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After engaging the other players, Mister Numbers immediately rushed back to save her without even healing up first?

For some inconceivable reason, Shi Yao's heart quickened by half a beat.

A moment later, she realized that [111111]'s health bar was inching up bit by bit...

After staring at it for two seconds, it finally dawned on her that [111111] was healing up by using bandages.

Did that mean that he'd given her his complete inventory of First Aid Kits and Painkillers, leaving only bandages for himself?

When Shi Yao realized this, her half-beat-faster heart quickened its pace by yet another half beat.

Since [111111] had given all his medicine to Shi Yao, and it was impossible to pick up items in the final circle haphazardly, he died rather early while clashing with the other players. As a result, their team wasn't able to get a chicken dinner that round and ended up in third place.

Returning to the main menu, [Juice] didn't start the game immediately. Instead, he said, "Sis Yao, Expert and I are going to drive back to our school in a rented car. You play with our boss first, we'll join you once we reach our school."

[Yao Loves Ice Cream]: "You're not at school?"

[Expert of the Monkeys]: "That's right. We're eating hot pot outside."

Wasn't Mister Numbers their roommate? Why wasn't he eating together with them?

Shi Yao was puzzled, but she didn't voice her doubts. Instead, she replied, "Alright, let's play later then."

After [Expert of the Monkeys] and [Juice] backed out from the room, [111111] started a new round.

They had just played in Squad mode, and [111111] didn't opt for the Duo mode or cancel the teammate-pairing option, so upon entering the game, there were two additional players other than Shi Yao and [111111].

Shi Yao and [111111] stayed silent the whole time, but the other two players kept speaking non-stop.

They were both males, and from their conversation, it was apparent that they knew each other in real life.

After entering the map, Shi Yao noted that no one had marked the jumping coordinates, so she asked as per her usual habit, "Where do we jump?"

Player 1 Teammate: "Hm? Player 4 is a babe?"

Player 2 Teammate: "Judging from her voice, she sounds quite young too."

Player 1 Teammate: "Very possibly a student."

Player 2 Teammate: "Babe, are you a high schooler or a university student?"

Back when Shi Yao was first paired with Expert, Juice, and Mister Numbers, it was not like they hadn't chatted with one another. But compared to Juice and Expert, there was something about the tone of these two teammates that made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Thus, she remained silent.

[111111] didn't speak as well. However, he marked Pochinki on the map.

Shi Yao's silence didn't discourage the two male teammates' attempts to talk to her.

Player 2 Teammate: "Babe, why aren't you saying anything? Why won't you chat with me?"

Player 1 Teammate: "Yeah, babe. Why don't you let us carry you later?"

Player 1 Teammate: "Right, do you have a boyfriend?"

Player 2 Teammate: "If you don't have a boyfriend, are you interested in an online romance? Why don't you consider one of us?"

Player 1 Teammate: "Don't worry about it if you can't make a choice. You can take us both if you want to…"

Following those words, the eerie chuckles of the two male players sounded from her phone.

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