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Chapter 18

There are numerous hills with gentle slopes in ‘Blue Dragon, Arsegios . ’

The land isn’t flat .

Located in the middle of the capital was a huge lake where the guardian dragon ‘Blue Dragon, Arsegios’ dwells, and the royal castle was built near the lake .

The spring water from the lake became a river that flowed across the continent .

Because of that, the citizens of this country have no doubt that ‘Blue Dragon, Arsegios’ is the strongest dragon in history .

In the past, during times of war, it was easy to win the battle if you built a waterway and gates to stop the water flow .

As a result of this mindset, the people in Arsegios have a strict class system .

Something like, ‘Anyone from another country may be enslaved because we are the Supreme Dragon’s people . ’


“Starlet, I hear the southern canal repair is behind schedule . ”

“With all due respect, your Highness, I’ve been following your instructions . The commoners’ lack of ability likely causes the delay . They can’t even build a bridge properly, what a bunch of incompetent fools . However, the bridge in the Klagan district has been completed . ”

“Ah, is that so? That was quick . You did good budgeting it . ”



Starlet’s face tensed for a moment as Alfred grinned at him .

But he quickly schooled his expression and smiled .


“Of course . ”

“Any words on the Prime Minister’s movement?”

“He’s been quiet at the moment . I was expecting him to be mad since his daughter was banished, but he’s surprisingly understanding . Is he keeping his silence because of Your Highness’ virtue? Or is it possible that the girl was a wreck at home as well?”


That makes the room full of chuckles .

Putting others down and laughing at them is easy .

No one understands how easy, immature, and stupid it is to put others down .

If Eufranc were still here, he would have made a fair criticism about it .

Too bad he had already given up on the people in this place .

And none of them noticed it .

They lived in a bubble in a way .

Alfred was sitting at his desk looking through some papers when he finished laughing and flashed a different smile .  

Every year, this country is hit by a huge storm called the ‘Dragon’s Howl,’ which causes tremendous damage .

Also because there are many rivers in the area and the damage caused by the overflowing is awful .

Preparing for this problem, they must always maintain the waterways .

The citizens knew this and are happy to pay the ‘maintenance fee . ’

And Alfred decided that the tax would be raised this year .

Since his proposal to increase the fee had been approved .

Plus, Starlet unexpectedly sets off some prank .

It would be impossible not to laugh .




But Alfred, who had been looking over the leftovers, suddenly gave off a dangerous air around him .

Carl, who had sensed this turned from behind the sofa .

Starlet and Nick both caught on to that immediately and swallowed their breaths .


“Your Highness?”

“Starlet, Dardis said you had met Eufranc, right? Did you tell him what I said? He said he wouldn’t return, is that correct?”

“Y-yeah, that’s what I heard . There is a possibility that Dardis is covering for him . ”

“I see…” 


Alfred puts down his pen .

The atmosphere is still not pleasant .


(Eufranc, I never thought you would defy my orders . I can’t understand why you pick that evil woman’s side . )


It was indeed a useful tool .

Just say what you want, and he will bring it to us and make it happen .

If we tell him that Rifana wants something, he will also bring it .

The nobles are supposed to serve the royalty unconditionally .

This is how it should be, and Alfred was really pissed off that Eufranc had deserted him .

Of all people, he chose to stay with his former fiancée, Elana .


“Unacceptable . Starlet, take—”

“W-wait a minute . ”



He almost told Starlet to take care of it .

But Starlet interrupted him .

What he was trying to say was probably obvious to Starlet .

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And yet, he dared to interrupt him .

Alfred, his master .

When he glared at him, the cowering Starlet reported, “It seems that Eufranc has a weakness,” as if he had made up his mind .

Weakness .

What is his weakness?

It was apparent, there was only one person that was brought up in the conversation .

It’s Elana .


“I suppose that poisonous woman will do it . ”

“Yeah . From what Dardis said, it appears to be a significant weakness for Eufranc . We can exploit him using his weakness . ”

“Hmm . ”


All four people in the room chuckled .

That useful tool will never escape them again .

Not for the second time .

He would be meek as ever, working as their hands and feet .

It was such a shame to dispose of him if it was true .

The bridge blueprint was drawn on the stone slab that Dardis handed to Starlet .

The foundation is made using stone, and the bridge is built using wood .

For a country where bridges are destroyed by floods every year, even the stone bridges, was a real headache .

The stones are expensive and as they pile up on the bottom of the river, they become bulkier .

It was a waste of money to build a stone bridge over a small river if it was going to be destroyed by the storm, let alone a large one .  

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However, with the wooden bridge designed by Eufranc, the bridge can be rebuilt with cheap wood .

Fortunately, the neighboring country is the lush green ‘Green Dragon, Sergigios . ’

They have no trouble importing wood and timber .

However, as the strongest, it is unacceptable to be taken advantage of .

If the royal family and diplomats from ‘Green Dragon, Sergigios’ should take a disrespectful attitude towards them now that Rifana, who possesses ‘Holy Light,’ in the country, then— 

After all, there is no one with ‘Holy Light’ in Sergigios now .

This means that ‘Blue Dragon, Arsegios’ has the advantage of having both waterways and ‘Holy Light . ’


“In that case, Starlet, send Dardis to Eufranc again . This time I’ll give him a ‘job’ . ’

“Alright, as expected of His Highness . You are the future king . I’m sure he’ll be moved to tears by your kindness . ”

“That’s a given . ”


Alfred will be Arsegios’ future king .

Like a king, he should give equal attention to everything .

Everything but Rifana, even his father, gets lumped up with everyone else .

He will protect this country together with the guardian dragon .

He was raised to be a king who stood next to the guardian dragon .

That made him see himself as equal .

And he must become a vessel worthy of it .

The friends in front of him and those who used to be his friends all belong to him .

By using them, he will make Rifana and himself happy .

He would be remembered as the wisest king since the founding of the country .

It was natural for Alfred to see his future as such

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