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In that instant, Shi Yao recalled what she'd said to [111111] last week before they parted, and her face couldn't help but grow hot.

However, it was fortunate that they were divided by a phone screen. It was awkward, but at least the other party wasn't aware of it, so the atmosphere didn't grow weird.

[Juice] was the host, and as soon as Shi Yao entered the room, he started the game.

[Expert of the Monkeys] was a classic example of a person born with a talkative nature. His mouth kept shooting words from start to end.

From time to time, [Juice] would respond to him.

Actually, Shi Yao usually chatted with them as well, but due to [111111]'s presence, she felt too embarrassed to do so, and so she fell silent.

And of course, [111111] was as silent as always.

The map that [Juice] chose this time wasn't Miramar but Erangel. The place they jumped off to was also their usual spot, the military base.

Under their lead, while Shi Yao didn't achieve a single kill, she had learned how to humbly survive.

After landing on the ground, she quickly found a place to hide before quietly watching the other three slaughter the enemies. Once they were done claiming the military base for their own, she joyfully leaped out to grab the items.

This time, the area where the blue circle appeared wasn't too advantageous for them 1 . It was at the opposite end, Severny.

When the four of them finally rushed into the final circle, their health bars were already red. Someone noticed them, and with the deep echo that came from firing an AWM, a notification appeared on the screen:

[Nation's Husband Lu Jinnian] knocked down [Yao Loves Ice Cream] with AWM.

Shi Yao, who had been silent for the whole game, forgot all about her awkwardness at that moment and asked, "Who hit me? Where?"

Right after she said those words, a series of gunshots sounded in her ear. Following which, two notifications popped up onto the screen:

[111111] knocked down [Nation's Husband Lu Jinnian] with M416.

[111111] killed [Nation's Husband Lu Jinnian] with M416.

Before she could even find the person who had knocked her down, they had already been eliminated by Mister Numbers.

Shi Yao inwardly muttered "666" before taking a look at her health bar. There was only a third remaining, so she hurriedly said, "I'm going to die. Pick me up 2 ?"

After which, she paused for a moment before calling out once more, "Expert, Juice, come over. I'm right behi—"

Before she could finish her sentence, a player suddenly appeared right in front of her game avatar.

That player lowered his body and stretched his hand toward her. Following which, the countdown timer for her salvation emerged 3 ...

Shi Yao was stunned for a moment before she realized that the person who had saved her was [111111].

She suddenly recalled the furious words she had hurled at him back then, and her face reddened. In that moment, she fell silent once more.

After being picked up by [111111], she found that she had depleted most of her medicine inventory while they were escaping from the blue zone, so she was only left with bandages. Thus, she could only heal up slowly.

[111111], who had left right after picking her up, suddenly took two steps back and jumped on her. A moment later, he proudly strode away once more.

Taking another look, Shi Yao realized that there were two First Aid Kits and three bottles of Painkillers next to her.

Did Mister Numbers see that she was pathetically healing up with bandages and left her medicine out of pity?

Shi Yao instinctively took a look at the upper right end of the screen, and she suddenly realized that [111111]'s health bar was dangerously low as well.

On the map, shortly after the game starts, a big blue circle and a small white circle (which will be within the blue circle) will appear, and everyone outside of the blue circle will be considered to be within the blue zone and take continuous damage. The blue circle will slowly shrink into the white circle, and the continuous damage to those outside of the blue circle will increase as well. The goal is to get within the white/final circle before the timer is up, where the final showdown is held. In a knocked down state, the player's health will continuously decline, and the player will eventually die if no one picks him up. In PUBG, healing yourself and picking up others will require some time. It's only when the countdown timer reaches zero that the action will be considered to have been successfully conducted.

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