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Chapter 980: 980
Chapter 980: Class Reunion: Starting To Lose One’s Reputation

That voice was not sharp, but instead, it was overly pleasant to the ear that it caused the noise of people moving around to come to a halt . It was hard not to make others notice it .

Everyone immediately turned over their shoulders .

A man could be seen standing with a backlit effect . No one knew how long he had been standing there . He was clad in a black knee-length windbreaker which was half-open, revealing the pure white T-shirt . As for his bottom part, although he matched it with a pair of burgundy trousers with an unknown brand, its texture seemed fine and managed to exhibit his pair of slender and strong legs well . His silvery-gray fringed hairstyle made him look exactly like a character who came out from a comic book . He was filled with a captivating sense of beauty . His eyes were long and narrow with the corners of his eyes slightly slanted up, radiating a faint hint of sharpness . His skin was palely fair . The DiorHomme’s style seemed to be tailored for him . The man appeared like a vampire aristocrat with oriental charm from afar, coupled with some sort of devilish elegance .

In a flash, everyone seemed to become a background .

Du Sisi and others were rendered speechless . Even if they had seen the world, they had never encountered such a stunning man before .

Several female classmates could not help themselves from looking fixedly at the man with their direction of sight changing along with his movement .

He stood right at the entrance of the hall . His ivory white and slender fingers were holding a child . That child had a rather handsome look with well-defined features, fair tiny face and a cool style of dressing up . He was similar to that of a little demon in movies with a small leather glove on his hand .

Just as Du Sisi and others were at a loss for words, the man had paced over . At that moment, the rather dim lighting in the hall seemed to have all rushed over to him, brightening his eyes like a flowing diamond, making him look so seductive yet captivating .

Helian Wei Wei was well aware that this man would be able to catch other people’s attention in a wink even if he was in a huge crowd .

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However, in reality, it was much more shocking than she had expected .

The formation of such an aura was indescribable as it was merely a modern attire but it was able to exude the feeling of a movie character in the 19th century . A standing posture was enough to bring out the qualities that gave pleasure to the senses .

Du Sisi was wondering about the identity of the man who appeared out of the blue . Based on her memory, their class did not seem to have such an outstanding student .

At that time, several female classmates who were mocking Helian Wei Wei along with Du Sisi were already blushing with their hearts throbbing . Let’s find a way to hook him up first regardless of who he is .

Thus, one of the women who assumed to have good looks, reached out her hand to play with her hair . She then uttered with a sweet voice, “You’re not late . We are just about to…” Just as the woman was trying to finish her sentence, she was forced to a halt by the following scene .

The man did not even bother to shoot a glance in her direction . Instead, he passed by them to walk over to Helian Wei Wei . He then showed a subtle act of intimacy . “What’s on the corner of your lips?”

“The corner of my lips?” Helian Wei Wei was utterly confused .

Baili Jia Jue stretched out his hand and used his finger to brush through Helian Wei Wei’s lips . It seemed intentional, thus his movement seemed rather slow yet gentle .

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In fact, Baili Shangxie could clearly tell that there was nothing on his Imperial Mother’s lips . His shameless father just wanted to declare his sovereignty .

Honestly, no one else other than Imperial Father would use such a method .

Xiao Zifeng stood aside with his gaze falling on Helian Wei Wei . His eyes darkened to a point where he could not pay attention to the conversation between him and some male classmates .

All he could do was to see the man who could simply get close to Helian Wei Wei . His fingers stiffened and his heart was in a complete mess .

Those who witnessed Baili Jia Jue’s actions were taken by surprise . However, they soon came to a realization . “Wei Wei, who is this?”

Before Helian Wei Wei gave an utterance, Baili Jia Jue had already put on a smile . It was indifferent yet it carried the essence of a good upbringing . He curled up his lips into a grin which was just on point . “Hello everyone, I’m Wei Wei’s husband . ”

“Hus…husband?” The university students were in a trance because of the smile . “I thought she said it’s her boyfriend?”

Upon hearing that, the man twitched his lips . Then, he looked sideways and caressed Helian Wei Wei’s head as he responded helplessly, “We already have children together . Why do you still introduce me as your boyfriend to others? Wei Wei, you are always so lost when it comes to marital status . ”

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Helian Wei Wei thought to herself . I am a little not used to His Highness being so gentle . Moreover, he is so cooperative with other people’s questions today . Why is that so? He is often so indifferent, hence, even if it was for the sake of me, he would only reply yes when others asked him some questions . What’s wrong with him today?

Baili Shangxie who was well-informed of his Imperial Father’s trick did not comment much on his shamelessness . Instead, he tiptoed and tried to pick up Little Qingchen from Helian Wei Wei’s arms with all his might . He portrayed the image of a good brother . “Are you hungry?”

Little Qingchen nodded and pushed the devil plush toy in his hand forward . “This is a gift for you . I did not buy this, instead, I caught it on my own . ”

Baili Shangxie carried his younger brother who was a head shorter than him . Obviously, he could not empty his hands to take the plush toy . His cool tiny face showed a trace of a smile . He was so delighted that his younger brother actually thought of him all the time .

The two little ones were very close to each other . Therefore, after being separated for a day, they had lots to talk about .

“I also have something for you . When you eat later, I’ll help you to put it on . ” As a great elder brother, Baili Shangxie was more mature than Little Qingchen .

Just then, Helian Wei Wei requested him to put Qingchen down .

Baili Shangxie did not let go . Although his legs were feeling a little wobbly when he walked, he still felt that his younger brother should be carried . It would be more dangerous to let Qingchen walk on his own . There are so many idiotic human beings around here, what if they hurt him…

Looking at one after another scene unfolded before them, Du Sisi and others felt as though they received a slap in the face especially the few female classmates who attempted to woo the man . They were green with envy yet feeling a little ashamed .

Never had they thought that Helian Wei Wei would be able to find such a good-looking man!

As Li Meng recalled the words she mentioned earlier, she was close to a breakdown because her husband was obviously not so presentable .

Luckily, her son needed to use the bathroom so his father brought him there . Otherwise, if her husband was standing right here, it would show a big difference as her husband was paled in comparison to Helian Wei Wei’s .

Little Qingchen who could see through Li Meng’s thought had waited long for a great opportunity to strike back . He carried the devil plush toy in his hands while speaking in a childlike tone, “Aunty, now that you have seen my father . I think you can give up your thoughts of letting your husband teach my father how to style . My father is not a hideous person and obviously, Uncle does not seem to have the ability to advise my father how to dress up . ”

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