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Published at 22nd of July 2020 10:45:04 PM
Chapter 416: 416
"I need you to head to Mountain Changming to take care of a few matters . First things first, I need you to head to the alfresco restaurant at the peak of Mountain Changming and inform them to prepare food that is lighter on the palate . Cancel all of those spicy dishes that I have ordered previously and change them to healthier and more nutritious dishes . Try to avoid seafood wherever possible . Also, there's no need for red wine anymore . Change it to brown sugar tea instead… Ah, as for the dessert after the meal, make sure to swap out the vanilla ice-cream for a purple yam pudding…

"Secondly, Yaoyao cannot afford to overexert herself the day after tomorrow too, so it would be best for us not to scale to the top . So, I need you to help us book a tour bus tomorrow…"

Lin Jiage ran through everything important with them . He pondered for a while at the end to double-check if there was anything else to take note of, and he suddenly remembered the thing about keeping warm .

They were going to have dinner together at the peak of the mountain, and after dinner, he would be bringing Soft Bun to take a look at the surprise and watch the fireworks he specially prepared together . Only after that would he finally confess to her .

Even by conservative estimates, it would have been already 9 PM by the time they ran through everything .

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Besides, if Soft Bun were to accept his confession, he couldn't simply drive her back right away . It would be best if he could bring her to take a look at the scenery around the peak of the mountain and enjoy bathing under the moon and starlight… Perhaps, they might even have supper together . After all, he did know how gluttonous Soft Bun was… 

With all of that, it would have already been twelve midnight by the time the two of them got down the mountain .

It might be summer at the moment, so the nights were slightly warmer, but they were heading to the mountains in the suburbs after all… 

To be safe, Lin Jiage quickly said, "I also need you to get the workers to prepare a shawl…"

At this point, he paused for a moment before supplementing on to it, "… as well as a heat pack and hot water bag . "

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Who cares whether she'll use it in the end? It doesn't hurt to be prepared, right?

After confirming that he hadn't missed out anything, Lin Jiage finally said, "Have you taken down everything yet?"

Lu Benlai: "Boss, you need not worry . I have already inscribed every single word that you have just said to the bottom of my head . For my future wife, I'll make sure to accomplish the mission you have asked of me!"

Xia Shangzhou: "+1 . I'll do anything as long as I can crawl out from the claws of your elder sister . Even if you ask me to lick your feet, I'll do it without any hesitation!"

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"…" Lin Jiage shot a disdainful look at Xia Shangzhou before saying, "My feet is saying that it looks down on you . "

"Hahaha…" Lu Benlai laughed at Xia Shangzhou gleefully before he abruptly reined it in, turned to Lin Jiage, and asked, "Boss, is it a special day for Little Junior that day?"

What business is it of yours whether it's a special day for Soft Bun or not… 

Lin Jiage shot a sideward glance at Lu Benlai before lying back down on his bed .

However, Lu Benlai shook his head, sighed deeply, and spoke up regretfully, "That would be a huge pity! If it isn't a convenient day for her, doesn't that mean that boss would have to go home alone after his confession? You know that they say that the first night of a honeymoon is worth a thousand gold!"

What the hell are you talking about?! 

Lin Jiage closed his eyes, but somehow, he could feel his ears heating up .

He felt incredibly expectant regarding the future between them after Soft Bun accepted his proposal, but at the same time, he felt unnerved about it too .  He couldn't help but wonder if it was really fine for him to get his hopes up that much .

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