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Shi Yao wasn't a fool. She understood the underlying meaning behind their laughter.

The best way to deal with such people was to ignore them.

That was exactly what Shi Yao did, but she still couldn't help feeling disgusted.

After landing, she ignored the other two teammates and trailed closely after [111111]. Whichever room he went to, she would follow suit as well, picking up the items that he didn't want.

She was doing this for her own safety, the same way she did back when they played Duo mode together the previous time. Back then, despite her attempts to follow him closely, his maneuvers were simply too splendid. He would either jump across the walls or climb out of the windows and from time to time, he would even scale the roofs as well. With Shi Yao's lack of skill, she couldn't keep up at all. Eventually, she had no choice but to give up.

It was different this time though. Perhaps he wasn't paying too much attention to the game, but his maneuvers were very ordinary. From time to time, he would even pause for a brief moment, which happened to give her enough time to cover the gap.

Shi Yao thought that by doing this, she would be able to steer clear of the other two male players and play their own game.

But reality had shown that there were simply far too many bored people in the world, and her view of human decency was overly optimistic.

Those two male players actually chased after them and started twirling around Shi Yao.

Player 2 Teammate: "Babe, you sure have large boobs. I'm guessing they're around 36D. Are they the same in real life too?"

Player 1 Teammate: "Babe, you don't just have huge boobs, you have a nice ass too. Beautiful."

Frowning deeply, Shi Yao backed away from them with the utmost disgust.

Just as she was about to leap out of the window and flee, [111111]—who had just finished picking up the loot in the house—suddenly walked over and stepped in between her and the two male players, creating a wall between them.

"Hey, Player 3. You're blocking our view of that babe's figure! Can you go away?"

Treating the two as if they were non-existent, [111111] turned to Shi Yao and said, "There's an air drop 1 at North 60°. Let's go."

Leaving behind those words, [111111] leaped out of the window.

Shi Yao quickly followed after him.

"Wait for us, let's pick up the air drop together."

While searching for a car to drive over there, the two male players didn't forget to tease Shi Yao.

Player 2 Teammate: "Babe, you haven't answered our question yet. Do you have a boyfriend or not?"

Shi Yao remained silent.

[111111] went into a garage and drove a car out.

Player 1 Teammate: "Or perhaps, babe, I should be asking you, have you ever been to bed with a—"

Before he could finish his words, [111111]'s car flashed past Shi Yao's eyes and knocked into the Player 1 Teammate, the wheels rolling brutally over his avatar.

Player 2 Teammate: "The heck! Bro, can't you drive properly—"

Similarly, before the Player 2 Teammate could finish his sentence, [111111] suddenly did a sharp U-turn and knocked him flying before rolling the car wheels over him as well.

Player 1 Teammate: "The heck! Player 3, are you blind?"

Player 2 Teammate: "The hell, there really is something wrong with you!"

[111111] paid no heed to the duo's words. He stepped on the brakes and leaped out of the car. After which, he picked up the two men he'd just knocked over before jumping back into his car. While the duo was healing up as they mumbled insults, he stepped on the accelerator once again and knocked them both down together.


"Screw that—"

The two male players began cursing even more furiously.

However, it was as if [111111] hadn't heard anything at all. He got down the car and picked them up before getting into the car and knocking them down again.

Heh, is the lady with me someone you can tease?

Lin Jiage coldly sneered as he continued the endless cycle of reviving and knocking down those two male players.

Air drop is one of the ways to obtain items in PUBG. The sound of a plane passing by would first be heard, followed by a red smoke effect.

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