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Chapter 42: Third Uncle (2)

"Ma, what is the matter today? Xi-er still wants to sleep. I played until I dropped yesterday so I am still feeling tired this morning." Xi-er's small red lips were pursed as she mumbled, still looking sleepy.

"This girl! You are becoming more and more lazier. Today, you will need to copy three hundred poems after returning! " Aunt Lin sharpened her gaze and glared at An Xi.

Hearing this, An Xi stuck her tongue out and hurriedly tried to flatter Aunt Lin. "Xi-er knows her mistake. Ma, please don't make me copy those poems. Xi-er's eyes hurt from just reading them."

Aunt Lin ignored her and got out of Xi-er's grip, instructing her to get up quickly.

"We will go to your Aunt Rong's courtyard to greet her shortly. Quickly get up."

An Xi heard this and pouted, "I dislike going to Aunt Rong's courtyard the most." She felt as though she was being suffocated every time she went there. Aunt Rong was clearly a very gentle person and her temperament was much better than her mother's, but she just couldn't get to like her.

"It will also be good that you don't get up. I originally thought you may be able to see your Third sister there. But now, since you are not going, I can save some trouble." Aunt Lin frowned when she said that, expressing her disdain toward An Yan.

Hearing this, An Yan instantly became spirited. She hastily dressed up properly with her eyes lit up.

"Mother, I will go! I will go!"

When An Yan finally reached the Xiu Liang Courtyard, she heard some happy chattering from inside. She meticulously listened to those voices, discovering that those voices didn't seem to belong to the few aunts that had a close relationship with Aunt Rong.

Nanny Fang opened the courtyard door, stepping a little to the side to let An Yan enter first. An Yan didn't think much about it and directly walked into the courtyard. She finally got back to her senses after walking a couple of steps

She asked Nanny Fang that was behind her, "Who are those people that came to visit aunt's place?"

"Answering to the third Miss's words, the Third Master and the second Miss of Third Master have come to pay second Madam a visit. They are currently inside."

Nanny Fang replied, by the rules.

'Third Master? Won't he be my third Uncle then?'

'I haven't seen Third Uncle before. I rarely even see my father so not to mention Third Uncle. I heard from the rumours that Third Uncle is an idle man that lived on some assets given from the prime Minister's Manor. Why has he come and visit Aunt Rong today?'

An Yan just nodded but didn't say anything after hearing to Nanny Fang's reply.

"Madam, the third Miss has arrived." Entering the room, Nanny Fang respectfully bowed and reported to Aunt Rong.

Upon entering the room, An Yan first saw her second Aunt that had a close relationship to her was sitting on the host's seat. A handsome middle-aged man but with a yellowish complexion sat beneath Aunt Rong's seat. Sitting next to him was a beautiful young girl but with a somewhat mean appearance. Her own sister Lian-er was seated beside that girl.

"Sister-in-law, Yan-er really has such a naturally beautiful appearance."

Before An Yan could greet Aunt Rong or that Aunt Rong said anything, An Yan heard her Third Uncle with a hollow expression said in a tone that made An Yan somewhat uncomfortable, "So this is the poison girl. She indeed isn't someone that can be put up by ordinary people."

'What is Third Uncle that I'm meeting for the first time implying?'

Aunt Rong was slightly displeased after hearing what the Third Master said and immediately retorted, "Those are all just rumours. Why did Third younger brother listen in to those? Yan-er is just a normal girl. Where is her poison and how can she poison others?"

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