptable as well, having spent quite a lot of money to get them in . They were taken in by Cheng Naixin after getting into the school . This Cheng Naixin was someone with means, especially in terms of winning over other people .

A few of them were people who would be involved in school bullying now and then since their junior high school days, bullying other female students . Many people who had gone against them were brought to places like the toilet or the rooftop, completely humiliated, and even had their clothes stripped and photos taken . They would force those people out of the school . These were all things that they had done in the past .

Therefore, they weren’t afraid at all when they looked at Gu Jingyan .

A fight between girls was nothing significant . It was just to see which side had more people . The side with more people would bully the side with less .

They approached Gu Jingyan like they normally bullied people, but hadn’t expected that Gu Jingyan would kick one of their legs . The force was just enough to make the person drop to her knees .


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