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Chapter 72

Chapter 72


“Le, let me explain, this is obviously a misunderstanding… . this…”

When Count Penak tried to explain, the Duke of Dubbled said,

“That’s funny . ”

“Wh, pardon?”

“You haven’t even heard a single explanation from my child, and you didn’t see the incident as well . ”

“Th, that…”

“Then why are you jumping into conclusion without hearing the whole story?”

As the Duke said so, Billy Penak said,

“I’ll explain! I was just, I was just trying to listen to her wishes!”

“What is my daughter’s wish?”

“She likes me so she’s going to marry me!”


The door of the room on the second floor was broken .

Everyone froze . Then Henry stared at him and said,

“Excuse me . I was a bit careless that I failed to aim my hands correctly . ”

“… . . ”

“I aimed for the head of a madman . ”

Billy Penak’s face turned pale .

“So, LeBlaine, do you know what that crazy man is saying?”

When Henry asked with a friendly smile to me, I frowned .

“I don’t know . He has been saying weird things since earlier . He said he’ll teach me how to seduce a man . ”

When I spoke innocently, Billy Penak shouted .

“Oh, no! My parents said that you like me!”

Count Penak’s face is pale .

‘He really is a crazy bastard!’

It was like pouring oil into a fire that would swallow the entire family .

“Yo, your excellency…”

Count Penak was about to explain .


There was another sound . It was Count Penak who flew far away . The Duke’s hand had a black aura .

“You must have talked a lot . ”

The Duke of Dubbled said with a gloomy expression .

Count Penak and his wife were on their knees on my dad’s feet .

Billy, who was always arrogant, even did that too .

Then, they were told to immediately stamp a document saying they would hand over the port free of charge, and also handed over two of the three houses under the name of the Penak family .

I headed to Isaac’s room .

But there was another person who came before me . It was Henry .

“Stupid . ”

“… . ”

“Dimwitted . ”

“… . ”

“Moron . ”


Isaac, who was listening to Henry’s swearing, was also furious . Henry applied ointment to his brother’s wound .

It was a wound when he couldn’t avoid the debris from the broken wall before .

“It’s fortunate that Leblaine defend you . Do you know that if you had kept your mouth shut, you would’ve been in prison now?”

“I know, but I didn’t want to let the kid hear the word ‘orphan’ again . ”

“Then you’ll have to make another story . ”

“What story?”

“Like how he was out of his mind and hit you first . ”

“But he’s not . ”

“That simple lie will be enough to get you out of the situation . Incidents can be manipulated as much as possible . ”

Henry, what are you teaching him…?

Isaac said,

“……you’re a scumbag . But you’re cool . ”

Isaac raise his thumbs up, as Henry applied the medicine again .

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“Anyway that guy…good job for beating that guy . ”

Isaac eyes grew bigger . Soon he scratched his red earlobe . It was the first time Henry had praised him, so he was both embarrassed yet happy .

The two are getting along well for some reason . I grinned and entered the room .

“Ah, you’re getting along well today~”

When I spoke playfully, Isaac and Henry frowned at once .


“No . ”

“Why? It’s good to get along . ”

“… . . ”

“… . . ”

The two glanced at each other .

In my previous lifes, the brothers were not on a good term, they made a rule not to interfere with each other unless it was family affairs .

But in this life, the two were quite close . Although they quarrel, they are often together, and they also take care of each other .

‘Thank God . ’

‘First, it would be nice if the friendship between the three brothers deepens . ’

But I’ve never seen Johann Dubbled before .

Even during the academy vacation, he did not come back home .

The only time I heard the news was when he sent a letter to my father several times as if he were reporting his job .

‘But he’ll graduate next year . ’

He often met up with Mina, so I heard about a lot of rumours . But I didn’t really know what kind of person he is .

What kind of person is he?

I was pondering and looked at Henry and Isaac .

“What kind of person is Johann?”

“Big brother? Big brother is…”

Isaac who was thinking for a moment then shook his head as if he was disgusted .

“A man without emotion . ”

“More than dad?”

“They are both scary, anyway, big brother is cold hearted, scary like a monster, a devil… . hmm . ”

As Isaac was lost in thought, Henry said,

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“Don’t frighten Leblaine . ”

“But I’m right . Hey, kid . Even he is afraid of our older brother!”

Isaac, who was hit by Henry, groaned .

Henry was a man who had nothing to be afraid except for his father . Even the chairman of the senate and Viscount Dubos treated him carefully .

When I looked at Henry, he looked a little troubled as he closed the ointment bottle .

“My brother is the scariest and harshest as an opponent . ”

Henry had a special talent for intimidation, changing the public opinion, and a master of scheming, was the type to dig into weakness and destroy enemies with it .

‘It means that Johann is a very strong man with no weakness . ’

Henry said while brushing my hair,

“So LeBlaine, if you see him, avoid him if you can . ”


“Never be an enemy to such a person . He can’t be stopped by anything . ”

“… . ?”

“Don’t touch anything he thought of as important, or he would really turn violent and kill you . ”

“More violent than Isaac?”

“This guy’s no match to him . ”

Henry pushed Isaac, as Isaac got angry .

A few days later, I heard that the head of the Penak family had changed .

I don’t know how they did it, but a very, very distant relative, who had nothing to do with the previous Count of Penak, took over the Penak family .

The new count Penak bowed his head under my father’s feet and swore allegiance .

On the border, Dubbled’s vassals, Viscount Myshank and Baron Sue, moistened their dry lips .

There was a mountain of dead bodies piled up in front of them .

Without a moment of hesitation, the terrible dead body was caught in a boy’s hand .

The boy then asked, as he threw away the corpse in his hand .

“What’s their identity?”

“Pardon? Oh, right!”

Myshank rushed to look at their faces .

He didn’ found any particular eye-catching feature but a pattern was found on one of the ankle .

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“Bl, bluebeard! Yes, we’re facing each other . They are Bluebeard’s Soldier for sure!”

After hearing about the body’s identity, the Baron’s face became even paler than before .

The Bluebeard Soldier was at least a Tier 2 or a Tier 1 hired soldier, taking advantage of their geographical advantage in the border area .

Such a strong group was destroyed easily by one boy who had just passed puberty .

The boy moved slowly . The last man, who could not move while his fellow soldiers were dying, stepped back in fright .

“Do, don’t come… . don’t come! This monster, Argh!!”

The last soldier was strangled by a black aura flowing out of the boy’s body .

He fell with a thud .


The boy stepped on the neck of the last soldier as if he were a bug .

Myshank said,

“What’s the reason you hit the carriage with the emblem of Dubbled?”

“Th… . argh… . ”

The moment the last soldier tried to reply . The boy’s hand came roughly into his mouth .

The boy grabbed his tongue and cut it .

“Argh… . argh!!”


The boy said in a sweet voice .

“Don’t make it any less interesting . ”

The soldier, who was trembling like a bug on the verge of death, soon died .

Viscount Myshank gulped and handed him a handkerchief .

The boy who lightly wiped the red blood off his hands asked,

“How long has it been since I went home?”

The two hurriedly bowed their heads and didn’ say anything .

“Let’s go home . ”

The two of Dubbled’s vassal exchanged glances but didn’t dare to raise any objection .

“Yes, Sir Johann . ”

Both of them bowed down again .

It was after a long time, he finally wanted to come home .

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