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Chapter 774 - Punishment for One Hour

"Nuonuo, your mother's biological son, quickly let your mother hug you well."

Since he did not personally go to pick up his son Linnuo from school, Xueluo immediately came to greet him.

"Mommy, you haven't even gone to get your son today! You will be punished for one hour, but you are not allowed to hug me! "

The little guy was somewhat smug.

Actually, Xueluo was very wronged. If Feng Xinglang hadn't pestered her to stay, how could she not go to the kindergarten to pick up her 5-year-old son?

But it was not convenient for Xueluo to explain to his son Linnuo. Because I promised the kid I'd go to work in the morning.

However, the result was: today's class was accompanied by this man called Feng Xinglang!

"Don't! Mommy didn't do it on purpose … Mommy knows she's wrong. Let Mommy give you a hug for your own son! "

Xueluo was satisfied with his son's pretentiousness, and kept on fawning on him.

"Well, I forgive you!"

Only then did the little guy let go of his high and mighty little posture, and impatiently threw himself into's mother's warm embrace, rubbing against Xueluo's body to feel her gentleness.

This little thing … He must have lost his last name, right?

Feng Xinglang first sighed, but then frowned: It seems like the little guy doesn't have a certain name yet!

Especially that surname …

Surnamed Lin? Surname Feng? Or was his surname …

Seeing that his son had been carrying his small bag all this time, Xueluo wanted to help him take it off, but the little thing immediately jumped up and rushed towards his father who was sick. With a few quick movements, he tore off the small bag on his back and threw it on the bed.

"Nuonuo, don't put away your schoolbag randomly. Mommy will help you keep it."

"No need! It's good to leave it here! "

The little guy let out a 'hu chi' sound as he climbed onto the bed, then he placed his own small bag behind him.

"Mommy, quickly pour some water for your son, your son is going to have a good drink!"

With just one sentence, the little guy stopped Xueluo who had attempted to take the small bag. Taking the chance when Mother Mimi Xueluo turned around, the little guy immediately fished out the picture paper from his small bag and hid it under his biological father Feng Xinglang's quilt.

"My son, your way of willingly throwing yourself into his arms and giving it away really pleases dad!"

Feng Xinglang held his son, who had voluntarily climbed onto the bed, tightly in his arms, and used his beard, which he hadn't taken care of for the past two days, to personally tie the little guy's soft and tender face.

At the same time, he felt the papers stuffed under his quilt. I don't want Mommy to see it.

If there was no chance, then there was no choice but to create it.

Xueluo was still in the sickroom, so the father and son pair simultaneously thought of the washroom.

Feng Xinglang got up and went into the washroom first; Linnuo's little friend folded the picture and stuffed it into his pocket, and followed suit.

"Nuonuo, wait a moment. Your father is inside."

"I can't wait anymore … "Anyway, I'm the same as my biological father, so it doesn't matter."

The little guy directly rushed in, but Xueluo wasn't able to stop it even if he wanted to.

Feng Xinglang had just finished his work and was zipping the car shut.

The little guy took a glance and wrinkled his nose, "Feng Xinglang, you've lost a lot of face."

"What, you're not satisfied with your dad?" Feng Xinglang laughed, a bright smile on his face, "How is that embarrassing?"

"Anyway, it's embarrassing!" I don't even have the face to be your biological son anymore! " The little fellow snorted in dissatisfaction.

As Feng Xinglang turned on the tap and locked the bathroom door, he asked in a low voice, "My good son, do you have some things you want to tell your father?"

"Hey," the little guy took out the picture paper from his pocket. "Here you are! Your PP has been seen naked! "

When Feng Xinglang took the piece of paper from his son's hand, his handsome face instantly froze.

"Nuonuo, how did you get this?"

"A guy with black glasses gave it to me!"

"Someone sent this picture to you in kindergarten? Was it school time today? "

Feng Xinglang's eyes were filled with anger.

"That's right!" That person is so annoying, I was almost seen by those kids! "

The little guy ruthlessly snorted in dissatisfaction, "If they were to see that the person revealing the PP was my father, I would lose a lot of face!"

"Do you know that person?" Or perhaps, is it someone you're familiar with? " Feng Xinglang asked.

"I don't know him."

The little guy shook his head, "Sneaking around, it's obvious that this isn't a good thing!"

Feng Xinglang sank into deep thought. Lan Youyou had already left the Shen City, and everything was under his control. She already wouldn't have the chance to use such a malicious tactic …

If it wasn't her, then who could it be?

Cong Gang?

He wasn't bad enough to send this to a five year old child!

"You bastard Feng Xinglang, hurry up and get rid of that person! If he goes back to school with his hair in a mess, don't tell me I know you! "

The little guy was already five years old, so of course he would know that he was embarrassed.

"Yes, daddy will take care of it."

Feng Xinglang knelt on one knee and kissed his son's lips, "Good son, you did well!"

"If you let Mommy see it, you're done for! Even kissing a girl is better than kissing a boy! Moreover, it was Yan Bang's big, strong and ugly fellow! I don't like him anymore! "

The little fellow had an expression of disgust. Easy to like and easy to hate.

"I'm so sorry … It is because my father didn't settle the matter properly, causing my son to be troubled! "

Feng Xinglang apologized to his son as he tore off the paper.

When the father and son duo came out of the bathroom, Xueluo had already arranged dinner for them.

Feng Xinglang still had to stay in the hospital to observe for three more days before he could be discharged. Although the exterior of his body was not severely injured, the concussion from the impact could not be ignored.

"What's wrong? The two of you can even put on a straight face after going to the bathroom? "They're arguing again?"

Xueluo gently asked the overly solemn Feng Xinglang and his depressed son Linnuo.

"Um …" They were not of the same opinion! My son thinks I'm not as handsome as he is, but I don't think so! I feel that I am more like a man with power! "

Feng Xinglang said in all seriousness.

"Hahahaha..." Xueluo was laughing so hard he couldn't even straighten his back.

This laughter … It was indeed a bit bold!

Xueluo awkwardly stopped laughing.

"Nuonuo, did you notice that when your mother smiled, it was especially beautiful …"

Since the woman was not embarrassed, Feng Xinglang changed the topic.

"You just noticed it?! My mommy has always been the most beautiful in my heart! "

It was very obvious that the little guy's ability to curry favor with Mommy Xueluo was becoming more and more proficient.

"Mommy, you can only show your son! Feng Xinglang, you can do it! "

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